Will you dare to invest in some artistic endeavors to broaden the life canvass of your child? This list on the Best Easel for Toddlers features 10 of the best performing easels that’ll allure them into exploring new ways to see the world. They’ll be encouraged to speak out and express themselves without any fears of being judged.

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10 Best Easel for Toddlers – 2021 Reviews 

1. Best Double-Sided Easel for Toddlers: Award Winning Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel with Paper Roll and Accessories

Hape easel

Win or lose, everyone has a blast! This is an award winner HAPE Easel that comes with a non-toxic magnetic whiteboard on one surface and an erasable chalkboard on the other.

Why we like it:

A double-sided easel means two kids can use it at the same time without any clashes. Still, the best part is its incredibly easy height adjustment.

Kids can play with its fridge magnets and will stay engaged thanks to its switchable modes: Painting and Drawing.

Keep in Mind:

It fits only a Hape-specific paper size.

What Other Moms Say:

“I was looking for a children’s easel with paper roll for my 2 years old son. I found this and loved it for its lowest setting that is perfect for his height.”

Mrs. Broad

2. Best Toddler Paint Easel: IKEA 500.210.76 Softwood Mala Easel

IKEA easel

Compactness, both Chalkboard and Whiteboard options, Paint or Draw, Lightweight, and what not? This IKEA Easel is deemed as the most versatile paint easel for solid reasons!  

Why we like it:

This is basically a medium-sized easel that is easy to assemble and carry, sturdy, and folds flat. The tray size is also just perfect.

However, the most unique feature is its simple yet superior design:  You don’t have to adjust and tighten it constantly as its legs are independent of the main part.

Keep in Mind:

Switch its storage tray to the opposite side might be a pain.

What Other Moms Say:

“Having the option of using either chalk or erasable markers is fun for the kids. I really like that its legs are one solid piece.

Anda James

3. Best Durable Easel for Toddlers: Step2 Easel for Two | Kids Double-Sided Art Easel with Magnetic Letters & Numbers

Step 2 Easel

This is a heavy-duty magnetic easel for toddlers which is perfect for solo play and playdates. It is recommended for any child between 2-6 years of age.  

Why we like it:

This Step 2 easel offers two large boards with a standard chalkboard on one side and a stout metallic Dry/Erase on the other.

Also, there is a large tray that extends to both sides of the easel. This is key for holding crayons, paper, coloring books, etc. The best part is, its magnets are amazingly kid-friendly and the whiteboard is easy to clean.

Keep in Mind:

No complementary markers, chalks, etc.

What Other Moms Say:

“My three year old granddaughter loves this easel and plays with it all the time. It’s great for the dry erase the chalkboard the magnets.”

Mrs. Straus

4. Best Tabletop Easel for Toddlers: Crayola Ultimate Art Case With Easel, 85 Pieces, Gift For Kids

Crayola Ultimate Art Case With Easel

This CRAYOLA Easel is a rich Architect’s Table owing to a plentiful accessory set. Its art supplies include two dozens of Crayons, pencils, watercolors, and above all, a chic storage case.

Why we like it:

The most attractive luxury of this Art Box (or Makeshift Easel) is its easy portability. Yes, you can take it anywhere and use its tabletop easel without any hassle e.g. school, parks, friends, etc.

Plus, the storage case is actually mighty: You can organize more than 80 art supplies in it. Easy visibility of all supplies means no distractions and focused creativity at any given time.

Keep in Mind:

It’s available only on Amazon and recommended for kids 4 years old & up.

What Other Moms Say:

“We got this for my daughter that just turned 5 years old, and she LOVES it. I would recommend buying this to anyone who is considering a product like it!”

Chanel Leah

5. Best Large-Sized Easel for Kids: Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel – Dry-Erase Board

 Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Treat your kids to the largest and the most stable easel: adjust the height while the other side is being drawn on.

Why we like it:

This is a multi-use double-sided easel that brings serious artistic vibes thanks to its mammoth presence. Here’s a rundown of all the best features:  A chalkboard, A Dry/Erase board, a locking paper-roll holder, clip grips, a child-safe paper cutter, and deep plastic trays.

What’s more? It’s easily height-adjustable and folds flat to easily store away. Recommended for kids aged 3 to 6.

Keep in Mind:

A bit of assembly is required.

What Other Moms Say:

“I like most things Melissa & Doug, including this. The design is clever with the white board on one side, and chalkboard on the other. It all just works well together.”

Henry Scarlet

6. Best Wooden Easel for Toddlers: Dripex Kids Art Easel with Paper Roll, Double Sided Toddler Childrens Easel Chalkboard

Dripex Kids Art Easel with Paper Roll

With adjustable inclination and wide refillable Paper Roll, this is a completely wooden product that is non-toxic and doubles the fun with its 56 Magnetic Numbers and Symbols.

Why we like it:

On one side, you get a Magnetic Whiteboard that allows kids to play around fridge magnets, attach papers and paint pictures on them, etc. While on the other side, there is an Erasable Chalkboard with a traditional chalkboard.

That said, its accessory set is also quite plentiful:  Multiple Mess Paint Cups, Storage Tray, Dry Erase Markers, and much more.

Keep in Mind:

Its instruction manual in English is hard to understand.

What Other Moms Say:

“This double sided easel is very useful for my two girls, and they can paint, draw, or learn numbers and letters at each side simultaneously. All accessories came with the easel and are in a good condition.”

Sophie Taylor

7. Best Dry Easel for Toddlers: KidKraft 62043.0 Storage Easel – Espresso Novelty

KidKraft 62043.0 Storage Easel

To some parents and experts, this Dry Easel has almost reached the status of the holy grail of Art Boards for kids. They regard it as a complete workstation that can accommodate most of their daily activities.  

Why we like it:

When your kids can keep all their artistic utensils and toys in a single place, they develop strong infatuations with it. And, if that happens to be an Easel, nothing can stop them from becoming the next Picasso of Art. The massive storage space of this easel offers a more or less similar facility for your kids.

That said, it’s a double-sided easel with a state of the art Dry/Erase surface on one side and a chalkboard on the other. Its accessories including trays are also adorable.

Keep in Mind:

No magnetic surface.  

What Other Moms Say:

“This is a really nice easel! The quality was much better than I expected, and it was easy to put together. Especially, I love the storage bins underneath and the plastic trays on each side.”

Shefali Gibs

8. Best Adjustable Easel for Toddlers: NextX Kids Easel for Two, Adjustable Double Sided Art Easel Chalkboard

 NextX Kids Easel for Two

Here is the good news for shorter buddies! This NextX Kids Easel is just 32 inches tall at its shortest height that means no more slacking for little ones.

Why we like it:

Of course, most of the listings here are adjustable but not any of those is this much adjustable: 32 Inches- 42 Inches is great flexibility. Again, there are two sides: one for a Chalkboard and the other for a Whiteboard.

The best part is both its boards are magnetic. That said, it can rotate on 360 degrees which is another fun feature. Your kids will also like its Storage & Art Supplies and a colorful sturdy tray that has no sharp corners.

Keep in Mind:

Its assembly is a bit intimidating as the instructions are not completely documented.

What Other Moms Say:

“Always looking for a suitable Easel for my little 3 yrs old daughter, I found it now. It comes with some little things, like chalks, markers. The pieces are in good quality and definitely safe for kids.”

Elise Smith

9. Best Toddlers Easel for Travelling: Fisher-Price DoodlePro Slim, Aqua

Fisher Price easel

Here is the brand-trusted Fisher Price Easel: Small enough for travel but large enough to actually draw something on. Icing on the cake: it doesn’t have any extra pieces to lose during the hassles of travel.  

Why we like it:

Its screen saver pen is attached to the box so it can’t get lost. There’s an easy-slide eraser that allows your toddler to draw up and clear over & over again!

Plus, the compact design is perfect to tuck into the back seat pocket in the car or the diaper bag. Its design is also smart enough to hold and play with it in the car seat without being uneasy.

Keep in Mind:

You have to find some quality eraser to erase it.  

What Other Moms Say:

“We love using this on long road trips. It keeps my son endlessly entertained. It took him only a few minutes to figure out how to erase your drawing and have more fun.”

Issy Amelia

10. Best Chalkboard Easel for Toddlers: Kids Wooden Art Easel Double-Sided Whiteboard and Chalkboard Adjustable Standing Easel

Kids Wooden Art Easel

This goes without saying but Dust-Fee chalk is better when it comes to child safety and reliable use. This double-sided Art Board offers multiple accessories as well.  

Why we like it:

Speaking of its wooden easel, there’s a large bottom storage tray with cups, letters, and numbers magnets, chalk, etc.

Again, like any other versatile easel, its one side offers a magnetic dry erase board, and the other features a black chalkboard. Lastly, it’s height-adjustable and suits different ages.

Keep in Mind:

A bit pricey. Also, paper is not included in the package.

What Other Moms Say:

“It’s a bit on the expensive side but I think it’s overall worth a toddler art easel. Really sturdy. Assembly was straightforward. Also a bonus was that it came with magnets!”

Liza Hens

Why You Need An Art Easel for Kids?

For toddlers, an art easel is one of the most artistry and grasping ways to learn fine motor skills. By holding a pencil, a brush, and by using crayons, they develop strong dexterity at an early age. Plus, when they grow a bit, they use this easel as an open-ended space to reach out and communicate their thoughts and ideas. By having a chance to draw anything, they can uplift their inventiveness.

What to Look for When Purchasing A Toddler Easel

  • SIZE 

You want to consider two things: space in your house, and the size appropriate for our toddler.

Tabletop easels make a great choice if you don’t have ample space for standalone easels. Your already-in-use kitchen table is well and good to accommodate this easel. However, if you are looking for a standalone easel, a height of 45- 51” is ergonomically perfect for kids aged 3 and above.


Your toddlers are going to be as casual with their easel as nothing. So, be sure you purchase a sturdy one. Beware of frail and makeshift easels that are rampant on the market.  


Look for easels that allow your kids to do more than just paint. Kids’ easels should have built-in chalkboards, art paper rolls, etc. These things give them a chance to switch back and forth between artistic mediums. This way they don’t get bored thanks to the multi-dimensionality of their easels.  


Fluff and Filler matters, especially for kids. If you have been glossing over art easels for kids, you might have gone through a few accessories like black lights, bottles of posters, etc.

Normally, easel boards for toddlers come with necessary complementary accessories. But you should prefer an easel for kids with accessories that make their time longer and more fun at the art station i.e. storage caddies, paint cups, clips for hanging paintings to dry, etc.

FAQs about Toddler Easels

What age is an easel for?

Children aged 2-3 years can start using an easel. However, as most easels are designed for kids over 5 years of age, the easel that you pick for the younger kids should be height-adjustable. Most of the easels on the market today are height adjustable for kids 2 years of age.     

At what age can my child begin to draw lines and shapes?

When your child reaches the age of two years, she’ll start crossing midline and drawing horizontal lines. At the age of three, they’ll start drawing scribbles and then circles.

Subsequently, at four years, they can draw the two steps of the cross.

How should I introduce my very young child to artistic activities?

To put it straight, you don’t have to introduce anything. Simply, allow them easy access to art and then leave it to them. They’ll make mistakes, draw scribbled lines, and in the meanwhile, they’ll learn. However, to facilitate them, you can:

Set a separate area in your home where your child can start using an easel at any time. All the relevant tools should be available to her i.e. you don’t need a dedicated art studio, just a minor kitchen table will do.

Secondly, ask her to express how she feels, what she likes, etc, and then discuss her work with her on regular basis to keep the spark alive in her.  

Remember, artboards will not help your child unless you sit down for half an hour every day at the same time as him. It is not a magic bullet. You have to put in the time, love, patience, and lots of positive reinforcement.

Why doesn’t my preschooler want to draw or color?

It’s either lack of self-belief or disinterest in the art. You can remedy both. You can present them with a lot of opportunities to draw, and set rewards for achieving certain targets. To spark interest in them, you can try to relate different art activities with something they like i.e. their friends, chocolates, etc. Lastly, try to give them separate space to experiment and practice their ideas without any fears.


Easels are amazing artistic tools that keep your kids involved in healthy creative activities. They are good for many things: hand-eye coordination, agility, fascination, self-belief, etc. If you are looking for the next birthday gift for your toddler, an easel makes a perfect gift. You should utilize this marvelous opportunity to arouse curiosity and innovation in your kid.

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