Experts say that we should introduce books at very early stages to our kids and to develop the interest baby books are a good option. They also help speed up the mental development of the babies.

Through this article, we are going to talk about the best baby books to buy in 2022. Reading books also helps your baby to grasp language skills faster.  You should give enough time to find out which are the best baby books available in the market. So, let’s get into more details first.

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What Are the Best Baby Books for Your Baby?

1. Best Baby Books for Parents: ‘Someday’ by Alison McGhee


Why We Love It

This is a great emotional story that will touch your heart. If you have a baby girl, then no other book can be better than this book to celebrate your loving relationship.

Although it has a sad ending, it still captures the circle of life beautifully. The illustrations and the words used in this amazing book are so heart-touching, this is a pure classic book to read.

What Other Moms Say

I must say that this is a must-read book for you if you are expecting a baby. This book made me cry; I am sure that you will be touched with the message of this book.



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2. Best Baby Board Books: ‘Goodnight Moon’ by Margaret Wise Brown


Why Do We Love It?

This is the best book for fathers to read to their babies because the storyline is engaging. It is a classic children literature and poetic book you will love to read and tuck them to bed.

If you are looking for a book that teaches your baby family values, then this is a great choice.

What Other Moms Say

This book makes an excellent shower gift. This book is so mesmerizing; my baby boy loves it. I highly recommend this to all expectant mothers and also new mothers.


3. Best Books for Baby Shower: ‘When the World Was Waiting for You’ by Gillian Shields


Why Do We Love It ?

One of the most adorable books and the illustrations in it are so appealing.  It is a book based on the bunny family, celebrating everything related to welcoming a new family member.

The rhyming words used will gradually make your baby speak some words along with you.

What Other Moms Say

This is such an excellent book for preschoolers. My child gets engrossed in the beautiful pictures used in the book.


4. Best Baby Books for Newborns (0-3 Months): ‘Look, Look!’ by Peter Linenthal


Why Do We Love It?

This is a board book for babies who have just started to look and learn. It is one of the most mesmerizing for those ‘too’ young babies.

The beautiful black and white contrast and the cut paper art are just perfect for the little one to stare at.

What Other Moms Say

My baby just gets engrossed in the book; he loves all the beautiful pictures. Whenever he cries, I show him the picture of the flower in the book and he smiles.


5. Best Baby Books for Infant (4-6 Months): ‘Old Macdonald’ by Michelle Berg


Why Do We Love It?

This is a wonderful hand-puppet board book. You can sing the famous “Old MacDonald” song, move the adorable animal puppets around while going through the baby.  Your baby will just love it.

What Other Moms Say

My daughter just loves this; she is always excited to hear the song from me. She tries to move the puppets around. I highly recommend this as a great way of engaging the babies.


6. Best Baby Books for 6- to 12-Month-Old: ‘Hush Little Polar Bear’ by Jeff Mack


Why Do We Love It?

This book ignites creativity and imagination in young minds. The storyline is incredible, it helps to soothe the babies. It is perfect for bedtime reading.

What Other Moms Say

My daughter loves this book; the illustrations are awe-inspiring. It has a great rhyme; she enjoys all the adventures throughout the book.


7. Best Baby Books for Older Babies + Toddlers: ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Jennifer Adams


Why Do We Love It?

This is a great classic literature book. From colors, sounds, shapes to numbers, this book will teach your baby all these concepts.

What Other Moms Say

A quite entertaining book, I highly recommend to all the parents to buy this. This is a superb way of introducing your little one to the world of ‘colors.’


8. Best Books to Read to Baby: ‘Moo Baa La La La’ by Sandra Boynton


Why Do We Love It?

This book is pleasing, with well-written text, your child will fall in love with this book. A great fun way to teach your baby about different animals.

You should add this book to your library; it makes an amazing baby shower gift.

What Other Moms Say

I have read this book almost 100 times for my baby girl. Whenever I read, she starts making sounds of animals, that’s so adorable.


9.Best Baby Development Books:‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’ by Crockett Johnson


Why We Love It

This is an excellent book to embark on that spirit of imagination in your little ones.

For bedtime reading, this makes a charming story and helps to inculcate the habit of reading.

What Other Moms Say

My mom read this book for me during my childhood; now, I read this for my son. This book is so lovable; he easily gets engrossed into the book.


10.Best Baby Books for dads:‘Pat The Bunny’ by Dorothy Kunhardt


Why Do We Love It?

This is a well-designed book; your baby will fall in love with the adorable illustrations.

This book should be included in your child’s library because it is so interactive.

What Other Moms Say

This is a highly recommended touch and feels a book that you should definitely buy. My daughter really loves the simple instructions, and it is very entertaining for her.


11. Best Books for Baby Boys: ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak


Why Do We Love It?

The storyline of this book is quite interesting; the illustrations are also engaging.

It will surely help your child get a good lesson and ignite the imagination in little babies’ minds.

What Other Moms Say

It is a must-read classic for everyone. Not only my child, but I also love reading it.


12. Best Books for Baby Girls: ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’ by Elena Favilli


Why Do We Love It?

This is such an excellent book that helps to instill confidence in the minds of young girls.

It is an excellent book for those little girls to dream high, a must-have for every mom and daughter.

What Other Moms Say

A great way of teaching my daughter that women can achieve anything. If you want your child to become open-minded, then I highly recommend this book to you.


When Should You Start Reading to Your Baby?

You might be wondering that when you start reading to your baby, the answer is as soon as he becomes a few weeks old. Your little ones will feel a lot of excitement as they get to see the amazing pictures in the baby books.

Slowly and slowly, they will get engrossed as you read for them. Reading is directly related to learning, it might be difficult if you have two kids, but you should ensure that they are reading regularly.

Tips for Reading to Your Baby

Now, perhaps we all know that your baby will not fully understand whatever he or she hears. After some days, you will realize that they will start reciting along with you.

  • You should always hug your baby when you are reading for him or her .
  • Be more dramatic when reading for them like changing your voice modulation or making crazy sounds.  
  • Don’t be in a hurry to finish reading, just read at a comfortable pace.
  • Point at the pictures and describe them.
  • Give them enough time to look at the picture before you move to the next page
  • Let them touch and feel the book
  • Kids love to hear the same story again and again, so don’t be bothered about the repetitions.
  • You should plan a daily routine for reading.

3 Tips for Creating Lifelong Readers From an Early Age:

  • Make the Environment Comfortable

You should definitely read a story for your baby during bedtime.  It is highly recommended to hug your baby and read each page of the book gradually.

Cuddling will help your baby to feel comfortable. Also, don’t forget to turn off your smartphone and TV to avoid any distractions.

  • Make Your Reading Lively

Changing expressions as you are getting through different parts of the story can help a lot.

Also, change your tone, your baby will love your voice. Try to read with full emotion, so that your baby does not feel bored.

  • Asking Questions is Must

If you want your baby’s mental development to take place better, ask him or her questions relating to what you are reading.

This is not for too young babies, but as they grow older, you can ask them questions.

Also, try to associate the book’s characters or animals with what your baby or child sees in daily life.


Through this article, we covered the best baby books to read to your kid, and these ensure you have a great time with your baby. Before you buy any of these, you must look at what sort of stuff draws your kid; this will help you choose something your baby loves.

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