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Camping with your baby is no less than a task. If you’ve always been a traveler and your partner is your companion, getting a baby into the picture shouldn’t be a disappointment. With the best baby camping gear, you can give the best comfort to your baby and also handle challenging activities like feeding and diaper changes even when you are out in the wild.

Baby Camping Gear Essentials You Must Have

1. A Safe, Easy-to-Pack Place for Baby Sleep

The first thing to add to camping with your baby checklist is a proper place to sleep(Insulate the floor /Baby camping bed /Co-sleeping/ Travel Bassinet/Crib /Travel Cot/Waterproof rug).

You have to choose the right sleeping bags, camping crib or mini-bed for your little one. If our child is over 6 months old, they can co-sleep with you in the sleeping bag. Always ensure that they are warm and covered when they sleep. A baby sleeping bag for camping is also the best choice if you can get your hands on one.

SUNBA YOUTH Baby camping bed

A good travel crib or bassinet will fit into your tent easily and your baby will be able to sleep without interruptions. They will certainly feel thankful for the soft and cushiony sleep arrangement.

Babies can sleep on travel cots after they are over 3 months of age. These are comfortable when you combine them with thick blankets. Baby camp high chair and travel cots are the most underrated baby camping gear.

A waterproof rug is a blessing for mothers who don’t like to deal with hard washings. The water-repellent nature will make it less susceptible to marks and stains.


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2. Baby Carrier/ Child Carrier For Hiking/All-terrain Stroller

A stroller will help you take them on a tour of the surroundings, introduce them to nature and giggle with them on the way. They can even fall asleep in the warm stroller. If you are someone who likes to keep your baby close, no matter what, you can take a carrier and keep your kiddos close to your heart. If you plan to go hiking, then a hiking carrier will be helpful gear to take.

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking

3. Diapers/Portable Changing Mat/ Disposal Diaper Bags

These should be the most obvious additions to your baby camping gear. Your baby will need a lot of diapers if you don’t plan on them making you wet while you take them around. Also, using diapers is a hygienic move when you are far from home.

Baby Disposable Diaper Bags

The portable changing mat will make it easier for mommy dearest to change diapers and also change the clothes of your babies.

You shouldn’t litter the grounds that hosted you for the few days that you decided to go camping. So, carry disposable diaper bags to stash your trash in and dispose of it when you find a dustbin.

4. Wipes/Washcloths/Baby Bibs/Salves

Baby wipes are important because you are not going to have access to a shower and water all the time. But your baby has to be clean and fresh. You can wipe their bodies with wet wipes and keep them refreshed and active.


If you don’t have the wet wipes, then the softer washcloths will get the job done for you. Try to buy ones that are soft, thick, and do not have disturbing fragrances.

Indoors or outdoors, babies are going to be messy and you don’t want them to mess their clothing. Not when you don’t have access to a washing machine. Take some baby bibs along so that those accidental food spills won’t be taxing.

Accidents do not come with intimation. Though you are always extra careful about your baby, they can still encounter a bug or insect. Always have salves with you so that you can rub them as a protectant or to treat any wounds or skin irritations.

5. Baby Camping Chair/Portable Booster/Pop up playpen/Baby Jumper

A proper baby camping chair will give a proper platform for your baby to sit, eat and just relax. Sometimes, they just don’t want to lie down in that stroller, you see? A folding chair is easier to carry on the go.

Summer Pop and Sit Portable Booster

A pop-up playpen creates a restricted space for your babies to play in the open grounds. This way, they won’t wander around and you can watch them enjoy themselves in the heart of nature.

If your baby cannot walk or crawl yet but have the curiosity to see everything around them, then you can carry a baby jumper along to make their nature experience worthwhile. The jump and play are going to excite them for sure.

6. Travel Bottle Rack/Bottle brushes to Clean the Bottles

If you are feeding your baby with bottled milk or formula food, you have to take bottle racks to organize these items and bottles brushes to keep them tidy. The wipes will also help you in the process.

Termichy Travel Baby Bottle Drying Rack

7. Baby Sleeping Sacks/Swaddlers Or Wearable Blankets

A wearable blanket/swaddle or sleeping sack does both the job of keeping your baby warm while they are sleeping and also keeping them covered when you carry them around. If they come with a furry hoodie, grab them without a thought.


8. Baby Wagon  for Moments When Two Hands Are not Enough

Don’t plan on carrying your baby’s snacks, toys, towels and bottles on the go? Then buy them a wagon and drop all the baby camping gear into it. You can take your baby around in the wagon too but they have to be at least a year old for that.


Weather/Location Dependent Items For Baby Camping

Camping with a baby in cold weather

1. Fleece baby grow: Your baby might need more than the usual layers of winter clothing to keep them warm in the open. The Fleece babygrow has a hood, mitts, and proper cushioning to keep them comfortable.

Loose Fit Fleece Footed Pajamas

2. Insulated suit: This should be a part of your baby camping clothes. If you are worried about rain or your baby crawling in the mud and puddles, you should pack this insulated suit for your little one.

Insulated suit

3. Fleece hat and Mitts: The fleece hat secures your baby’s head and prevents cold air from entering their ears. The hat is closed from all sides and provides much-needed protection for the baby’s head. The mitts help to keep your little one’s little fingers from freezing. The mitts with water resistance work well in monsoons as well. If it has a nose wiper attached, that’s the cherry on the cake!

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Hat and Mitten Set

4. Winter booties: The booties come with a rubber base and stay strong in snowy terrains as well. They can handle rain, chilled winds and if our baby can walk, they cushion their steps well.

Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cozy Fleece Booties

5. Bottle Warmer: If the weather is cold, you’ll certainly need a bottle warmer to feed some warm milk to your child. Try to choose the ones that do not need electricity to keep your contents on the warm side.

Philips Avent, Baby Bottle Warmer

Camping With A Baby In Hot Weather

1. Sunshade: This is an essential camping baby gear for everyone in the family. A sunshade can be an added covering for protection from the sun, even if you are stationed under dense trees. Make sure you set it up according to the direction of the breeze.


2. Bug spray/insect repellent: Camping with a baby sleeping inside the tent? Then you should definitely invest in some good Bug spray so that the wild insects stay away. Spray and let it settle for a few minutes before entering the tent.


3. Baby sunscreen: It is essential to use sunscreen for babies over the age of 6 months to protect them from the harsh glare of the sun. You can save them from skin rashes, sunburns, and irritations.


4. Baby sunhat: A good sunhat with a wide rim will block the sun rays from troubling your baby. This UV protection is very important to keep them comfortable and cool. The sunhats with an under-chin secure are the best camping gear for babies.

baby sunhat

5. Baby sunglasses: Yes, they do pull them off and throw them away but do your best to introduce sunglasses to your little one. This will keep their eyes cool, they won’t be hurt when they look at the sun directly, and of course, the much-needed UV protection.

COCOSAND Baby Sunglasses with Strap

6. Mosquito net: Mosquitoes like to surprise humans, irrespective of the season. To keep your baby safe outdoors, go for a good tent with mesh covers or a mosquito net that keeps the insects out when they sleep.

Baby Mosquito Net

7. Reusable swim diapers: The swim diapers are great when you are going camping near water bodies. You can have your little one splitter-splatter with water for a while. Even when you are by the woods, these diapers keep your baby’s bottoms safe.

Nageuret Reusable Swim Diaper

8. Hooded towel: The Hooded towels are great to wrap your babies in. The pretty hoods, preferably with a cartoon theme are not only going to make your baby look cute, but they’ll also keep them warm and dry.

Franco Kids Bath and Beach Soft Cotton Terry Hooded Towel

Why Go Camping With A Baby?

You don’t have to stop doing things that you enjoy just because you’ve had a baby. When you welcome a tiny addition to your house, they only multiply the happiness. By taking your babies camping, you are teaching them to enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature from a young age.

They will learn to adapt to the diverse environmental conditions and this will also reflect in the life choices they make in the future. What’s more, they will learn to enjoy the music in the flowing stream, feel the breeze touch their face, smile at the bird’s hooting, and enjoy snuggling closer to you in the tent.

Babies are young and need extra protection because you can’t offer them urban luxuries in the wilderness. However, with the baby gear for camping, you can keep them comfortable and still teach them to increase their tolerance levels for challenges.

What To Consider When Camping With Baby

1. Place of Camping: If you are new to camping with babies then you will need more than just the baby camping gear. The location that you choose shouldn’t be too isolated and far from civilization. You never know how your baby will react to the newness. So, ensure you have access to bathrooms, showers, and clothes washing equipment close by.

2. Travelling : If you are camping with a newborn, it is not advisable to take off to far-off locations. The long traveling time will exhaust you and your baby. They will start to whine, feel pressured and there is no point going so far when all you have to do is stop your baby from crying.

3. Stock-up: More than adults, babies find the new atmosphere hard and challenging. But only until they adapt and fall in sync with nature. Since it is the first time, you should stock up with more clothes, milk, and camping stuff for babies. Their hunger and necessities may be unpredictable.

4. Prepare Mentally: More than your baby, you have to be ready for what you are going to see in the wilderness. This is because the babies are not going to be quiet and you should enjoy pampering and taking care of them even when you are away from home. That’s when you can completely enjoy the experience.

8 Tips For Camping With A Baby

1. Backyard Trials: Your baby is going to feel like they’ve entered a whole new world even if you take them camping in your backyard. As long as they are nicely fed and have you by their side, they will enjoy it. So, to see if they are comfortable with camping, set up a backyard tent and see their reaction.

2. Sleep Routine: While you are doing the test trials or even when you are out in the wild for camping, ensure that you are sticking to your baby’s sleep routine. You don’t want them to feel exhausted and strained.

3. Home should be nearby: When you are with a newborn, make sure that the location you are choosing is close to home so that you can take them back if things don’t work out. Even the best baby camping gear might not keep them happy sometimes.

4. Prepare for the worst: Your baby can puke out their milk, refuse to eat anything mushy, or see even water as a villain. You never know how they’d react so stock up with extra breast milk, baby food, some snacks for yourself, and lots of toys for them.

5. Don’t fret too much: If your baby is not falling asleep at 3.00 PM, don’t fret. They will fall asleep when they want to. Though you have to stick to their sleep and food routine, that doesn’t mean you’d force it on them.

6. Share your responsibilities: All parents want to be perfect for their kids. But that’s not possible without sharing your duties, especially when you are outside with your baby. Washing, cooking, feeding, and rocking them to sleep – share your responsibilities.

7. Reduce Meal Extravagance: The barbeque setups and series of cooking pots are going to be a burden when you are traveling with a baby. Try to carry meals that are wrapped in foil or something that you can make in minutes. You can pay attention to your baby without feeling tired.

8. No disappointments: If the weather doesn’t cooperate or your baby is being unusually crabby, it’s okay to leave earlier than you’ve initially planned. You won’t be able to enjoy it when they are suffering now, can you? Don’t beat yourself and understand that there is always a second time.

FAQ about Camping with a Baby

Q1: Can you take the newborn camping?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to take your newborn. But remember to go camping with baby gear.

Q2: How cold is too cold to camp with a baby?

Always keep them covered in warm clothes. Anything below 60 degrees is a challenge for them.

Q3: What is a good age to take a child camping?

The sooner you start, the better it will be for your child. Even newborns can go camping.

Q4: At what age can babies sleep in a sleeping bag?

After the age of 6 months, they can sleep along with you in a sleeping bag

Q5: What do you do if it rains while you are camping?

Stay within the tent, put up a light source inside, keep them warm and feed them. Always have the baby camping gear to assist you. If you want them to see the rain, ensure that they don’t get wet.


Don’t listen to those who say you cannot take your newborn on camping trips. You should give them this experience even if they won’t remember anything later. The baby camping gear will make camping with a baby much easier.

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