Being a mom of a newborn, you would always be worried about the health of your baby.

That is why it is essential to have a thermometer for your baby so that you can accurately detect his or her temperature.

If there is even a little swing, you can take action accordingly.

Of course, digital thermometers are top-rated nowadays, but choosing a thermostat for your little one, you should give extra care and attention.

This article will provide you with a list of some of the best thermometers for your infants, so read till the end and find the answers.

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Best Baby Rectal ThermometerSafety 1st Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer
Best Digital Thermometer for BabyKinsa Smart Thermometer
Best Temporal Thermometer for BabyExergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery
Best Forehead Thermometer for BabyiHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer
Best Ear Thermometer for BabyBraun Digital Ear Thermometer
Best Forehead and Ear 2-in-1 Thermometer for BabyiProven Medical Digital Ear Thermometer

What Is The Best Baby Thermometer?

Read the reviews carefully to buy the best thermometer for your baby.

1. Best Baby Rectal Thermometer: Safety 1st Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer

Safety-1st- Rectal-Thermometer

Why We Love It

Safety 1st is a very trustworthy brand and the Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer is a very reliable baby thermometer, which is known for its accuracy and speed, returns the correct reading in just 8 seconds.

This thermometer comes with a large display to make it easy to read, and features a flexible tip.

There is a fever chart which is included along with this product.

Keep In Mind

Note that some customers have reported that after using it sometimes, the battery was dead.

So, it is advised to keep backup batteries after buying this thermometer.

What Other Moms Say

I really love this baby thermometer. It is very convenient to use. It gives a very accurate reading. The best baby rectal thermometer available in the market is Safety 1st Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer.

– Caddie

Additional Specs

  • Flexible tip
  • Just takes 8 seconds to provide the reading
  • A sound of beep to indicate reading is complete
  • Includes a fever chart
  • Comes with an auto shut-off system

2. Best Digital Thermometer for Baby: Kinsa Smart Thermometer


Why We Love It

An FDA-cleared product, Kinsa Smart Thermometer is worth buying.  

Also, it is a pediatrician recommended brand which comes with a flexible comfort tip.  

You can conveniently link the thermometer to your smartphone, so with the help of the Kinsa Smartphone App, you can keep a track of the overall health of your family.

 It is safe for babies as well as adults.

Keep In Mind

Some of the customers have reported that this baby thermometer may sometimes give inaccurate readings.

What Other Moms Say

I am quite happy with this product. I can easily track my family’s health with the help of the amazing Kinsa Smartphone App.

– Celestina

Additional Specs

  • You can get medicine reminders, keep track of your medicine dosage
  • A reliable product, FDA approved
  • Water-resistant
  • To make it easy to read, it comes with a large backlit display

3. Best Temporal Thermometer for Baby: Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer


Why We Love It

If you have a fussy baby, then Exergen-baby-thermometer is an excellent choice for you.

To use the thermometer, you have to just swipe it over the forehead of the baby and that’s all, you will get the reading instantly.

It comes with a red LED display and beeps to indicate that the reading is complete.

This thermometer provides accuracy, speed and is safe to use.

Another benefit is that it provides complete protection against germs because it works with minimal contact.

Keep In Mind

To get an accurate reading, wipe it 2 or 3 times.

What Other Moms Say

I absolutely love this one for my baby. It is quite affordable, gives an accurate reading, and is very convenient to use. I highly recommend this product.

– Carole

Additional Specs

  • Features a soft beep and red LED light for an indication of accurate forehead scan
  • Very safe and reliable baby thermometer

4. Best Forehead Thermometer for Baby: iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer


Why We Love It

If you want to check the temperature of your baby even when he or she is asleep, then this can be a perfect pick for you.

It only vibrates gently to indicate that the reading is complete, so there are no loud beeps to disturb your child’s sleep.

It comes with three in-built temperature sensors, a distance sensor, and an environmental sensor to take the accuracy to the next level.

This thermometer returns the reading in just a few seconds.

Keep In Mind

Again, some users have reported that there may be a slight inaccuracy with this baby thermometer.

What Other Moms Say

The design is wonderful; overall, it is an excellent product. It is very convenient to use. I am really satisfied with the quality of this thermometer.

– Orrie

Additional Specs

  • Features 3 inbuilt sensors
  • Testing is rapid and accurate
  • LED backlit helps to read the temperature conveniently at night
  • Safe for babies, no-touch thermometer helps to provide protection against germs

5. Best Ear Thermometer for Baby: Braun Digital Ear Thermometer

Why We Love It

Braun-Digital-Ear-Thermometer is a pediatrician-recommended brand.

It is quite safe for babies and is easy to use.

It comes with lens filters that are disposable and features a pre-warmed tip to improve accuracy.

This thermometer helps to maintain hygiene, so as to prevent cross-contamination.

The best thing is that the Braun Digital Ear thermometer is fast, so you get the reading instantly.

It is the best baby ear thermometer.

Keep In Mind

You might face some problems with inaccuracy sometimes.

What Other Moms Say

It is a very amazing baby thermometer. I am highly satisfied with the quality of this product. It gives high accuracy, works great, and is quite affordable.

– Lena

Additional Specs

  • Features lens filters which are disposable
  • It gives accurate reading quickly
  • Comes with a memory function
  • Comes with a pre-warmed tip

6. Best Forehead and Ear 2-in-1 Thermometer for Baby: iProven Medical Digital Ear Thermometer with Temporal Forehead Function


Why We Love It

iProven Medical Digital Thermometer comes with both an ear and forehead mode.

It is effortless to keep it clean, free from germs.

It can be conveniently used for adults as well as infants.

The thermometer is convenient to use and is long-lasting.

It allows you to save up to 20 readings, so you can keep a track of your health.

You can check the child’s temperature even when he or she is sleeping.

The thermometer has a green/red light indication system to alert you, so you take immediate action.

Keep In Mind

It does not feature a silent mode, so you may face some problems while measuring the temperature when your baby is asleep.

It makes a very loud beep, so your baby may wake up.

What Other Moms Say

For infants, this is the best thermometer. I am amazed at the quality of this product. It is so much easier to use. I highly recommend this product to others.

– Angelica

Additional Specs

  • Features a fever alarm
  • You can save up to 20 readings
  • Comes with a soft pouch
  • Very reliable product
  • Extremely easy to use

Types of Baby Thermometers

These are some of the different types of baby thermometers, so scroll down and have a look:-

  • Rectal thermometer: These are recommended for babies or infants up to 3 years of age. These are highly accurate.
  • Axillary Thermometer: These are not as accurate as the rectal thermometers but are very convenient to use. These are also called underarm thermometers.
  • Ear and forehead thermometers: These are very easy and convenient to use. They will help you get a quick reading, but note that they are less accurate than rectal thermometers.

When to Call the Doctor if Your Baby Has a Fever

You should get in contact with a doctor for your infant’s fever in the following conditions-

  • Your child’s age is less than 3 months and also the reactor temperature is 100.4 F (38 C) or more than that.
  • The age of your infant is anywhere between 3 and 6 months, and the rectal temperature is 102 F (38.9 C) or higher than this.
  • If your child’s age is between 6 and 24 months and the rectal temperature is more than 102 F (38.9 C). If such a condition persists even without any other symptoms for longer than one day, you should see a doctor.

Baby Thermometers Safety Tips

It might be difficult to find the best digital thermometer for babies, but we will help you choose the best baby thermometer.

So, why think or rethink, scroll down and take a look at the easy-to-implement practical tips:-

  • Avoid pacifier thermometers. They take a lot more time than any other thermometers to get the reading; they are also not so accurate.
  • Avoid using oral thermometers for babies. See, oral thermometers are made for children of age for more than four years.
  • Cleaning is essential. Make sure that you keep the baby thermometer clean; otherwise, the use of the thermometer with germs can cause infection in the baby again.
  • Instructions are important. To get the most accurate measurements, read the instructions carefully before using a new thermometer to check baby’s temperature.
  • Don’t leave baby alone. Be with the baby when you use the baby thermometer or while checking the temperature of your little one.

Final Words

So, we have gone through the best baby thermometer for your baby in 2022.

You probably know the answer to the question- “what is the best baby thermometer.”

You can choose from the best-infrared thermometer baby to check if your little one has a fever or not. Also, don’t forget to speak to your friends or relatives who have vast experience of nurturing babies.

If you’ve anything to add to this list, share it with us in the comment section of this blog post, our readers would love to hear your opinion.

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