When it comes to taking care of the oral health of your child, we are sure you will never wish to compromise. If you are looking for the best electric toothbrush for kids, then you have landed in the right place. Well, first of all, we would like to say that you have taken a great decision to buy an electric toothbrush, in case you are confused, then it’s important to note here that using an electric toothbrush can be really helpful for improving your child’s overall health.

It’s worth mentioning here that you should make your child use an electric toothbrush only after your child is at least three years old. Through this article, we will list out some of the best quality electric toothbrushes for kids of 2020.

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What Are the Best Electric Toothbrushes for Kids?

1. Best Electric Toothbrush for Most Kids: Oral-B With Sensitive Head and Timer for Kids 3+


Why Do We Love It?

Note that Oral-B Kids is suitable for almost all types of Oral-B brush heads.

This toothbrush comes with a built-in timer of 2 minutes to keep the children engaged in brushing.

With gentle bristles of high quality, this toothbrush ensures efficient cleaning of teeth as well as the removal of plaque.

It comes with a round brush head and rechargeable handle. The best thing about this product is that it is quite cost-effective. There is no doubt that science Oral-B is a dentist-recommended brand; this can be an excellent option for you.

Keep in Mind

Some customers felt that this toothbrush is a little loud when it operates.

2. Best Electric Toothbrush for Trendy Kids: Quip Kids Electric Toothbrush Set With Multi-Use Cover


Why do we love it?

Qui Kids electric toothbrush is an amazing product that features a rubber grip plastic handle; this helps to ensure an easy grip for children. An American Dental Association accepted toothbrushes; you will surely be impressed with the sensitive sonic vibrations that can enhance the brushing experience. Considering the needs of the children, the small brush head of this electric toothbrush is designed appropriately for the smallmouth of kids.

Keep in Mind

A few customers were not highly satisfied with customer service.

3. Best Electric Toothbrush for Younger Kids: Papablic Babyhandy 2-Stage Sonic for Ages 0-3 Years

Papablic-BabyHandy-2-Stage Sonic-Electric-Toothbrush

Why do we love it?

Papabaluc’s toothbrush ensures that your child loves brushing; it comes with LED lights to arouse interest in children for brushing. It has an ergonomic design and is quite light in weight. An

easy-to-grip design and soft bristles will make you fall in love with this electric toothbrush. Also, the Papabalic toothbrush features a 2-minute timer that can encourage children to adopt healthy habits.

Keep in Mind

Some customers were not highly satisfied with the durability of this product.

4.  Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids With Braces: Oral-B Ortho Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refill


Why do we love it?

Oral-B’s amazing electric toothbrush replacement brush head comes with a special tufting pattern.

Also, you should be aware of the fact that Oral-B is a dentist-recommended brand. This product supports customization for efficient cleaning. Also, this product is suitable to be used for children who have braces.

Keep in mind

According to a few customers, they felt that though they were happy with the quality of this product, it was a little expensive for them.

5. Best Electric Toothbrush for Big Kids: Philips Sonicare for kids Hx6321/02 Bluetooth Connected


Why do we love it?

Philips Sonicare is yet another awesome power toothbrush that excels in making brushing an enjoyable experience for your child. It features a 2-minute KidTimer to make brushing more easier and exciting. This product comes with an interactive application; this app can help parents to keep track of their child’s progress. The children also feel more motivated towards healthy habits because they are rewarded after the end of a brushing session.

Keep in Mind

According to some customers, they found that the brush head is quite large for a kid.

Are Electric Toothbrushes Worth It?

Considering the price of an electric toothbrush, you may like to prefer normal toothbrushes.

However, there are a lot of benefits to using an electric toothbrush. Firstly, one of the most amazing benefits is that it has been found that the use of electric toothbrushes facilitates better removal of plaque.

In addition to that, if you have a fussy child who is not a fan of tooth brushing, then you should consider buying an electric toothbrush for your child. Also, it has been found that using these toothbrushes encourages the development of good oral health habits and supports longer brushing sessions.

What to Know Before You Buy Your Child an Electric Toothbrush

  • #1 Use of Toothpaste

Here, we would like to mention a keynote that you should never force your child to use toothpaste at least until he or she is five years old. The reason behind this is that if you introduce toothpaste to your child too early, then this can be quite an intimidating experience for your child. There are high chances that your child may not like the taste of a toothbrush. Promoting the use of a dry toothbrush in the initial five years of childhood will ensure your child does not hate brushing.

  • #2 Focus on the Method of Breathing

Now, it’s very important to understand here that not all children breathe from their noses; your child may be a mouth breather. In case your child breathes through his or her mouth, then brushing will be more problematic for your child, and he or she may throw more tantrums. So, the parent’s role becomes more important here; you should try to make the brushing experience more enjoyable. Also, using an electric toothbrush may help to make the process of brushing easier and faster, as a parent, you should make sure that you introduce bruising at different levels gradually.

  • #3 You Are Your Child’s Role Model

We all are pretty aware of this fact children’s actions are most likely dependent on what they see their parents doing. It has been found that children mostly will try to mimic the habits of their parents, so make sure that you provide guidance to your kid and act as a role model.

At What Age Should You Buy an Electric Toothbrush for a Child?

Note that you can make your child use an electric toothbrush after he or she becomes two years old. Also, it’s important to understand that parents’ guidance is very significant during the use of an electric toothbrush. The fact you need to understand is that compelling your child to adopt a different method of brushing or use an electric toothbrush is not going to help improve your child’s habits. You should ensure that you never force your child. As soon as your child becomes interested in an electric toothbrush, (probably after seeing the parents using it), you can bring one for your child.

What to Look for When Buying a Kids’ Electric Toothbrush

So, here are some important things you should consider when buying a kid’s electric toothbrush.

  • #1 Size of brush

When looking for a toothbrush for your child, ensure that you choose the size carefully; otherwise, if the size is too big for your child’s mouth, it will not support efficient cleaning. Also, choose the design taking into account the comfort level of your child.

  • #2 Bristle

There is no doubt that the quality of bristles is an important factor to decide which toothbrush you should choose. It is always advisable never to make use of worn-down bristles because this can really cause many dental problems.

  • #3 Design That Children Love

Make sure that when you choose an electric toothbrush, its design should be impressive; you can ask your child about his or her favorite character.

  • #4 Additional Features

Most of the electric toothbrushes come with some additional features that children will really love, hence making their brushing experience more enjoyable.  These additional features may include compatible apps and timers.


So, we have reached the end of this article. We hope that you found this article quite insightful and useful. Of course, you can choose one of these top 5 amazing electric toothbrushes for your child.

We have done enough research and listed out these products based on customer feedback.

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