It’s not a new trend that playpen is top of the list item for toddlers’ moms. Believe me, every other mom is searching for the best baby playpen these days.

After all, who doesn’t want to keep her baby happily playing around without any fears of damaging her delicate soul? Don’t worry, this is just the right place to get your problem solved.  

10 Best Baby Playpen Reviews

1. Best Durable Baby Playpen: Best Choice Products 8-Panel Indoor Outdoor Home

Best Choice Products 8-Panel Indoor Outdoor Home Baby Playpen

Why we like it:  

This is a 5′ x 5′ playpen which is probably the most durable playpen out there. All your upcoming kids will use it and still you’ll have to give the panels away. Yes, it lasts that long!  

Plus, it provides a cool fun opportunity for your kids. They can play in it, grab it, do lapses around its inside, without any compromise on safety.

Keep in Mind:

You need to use a chair to get it to stand upright.

What Other Moms Say:

“I give them 5 stars. Because it does the job! My kids could not been more safe out of it!”

 Jenna Blaire


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2. Best Baby Playpen for Travel: Evenflo Versatile Play Space

Evenflo Versatile Play Space

Why we like it:  

If you love the outdoor and travel frequently, this playpen is something you can’t miss.

With extra tall and lightweight panels, this is still a sturdy playpen that is available in several colors and at low rates. As you can easily fold it and every panel works as a walk-thru door, this should make an ideal choice for traveling.

Icing on the cake: you can also configure it with extra panels. Plus, its reversible feet can lock it secure on outdoors like grass lawn, etc.

Keep in Mind:

This is not an ideal playpen for extra-mobile kids who might try to climb or pull up on the nearby honeycomb grid.

What Other Moms Say:

“Nice product. Kids can easily make it fall from inside or outside. It’s complete plastic and zero metal.”

Lisa de Gill

3. Best Portable Baby Playpen: BABYSEATER Portable Playard Play Pen with Carrying Case 

BABYSEATER Portable Playard Play Pen with Carrying Case

Why we like it:

Carry it easy, fold it easily. Anywhere Anytime! YES, without any external hand, you can easily use and store this lightweight playpen in a matter of seconds. And, then comes its flexible, long-lasting strap that makes it the best portable option on our list.

Plus, it’s large enough to accommodate multiple kids while providing exceptional ease of use as well. You can operate it using only one hand!

Keep in Mind:

This is mesh material and it will deteriorate if your puppy has sharp claws.

What Other Moms Say:

“This playyard has to be the best one I’ve ever owned or used (which is saying a lot since I have 4 children and a handful of so if nieces and nephews).”

–  Kate Foord

4. Best Playpen for Twins: Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

Why we like it:  

This exciting playpen for twins features two detachable Rock-A-Bye bassinets that come with a canopy, a carry handle, and a proper ventilation system.

For ease of use, it offers single-hand locks, large wheels so that you have to do the least work and easily applicable brakes. To keep your kids entertained, there’s a rich music facility.

If we talk about long-lastingness, this is the best among the twin playards. Even after several washings, its bassinet liner, mattress pad, and cover hold up like champs.

Keep in Mind:

Its assembly and set-up take some time.

What Other Moms Say:

“This is the best twin bassinet out there in my opinion. My twin girls sleep great in there every night. ”

Caitlin Simon

5. Best Affordable Baby Playpen: Regalo My Portable Play Yard Indoor and Outdoor

Regalo My Portable Play Yard Indoor and Outdoor

Why we like it:  

This REGALO playard is yet another superb listing on this catalog. Its measurements are 48 inches in width and 26 inches in length. Its pinnacle is its affordability!  

Nylon bottom that protects hard surfaces from scratches, unique fitting, one-time assembly, and a lightweight carrying adds huge value to its usability equation.

The best part is, its travel friendly as well i.e. includes an arm-strap and a carry case for this purpose.

Keep in Mind:

Its netting needs ambitious care to last.

What Other Moms Say:

“Love it for my 7 month old who rolls everywhere. Great for my small apartment and enough room for him to play and roll. ”

– Sharon McCallum

6. Best Playpen for Baby to Sleep In: Uanlauo Foldable Safety Play Yard for Toddler

Uanlauo Foldable Safety Play Yard for Toddler

Why we like it:  

This is quite a large baby fence that offers enough room to accommodate both mama and babies at the same time. OR, if she needs to go to cook, or clean up, babies can sleep in it without any fears. The side walls provide enough safety.  

The best part is, with an elegant buckle design and easy assembly, you hardly face any difficulties with its setup. Then, it’s sturdy, offers rubber feet to prevent scratches and weird sliding sounds, etc.

Keep in Mind:

The copper color depicted in the pictures happens to be grey in real, so beware.

What Other Moms Say:

“It’s big enough for both of my kids and myself to sit and play inside. And the kids pull themselves up on the sides and shake it and it doesn’t even move!”

–  Miss Casagrande

7. Best Playpen for Crawling: POTBY Foldable 16 Panel Activity Center Safety Playard

POTBY Foldable Baby Playpen

Why we like it:  

Multicolored, different moldable shapes and exciting toys make it one of the best baby playpens for toddlers and crawlers. With a unique and interesting feature list, this is just an exemplary baby fence.  

To start with, it’s non-toxic!  Thanks to its multi-layered buckles, there are no chances of the baby’s hand getting clipped. Then, for extra-conscious moms, its gates are purposely kept hard to open and push.

For installation, Simple fold and go! Just a matter of seconds.

Keep in Mind:

Its delivery takes a bit longer.

What Other Moms Say:

“The material seems durable and the colors are beautiful, not too flashy and in your face.”

Lydia Catley

8. Best Baby Playpen for Indoor & Outdoor: Summer Pop ‘n Play SE Hex Playard

Summer Pop ‘n Play SE Hex Playard

Why we like it:  

Enjoy non-stop playtime, both indoors and outdoors with the same token! With a fairly wide playing area of 14 square feet and an all-weather use, this playard provides good value for money.   

It makes a good Outdoors & Travel option because it’s compact, easily foldable (in a pop-up fashion), and features soft padded floors.

Thanks to its full coverage and sunshine-enduring stuff, it’s also a good choice for summer outings. Lastly, there’s a factor of usability i.e. it’s machine-washable!

Keep in Mind:

To set it up, you need to push the lever into place. 

What Other Moms Say:

“For all intents and purposes, this playyard is awesome. Sets up easily, breaks down easily, great amount of space for my 1-year-old to play. ”

Joanne Gorry

9. Best Non-Toxic Playpen for Babies: Baby Care Funzone Play Pen 

Baby Care Funzone Play Pen

Why we like it:  

Playpens for babies can be toxic, but not this one from BABY CARE FUNZONE!! Talk about its mat quality, ease of assembling & unfolding, compactness, everything is up to the mark!

But of course, the best part is its toxin-free hygienic build. There are zero phthalates, NO BPA, NO Lead! On top of it, it’s both Latex & EVA Free. Icing on the cake is, this safety certified playpen is completely waterproof.

Keep in Mind:

It’s a bit expensive.

What Other Moms Say:

“Using it for years, child after child. I think this is a quality setup that has stood the test of time. Not a single infection yet!”

Holly Erasmus

10. Best Playpen for Newborns: Graco Pack ‘n Play Newborn Seat DLX Playard

Graco Pack 'n Play Newborn Seat DLX Playard

Why we like it:  

Why is this the best playpen for infants?  Well, it features a lot of features to support this claim.

Talk about its extremely soft infant-seat that cuddles the baby with its micro-fleece stuff & baby-vibrations. Or, its storage shelves to keep all the baby items close, Or, its canopy that keeps the baby safe from the harms of direct light, everything brings tailor-made convenience for moms raising infants.  

For the lorry part, there are 5 luring songs and 5 comforting nature sounds that every baby will love for sure.  

Keep in Mind:

You need to clean it only with household soap and warm water.

What Other Moms Say:

“The pack play fits into my living room & can move around relatively easy because of the wheels & light weight material.”

Miss  Jensen

What to Look for When Purchasing a Playpen

Following tips may land you the best baby playpen.

1. Weight and Height of the Playpen

First of all, consider the weight and length of the playpen keeping in mind the height of your baby. Follow the product manual to take instructions in this regard.

Also, keep in mind the setting of your house, will you have to move it too often? If Yes, buy a lightweight playpen.   

2. Duration of Use

Then, draw an estimate for how long you need a playpen. If this is your last baby, I suggest go for a relatively affordable playpen as this is going to be useless for you after a few months.

3. Material Used in the Playpen

Durability and feel are the next factors. Of course, you want a long-lasting, nice to skin playpen. To cut it short, prefer safety, comfort, and durability over aesthetics.

4. Dimensions of the Playpen

There are several dimensions and sizes of playpens on markets. Make sure you don’t buy the wrong one just because it offers fluff and filler. Most moms need a rectangular shaped playpen. Other shapes are also available, but pick one that is well-ventilated and compact.

5. Ease of Use

Look for a canopy, detachable lid, and wheels as useful features of the playpen. In fact, they are necessary for its better and easy use.  

6. Easy Cleaning

Lastly, it should be easy to clean. It shouldn’t wear out with washings.

Safety Warnings for Play Yards and Playpens

To prevent mishaps with playpens, keep the following most important precautions in mind:

  • Rolling infants might get trapped in the possible slack created between the sides of the pocket created by slack mesh materials. Avoid this!
  • Once your child reaches the age of 5 months or so, try to remove toys tied across the playpen’s roof. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting her entangled in them.
  • Teething babies might bite off chunks of the vinyl or plastic that covers the top side, so better keep a constant check here as well.
  • Playpen’s mesh should be at least 0.7 cm wide. And, it should be free of holes, etc. Else, your child’s head may get caught in them.
  • Avoid circular enclosures. Children can get their heads stuck in their openings.

FAQs about Baby Playpen

Do Babies Need A Playpen?

Yes, a playpen is handy for a baby in the age of crawling. It simply hinders his movement without causing irritation and blocking too much.

What’s the Difference Between A Pack & Play And A Playpen?

Broadly speaking, these are two similar terms that parents use interchangeably and candidly. However, if there is a slight difference between them, a playpen refers to a close area to allow the baby to play freely within its boundaries. Whereas, a playard features everything PLUS a little mattress for the baby’s sleeping.

Are playpens/playards good for babies?

Of course, they are good! In fact, every person probably hung out in a playard in the age of infancy. The reason is, babies can safely play within their boundaries without any fears of injury.

What age do babies use playpens?

A playpen becomes useful when your kid is just about to crawl. Mostly, this s the age 6-7 months which can prolong to 12-15 months at max.  

At what age do you stop using a playpen?

After the age of 18 months, remove the playpen anyways. Else, it will be hazardous for your baby’s healthy growth.  

Is it OK for babies to sleep in a playpen?

Yes, but with cautions! For example, babies under 12 months should be made to sleep on their back without soft bedding. This is a way to reduce the risk of SIDS and to prevent suffocation.


The information provided and the items listed on our list are well-researched and personally vouched for by our experts. We hope that picking up the best baby play fence is no more a burning problem for you. We wish you great success in your selection and healthy growth for your child.

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