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Are you searching for a Sleep Slack to transition your baby from loose blankets to safer protection? This guide on the best sleep sacks for babies features the top-performing articles from all over the world.

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10 Best Sleep Sacks Reviews

1. Best Sleep Sack for Summer: Halo Sleep sack 100% Cotton Swaddle

Halo Sleep sack 100% Cotton Swaddle

With pure imported cotton and, of course, lightweight build, this is our best pick for summers.

Why we like it:  

Doubly knit and soft, HALO sleep sack stretches by just the right amount. As it’s for cooler temperatures, we also recommend it for spring.

The best part is, it offers your baby high adjustability i.e. Arms-In (to restrict startle reflex), One-Arm-Out, and Both-Arms-Out.

Keep in Mind:

Fits on babies with a weight of at least 13 Lbs.  

What Other Moms Say:

“The swaddle is large enough to grip well but small enough to be manageable. It’s really easy to get on him tight and doesn’t ride up under his chin.”

Tiana Foster


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2. Best Infant Sleep Sack: Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleep Bag Sack

Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleep Bag Sack

Your infant will see many kinds of weather in the coming months, and this all-weather sleep sack is a no-brainer choice for you.

Why we like it:  

Have a look at its super-rich feature list. You get a silky construction, concealed zipper, fire resistance, Tag-less back, seat-belt compatibility, And what not? No wonder it has won many awards so far.

Icing on the cake: this swaddle sleep sack comes with a complementary thermometer.

Keep in Mind:

As it’ is heavy, you may have to heat it to dry it in humid atmospheres.  

What Other Moms Say:

“Man, I wish I had bought Woolino to start! Certainly the best sleep sack for newborns. Beautiful construction, and clearly high quality. ”

 Bitsy Green

3. Best Sleep Sack for 3 Months Old: Nested Bean Zen Sack – Gently Weighted Sleep Sacks

Nested Bean Zen Sack - Gently Weighted Sleep Sacks

At the age of 3 months, most moms struggle with their baby’s sleep. Here is the solution!

Why we like it:  

This versatile sleep sack works great as all – back/side/tummy sleeper. The best part is, it helps greatly in your baby’s sleep. Moms using this are reporting longer sleeps for their babies in just 3 nights.

What it does uniquely is actually interesting i.e. it simply redelivers the mummy feel in the night when you are not holding her. This way, it helps your baby to soothe herself during nights, and enjoy better sleep.

Keep in Mind:

It’s a bit expensive.  

What Other Moms Say:

“If you are a parent with a baby that doesn’t sleep well at night, get this. It has changed our lives. Thumbs up for this nested bean sleep sack.”

 Megan Taufa

4. Best Baby Sleep Sack for Winter: Kyte BABY Unisex Bamboo Rayon Printed Sleeping Bag

Kyte BABY Unisex Bamboo Rayon Printed Sleeping Bag

This KYTE Sleep sack makes a difference in winter swaddling thanks to its hyper-soft rayon which is made of bamboo.

Why we like it:  

Exciting color options and stylish prints make it nostalgic for all parents. Plus, it is safety certified and often claims to be the best sleep sack for toddlers as well. Your baby will definitely remain warm and cozy in this.

Keep in Mind:

Make sure you purchase thermal resistance ‘2.5 Tog’.

What Other Moms Say:

“My son is obsessed with these and so am I. They are my go-to new baby gift for others. ”

 Nick Pheil

5. Best Sleeveless Sleep Sack: Burt’s Bees Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

Burt's Bees Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

This carefully-sized sleep sack is sleeveless and super comfy for babies who like to move their hands.

Why we like it:

With 100% cotton and zero harmful ingredients, this sleep sack is safe as well. As turns out, it offers an extremely versatile zipper with all the ease you expect from a top-notch feature e.g. you get a zipper guard, zipper garage, snap-tab zipper cover, etc.

Lastly, it’s hugely durable.  

Keep in Mind:

It feels very warm in the winter if it is put on over pajamas

What Other Moms Say:

“The listing says 0-6 months, but I anticipate we’ll be able to use it until around 8 months or so.”

 Evan Henrich

6. Best Sleep Sacks for 6 Months Old: Love To Dream Swaddle UP

Love To Dream Swaddle UP

Babies at this age or around tend to sleep with their arms up around their heads. This sleep sack understands this.

Why we like it:

As it turns out, babies at this age tend to touch their faces again and again while sleeping on their back. Again, it’s their style.

This sleep sack cares for this natural baby tendency the best. It helps them self soothe and calm themselves. Thus allowing them a better sleep and, you, more you-time.  

Keep in Mind:

Try to reorient your baby’s hands after every while.  

What Other Moms Say:

“My son is loving these swaddles! I put him in them, and he immediately settles down. It keeps him warm, but not too hot, and his hands by his face where he likes it.  ”

 Katy Benson

7. Best Soothing Sleep Sacks For Back Sleeping: Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit

Another sleep sack with sleeves, but with the most amazing comfort profile amongst the competitors.

Why we like it:  

Sleep is going to be full of dreams with pure cotton feels and consummate polyester built. The best part is, it makes a great swaddle transition choice and develops sound sleep habits in babies. Plus, it does great at room temperature.

Keep in Mind:

If you are looking for a sleep sack that prevents your baby’s helicopter arms during sleep, look elsewhere.

What Other Moms Say:

“I can’t get over how great this sleeper is! My little guy is 4 months old. Before this, everytime I would get him to sleep and lay him down he would jerk himself awake.”

Miss Rachel

8. Best Sleep Sack for Warm Seasons: HALO Sleepsack 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket

HALO Sleepsack 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket

This is another imported cotton stuff and has got the trust award by Hospital Nurseries to promote safe sleep.

Why we like it:  

It offers just the right comfort for warmer atmospheres and climates. You can layer it with warmer innerwear for a cooler effect. The best part is, it’s Hip Healthy – allows easy kicking but cannot be kicked off.

Lastly, it features an inverted zipper.

Keep in Mind:

Gently hand wash it to prevent wear and tear.

What Other Moms Say:

“So soft and quality construction. The halo is way better quality and I love the zipper opening at the bottom so you can change the diaper without waking your baby. ”

Stacey Byrge

9. Best Travel Sleep Sacks: SleepingBaby Poly Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Transition

SleepingBaby Poly Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Transition

This outstanding starfish design provides a healthy combo of softness and transportability without restricting your baby’s full range of motion.

Why we like it:

The best part is, there are no intimidating folds or wrapping necessary. Simply place your baby in it and zip it up. It’s ridiculously easy!

That said, it comes in various designs for both boys and girls. For its safety profile, it’s extremely easy to wriggle, push up, and roll over.

Keep in Mind:

Its material might cover your baby’s face while she is asleep. So be careful!

What Other Moms Say:

“So easy to use, the ease of use is awesome. It is a nice lightweight fabric for the summer and the little one is unable to scratch their face.”

 Ashlee Daniels

10. Best Sleep Sacks for Autumn: Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Long-Sleeve Wearable Sleeping Bag  

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Wearable Sleeping Bag

Super stylish design and just the optimal build quality! This sleep sack is what you have been looking for!

Why we like it:  

Stretchable cotton makes it a good choice for cooler seasons. That said, long, wide enough, and scratch-free sleeves make it one of the best sleep sacks for toddlers.

Get never-ending customized help and easy machine wash capability.

Plus, there is a 2-way zipper to allow easy diaper change.

Keep in Mind:

Its sleeve cuffs are a bit too wide.

What Other Moms Say:

“Nice quality. It is thin but not too thin. Our baby doesn’t overheat & seems to be comfortable in these.  ”

 Mrs. Ribas

Are Sleep Sacks Safe for Babies?

YES! In fact, their core function is to provide protection against unsafe things like slipping or rolling while your baby is sleeping.

Try to buy a quality sleep sack that is well-knit, well-fitting, and doesn’t have excessive fabric so that it can prevent baby-sliding.

Choosing the Best Sleep Sack for You

To successfully land yourself the best baby sleep sack, keep the following things in mind:

  • Leg Room

Moms know either their baby likes a lot of legroom or confined space. Pick your sleep sack accordingly.

  • Easy On Baby

It shouldn’t be too tight to restrict easy diaper change. Plus, it should be comfortable enough to provide enough airflow and shouldn’t impede her breathing.  

  • Material

The fabric shouldn’t be rough and too thick. Rather, it should be easily wearable and soft. Plus, there should be a solid zipper near the baby’s chin. A cover on the zipper is always a plus.  

FAQs about Sleep Sacks for Babies

When should you stop using sleep sacks?

Stop swaddling your babies once they start rolling over. Mostly, it’s the age of 8 months.

Do babies sleep better in sleep sacks?

Of course YES! Safety and Comfort, both are inevitable attractions of a sleep sack. It’s warm, it’s soft and what not? Your baby will definitely love sleeping in it.  

Are sleep sacks with sleeves safe?

YES, in fact after a certain age (that is mostly 6-7 months- when they start showing signs of rolling over abilities), you should use only sleeveless sleep sacks to avoid unwanted consequences.

What should a baby wear under a sleep sack?

For most babies, it’s a onesie, a gown, and a diaper for winters. For summers, it’s only a diaper.  

Is Woolino sleep sack worth it?

All the articles on our list of the best sleep sacks are worth it! And so is Woolino Sleep Sack. We have a review on our list, didn’t you see?  

Though it’s expensive, it offers great value for money as well. You can use it throughout the year.  

Should I get a thick or thin baby sleep sack?

It should be thin stuff.  Thick ones bother your babies and restrict their movement.

Can I use a blanket instead of a baby sleep sack?

If your child is old enough to endure a blanket and its warmth, you can do so. But a sleep sack is always a better choice before she makes it to the age of at least 8 months.

Is it okay to use a bigger size baby sleep sack, or do I need to buy one size per age?

Just decide between standard sizes. In between, you can always adjust. But if you need a small size, the large one won’t do it.   


A Sleep Sacks offers a perfect combo of comfort, safety, and coddling for your baby. Whatever baby nature and the weather, the sleep sacks on this list offer the best all-rounder products. So to purchase just the right product, you can trust these recommendations blindly.

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