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Choosing the perfect product for your needs seems to be a challenging task. You must analyse the products in a deeper note before making a purchase decision. To have great fun outdoors along with your newborn and infants you need a reliable carrier.

In this article, you will come to know about the wide range of best baby carrier to suit your requirement without any compromises. Your dear ones should feel comfortable while using this carrier. It is high time to quickly scroll down and enlighten with quality baby carriers

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Our top picksProductsRating
Best Sling CarrierMaya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling4.5
Best Wrap CarrierBoba Wrap Baby Carrier Stretchy Infant Sling4.7
Best for NewbornErgobaby Aura Baby Wrap Carrier4.6
Best for ToddlerTula Ergonomic Carrier5.0
Best for TwinsTwinGo Carrier4.7
Best Front-facing CarrierBABYBJORN Baby Carrier4.9
Best Backpack CarrierBoba Baby Carrier4.8
Best for BreastfeedingBaby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier4.6
Best for SummerLillebaby Airflow 360° Ergonomic Six-Position Baby & Child Carrier4.8
Best for DadMission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier4.9
Best for Plus Size MomErgobaby Omni 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier4.8
Best for Petite MomBaby Tula Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier4.9

Collections of The Best Baby Carriers?

1. Best Baby Sling Carrier: Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling


Why we love it

The easy adjustments and lightweight features attract new moms in no time. Its versatile design pattern seems to be mind-blowing. The compact design fits well in the diaper bag during travel.

This product is made up of 100% cotton material. The sling design provides great comfort to the baby.

Keep in Mind

This sling carrier has amazing fabric and assists new moms to position their babies perfectly. The new moms must be careful while putting the baby on and off this wrap pouch and they must spend a few minutes to carry out this process.

What other Moms say

Brindle says it is an excellent sling with comment lines that ‘it is compact, I leave it in my car for buggy free trips into the supermarket (especially now that my 6-month-old is heavy in his car seat). Once you have shopped with a baby in a sling, you realise how nice it is for just nipping into the post office, etc.’,

Additional facts

The Maya wrap is authorized as ‘Hip healthy Carrier’ by International Hip Dysplasia Institute’.

The versatile design pattern of this product allows your kid to rest on with four different positions comfortably during long hours of travel.


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2. Best Baby Wrap Carrier: Boba Wrap Baby Carrier Stretchy Infant Sling

boba carrier

Why we love it

The foremost feature in this Boba wrap baby carrier is that you can tie it optimally and greatly helps to breastfeed the baby anytime. It provides a supportive position to your baby thereby increasing the parental bond.

The fabric is washable and it is soft and stretchy. You have to tie it once and reuse it by wearing it in and out as per your needs. The fabric is 95% cotton type and easy to clean.

Keep in Mind

This wrap carrier product has excellent length adjustable options and plus-size moms must learn the effective strategy through tutorial videos to optimally use this product in the long run.

What other Moms say

Brittany comments that ‘I like the Boba wrap. Every time my baby is in the wrap she falls asleep. I am a first-time wrapper and I only watched one YouTube video and learned how to wrap it. This wrap is a bit warm and will sometimes cause my baby to sweat but right now it is still cool where I live’.

Additional facts

This wrap works well for newborn babies up to 35 pounds infants. The fabric has a spandex composition to retain its shape. It provides a custom fit without any issues.

3. Best Baby Carrier for A Newborn: Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap Carrier


Why we love it

The integrated pocket like pouch seems to be a stunning feature. It has a built-in carrying pouch and you need not have spent time wrapping it manually to obtain the desired shape.

The fabric is machine washable and comprises 100% viscose made from Eucalyptus and Acacia. It is a lightweight product and breathable which works soft on the baby’s skin.

Keep in Mind

Moms must spend more time learning and tying this carrier. It is a time-consuming product.

What other Moms say

Samantha from the US says that ‘I love babywearing and having this so handy on those days where the baby lay calm down but you have a million things to do. Also great for out in public to keep baby close and away from curious strangers with no boundaries.’

Additional facts

There is an ‘Ergo promise’ that replaces the product if you find any defect in the delivered one. It is an award-winning product and idea product for the newbie.

4. Best Baby Carrier for Toddler: Tula Ergonomic Carrier


Why we love it

It has a wide waistband which provides great comforts while carrying the toddler for long hours. Moreover, the multiple resting positions of the baby enhance the optimal hip and spine development in babies.

You can find dual adjustment padded straps that support babies weighing from 25 to 60 pounds effectively.

Keep in Mind

Few Moms find it difficult to wear this carrier. This carrier tie process seems to be complex.

What other Moms say

Peachie talks about her trip using this product as ‘I ordered this Tula Toddler Carrier in preparation for a trip to Europe. My kids are 3.5 & 6 years old & although they are both great walkers, we don’t want to bring a stroller to Europe. I wanted to avoid the large hiking carriers because they don’t pack up small & are difficult to transport. We used it recently during a trip to New York City where we knew we’d be walking all day every day. It turned out to be an amazing solution.’

Additional facts

The material type is 100% cotton and it is machine washable. It has a versatile adjustment position for multiple wearers.  

5. Best Baby Carrier for Twins: TwinGo Carrier


Why we love it

It is the best suit for twins and it has nearly eight adjustable positions for the babies to rest optimally without any discomfort for long hours. The waistband is adjustable from 20 inches up to 99+ inches.

The breathable fabric suits all seasons. The open-wide leg position provides great comforts to your baby during long hours of travel.

Keep in Mind

Babies feel uncomfortable during long travels. It is difficult for new moms to handle this carrier optimally.

What other Moms say

Krista states that ‘I just received my TwinGo Air, and I am in love!! TwinGo has given me the freedom to travel, run errands, and do life as a twin mom confidently! I love the breathable fabric and colours! I was pleasantly surprised to find there’s a small pocket on the waistband big enough for some cash and my driver’s license, so I can still run errands without dragging my giant diaper bag in the store’.

Additional facts

The 100% cotton sleep hoods help your baby to take a deep sleep even during hot sunny days during travel.

6. Best Front-facing Baby Carrier: BABYBJORN Baby Carrier


Why we love it

The two facing baby’s position seems to be overwhelming. The baby can face in or face out as per his/her comforts.

It is a product from the perspective of paediatricians to provide great support to the baby’s neck, spine, head etc.

Keep in Mind

The carrier’s colour is not attractive and very few collections. Thereby some new moms quickly lose interest in choosing this product amidst the competitive market.

What other Moms say

Carissa says this product as ‘Brilliant’ with comment lines ‘Have been using this carrier for little over 3 months. Brilliant. Light and extremely simple and quick to put on alone. Small enough to fit easily in the baby bag. By far the most comfortable for the baby and us. Breathable fabric’.

Additional facts

The compact design fits well to store during travel and you can use this carrier from newborn up to 12 months.

7. Best Baby Backpack Carrier: Boba Baby Carrier


Why we love it

The free extenders of chest and waistbands help the wearers to acquire a perfect fit. Thereby, it suits well for multiple wearers.

There is a small pocket in your waistband to carry your mobiles, wallets etc. You can find detachable booster seats to support the babies in two stages.

The first stage is from infants up to babies weighing 7lbs. The second stage suits well for babies weighing 10lbs.

Keep in Mind

You need to adjust the baby’s feet rest position optimally to provide great comforts to your baby for long hours.

Few feel that the carrier hurts them while carrying for long hours.

What other Moms say

Marie from the UK comments that ‘Fantastic carrier. We have been using it daily around the house and outside ever since we bought it 4 months ago. Our Baby is now 6 months. It keeps legs/hips in a good position and is comfortable for both baby and me. Our Baby loves looking around or snuggles to sleep. One of the best purchases I have ever done:-)’

Additional facts

This product has a Duraflex buckle system with YKK zippers. There is a bag strap holder which assists you to carry extra bags for your long-distance journey.

8. Best Baby Carrier for Breastfeeding: Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier


Why we love it

This wrap type baby carrier allows the 5 best positions for the babies to rest peacefully without any discomforts. It suits well for breastfeeding.

The double-loop design provides a safe and secure space for the newborn. It is the best baby wrap carrier for dad. It has a simple design with no belts, buckles, rings etc.

Keep in Mind

It suits only for short travels. Young moms find it difficult to tie this carrier in optimal ways.

What other Moms say

Anna says ‘SO easy to use. The instructions that come with are pictures and step by step and SUPER easy to follow. The material is LOVELY. Soft, comfortable, and breathable. I am a sweaty momma and this thing is nice.’

Additional facts

The cotton fabric allows the baby’s weight to distribute evenly and protects your shoulders from stress. It can support babies weighing up to 35lbs.

9. Best Baby Carrier for Summer: Lillebaby Airflow 360° Ergonomic Six-Position Baby & Child Carrier


Why we love it

Lillebaby has excellent airflow with six remarkable ergonomic carrying styles. It works well for sweaty moms and gives a natural bond with the newborn.

For optimum hip positioning, you can adjust side panels and narrow the seat. You can hold your babies with great comforts and trendy styles.

Keep in Mind

The carrier’s fabric is not as soft and smooth as expected. It brings a scratchy feel to the baby while using it for many hours.

What other Moms say

Sophie comments that ‘I use this carrier when we are out and about walking the dogs or just going for a nice walk. It’s very sturdy and the back support makes it more comfortable than my other slings and carriers.’

Additional facts

It has two-way straps, one facing front and the other back. The storage pockets, sleeping hoods increase the comfort levels of the wearers.

10. Best Baby Carrier for Dad: Mission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier


Why we love it

The remarkable feature of this product is that you will not feel any lower back pain despite hours carrying your baby during a long journey. The baby’s weight distributes optimally with maximum back support.

There is two ergonomic carrying position with front and back facing arrangements. The customizable Mission-critical daypack allows even weight distribution.

Keep in Mind

There is no proper hip support. Therefore, this product needs some effective revisions in its design pattern.

Dad’s review

John comments that ‘Enjoy this carrier. It’s easy to use and fun to wear. I like it better than the other carriers and wraps that we have. The design allows me to transfer the baby & carrier to someone else if I need a break’.  

Additional facts

This product meets the standards of ASTM and is authorized by the National Parenting Centre.

11. Best Baby Carrier for Plus Size Mom:Ergobaby Omni 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier


Why we love it

The awesome design pattern assists the mom’s in breastfeeding without much difficulty. The hood structure seems to be excellent as it protects the baby from sun and wind.

The large storage helps you to carry a few essentials during the journey. The gentle and soft cotton fabric gives a comfortable feeling and it is machine washable.

Keep in Mind

Place some cotton drool pads to add comforts to your baby for long hours of travel.

What other Moms say

Katie Alice states that ‘I love love love my carrier. Following a c-section, with my son, this carrier was the perfect solution. I get comments on it everywhere I go. it’s super comfortable for walking the dog. ‘

Additional facts

The adjustable fitting arrangement allows multiple wearers to try out without any difficulty.

12. Best Baby Carrier for Petite Mom: Baby Tula Discover Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier


Why we love it

The best feature of this product is that the customizable body panel such as three width settings and two height settings

The dual adjustable padded straps provide neck and shoulder comforts for the users. It supports multiple wearers.

Keep in Mind

This product is not suitable for babies weighing below 15 to 20 pounds. Few moms feel that this product’s smell is annoying.

What other Moms say

Ashley says that ‘We love, LOVE, LOVE our tula. My 3-month-old was getting too heavy for the cloth wraps so we decided to try the Tula. It is a bit pricey, but worth every penny. He falls asleep instantly in the Tula and sleeps for 2-3 hours!’.

Additional facts

The fabric is breathable cotton and it is handmade. It is easy to maintain in the long run.

Types of Baby Carriers

The carriers hold your baby close to you and the babies feel safe in resting on your body while travelling long distances. In general, the carriers are classified into five types and detailed information on every type is given below.

  • Sling: It has a fabric loop and weighs lighter. This type of carrier is meant only for a newborn. This carrier helps the parents to carry their newborn close to their physical body 24/7. This model slings over one shoulder.
  • Fabric Wraps: In this type, you can carry babies of any age. It supports to carry your kids for long travels. You can wear this product in any form depending on your needs. It requires some practice for optimum usage of this model.
  • A-Mei Tai Carrier: It is a traditional form of carrier and here there are buckles and straps to customize the fitting feature.
  • Frame Carrier: This model works for older kids. It suits well for hiking needs. This product is recommended for babies who has neck control and body support to fit perfectly on the parent’s back.
  • Soft Carrier: It suits well for older babies. The weight of the baby evenly spreads throughout the carrier to avoid backaches. The shoulder straps are rigid and enhance safety features.

Key Considerations When Picking a Baby Carrier

However, despite the models, you need to look for some of the salient features in the best baby carriers. Make a quick note on the below features

  • Supportive headrest: While selecting the product you must focus on the padded headrest. It must be effective enough to hold the newborn baby’s head in the right position during your travel. As the infants do not have head control this factor is high to be noticed when finalizing the product.
  • Leg holes’ size: The leg holes must be in optimum size to fit the legs perfectly in position.
  • Effective straps: The straps play a vital role to hold the heavy kids as it distributes the weight evenly without causing any shoulder aches to the parents.
  • Quality Fabric: Ensure the product has a quality fabric material for easy to clean, anti-allergic etc. It must be strong, breathable, strong and additional strength to withstand the kid’s weight. The organic fabric is highly recommended for long-lasting satisfied feedback on the baby carrier.
  • Belts, Fasteners and Hood: There should be a waist belt to distribute the kid’s weight across your lumbar. The fasteners and buckles play a vital role to position the straps at the right place. Finally, the attached hood helps the parents to cover their sleeping baby during hot sun without any issues. This hood must be comfortable to fold when not in use.
  • Vent: It is a mesh type space on the baby carrier. Mostly found in the padded area of the carrier. This space breathes well and protects the newborn on sunny days.

What To Look for When Shopping a Baby Carrier?

While selecting a baby carrier for your loved ones you have to look upon certain parameters. The best baby carrier must offer some of the comforts for long-lasting satisfying outcomes

  • Ease Positions: The best baby carrier wrap should allow the parents to carry in different positions while travelling long distances. The new mom should go for adjustable position baby carriers for everlasting convincing results.
  • Maintenance: The fabric employed in the products should be easy to clean. Machine-washable fabrics help the parents for optimum maintenance in the long run
  • Affordable price: As you all know that you can buy products from a small penny to giant dollars. The feature-rich products must be purchased at affordable rates. Do not opt for cheap goods or luxury items. Always look for quality products at reasonable rates.
  • User-friendly pattern: The design pattern of the baby carrier should be user-friendly and the parents must feel comfortable to use the product for long hours without any issues. The hip straps and shoulder support design pattern should be optimum enough so that the users do not regret purchasing this product.


Thus, you had an effective discussion on a wide range of the best baby carrier products. You can choose the right baby carrier from the above list and explore the full potential of the products through optimum usage. Before finalizing the product conduct a deep analysis and observe whether it meets your expectations without any compromises. Stay connected with the best baby carrier models and hunt for the latest picks at reasonable rates.

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