With an immense variety of baby shower gifts available in the market, finding out the best one can be sometimes overwhelming. In addition to that, if you are looking for a unique gift to bring a smile to the future mom’s face, then you will find this article very useful.

You will find baby shower gifts having different uses, designs as well as colours. So, through this article, we will list out some of the most fantastic baby shower gifts that will light up the party. Not only that, we are going to provide you with some of the most incredible gifts to help you find out the right gift for the mom-to-be. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

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Do’s & Don’ts When Choosing Baby Shower Gifts

In this section, we “ll throw light on some of the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to choosing the best baby shower gifts. No doubt, knowing them will benefit you in choosing the most appropriate gift for the new mom.

  •  #1 You Should Not Get Deviated From the Baby Registry

We recommend that before you deviate from the baby registry, it’s important to understand that online or offline stores take a lot of time in listing out the best products that new moms and dads will need to welcome the newborn. If you want the future mom to get a useful item for her newborn, then you should pick an item from the baby registry first and then any other gift.

  • #2 Personalisation is Important

You should be aware of the fact that a personalised spoon, baby blanket, etc. will impress the future mom.

  • #3 You Should Always Include the Gift Receipt

While wrapping the gift may not be crucial, but one thing that matters the most is a gift receipt.

Including the gift receipt will ensure that in case, the mom-to-be wants to exchange or even return the gift, it will be easier for her to do so.

  • #4 Gift Cards Are Very Useful

We highly recommend giving those handy gift cards to the new mom; this may include gift cards related to services like manicure + babysitting, food delivery services, housemaid, etc.

  • #5 You Should Always Avoid Taking That Huge Gifts to the Hospital

In case you were planning to take those huge cute teddy bears to the hospital, then we advise you don’t do that. Instead, you should keep such gifts for the time when you visit the new parents at home, otherwise carrying those large gifts from the hospital will become a problem for the new parents.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Boy

1. Homegician Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Baseball


Why we love it

This is an amazing baby shower gift that comes with a greeting card so that you can write your heart out for your loved one. Not only is it light in weight, but also very soft. This brand offers the most awesome customer survival. The size is optimal; that’s why this is a wonderful product with great design features. It comes with props to capture those memorable moments.

Keep in mind

Some customers were not happy with the thickness of this blanket.

2. Most Practical Baby Shower Gift: Gerber Baby Boys’ 19-Piece Essentials Gift Set


Why we love it

If you are looking for a gift that the new mom will find really useful for her newborn, then Gerber” s essential gift set will be an excellent choice for you. Firstly, you should be fully assured of the quality of this product as the clothes are made up of 100% cotton. This essential gift set comes with three bibs, four blankets, five bodysuits, five caps, two zip-front sleep n’ play. These bibs have extra absorbency to ensure better durability.

Keep in mind

Note that since the material is thin, this would be suitable for warm temperatures.

3. Cloud b Sleep Sheep Sound Soother


Why we love it

There should be no doubt that this is one of the most adorable gifts ever; Cloud B Sheep will help the newborn to get a good night’s sleep. It offers eight soothing sounds. Many studies have suggested that soothing melodies or music can improve the quality of the music. This product is user-friendly, so the new mom will not have a hard time operating it. Also, the best part is that this plush toy is machine washable.

4. Most Useful Baby Shower Gift: Spasilk 10 Pack Soft Terry Bath Washcloths


Why we love it

If you are planning to gift a product that will save the new mom’s time for buying essential products, then this bath towel set should be an excellent choice for you. It will make bath time an amazing experience for the newborn. These hooded towels are machine washable. One of the most awesome things about these towels is that they come in vibrant colours and impressive designs. You will find these designs very adorable.

Keep in mind

Note that this product is only suitable for newborns, not for older babies.

5. Best Unisex Baby Shower Gifts: Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle


Why we love it

No doubt, this is the most useful baby shower gift ever. Playtex baby bottles are not any “usual or ordinary product”, it comes with an anti-colic vent which can be very beneficial to help babies who suffer from fussiness or face spit-up problems. The ergonomic design makes this baby bottle very easy to use. The nipple is made up of silicone, and this can be quite helpful to ensure natural latching.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Girl

1. Little Me Infant Socks & Baby Girl Socks


Why we love it

Little Me’s infant socks excel in proving that immense comfort and cosy feel to the newborn during wintertime. Stay in style with these unique, cute and impressive designs that will help in providing care to the small feet of the child. With a perfect fitting, these socks made up of blend cotton can be an ideal baby shower gift. Also, these socks are made out of elastic material. This product provides a perfect blend of softness and premium quality.

Keep in mind

It’s very important to note here that the set includes 12 socks of size 0-12 months and the other 12 socks for children of age 12-24 months.

2. QUBO Newborn Floral Receiving Blankets Newborn Baby Swaddling 3 Pack


Why we love it

BQUBO’s Newborn blankets are super cute, and we are sure that the new mom will fall in love with this product. Not to forget that quality matters a lot when it comes to choosing any gift for a newborn, this wraparound blanket is not only skin-friendly but also breathable. The most awesome baby shower gift, the floral designs are so beautiful. Your baby girl is going to fall in love with the colourful designs; she will look like a cute princess wrapped in this blanket.

It does not include any zippers to ensure the safety of the child. It is made up of superior quality cotton to make sure the baby feels comfy and cosy.

Keep in mind

According to some customers, they found that hat was a little tight for a two to three months old baby.

3. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel


Why we love it

Hudson’s baby hooded towel is made up of 100% cotton, and is an imported product; the new mom is surely going to love the Unicorn design. There are a variety of designs you can choose from.

Comfort should be our first priority when choosing a baby product and Hudson’s excels in offering the best quality, comfort and softness to the child’s delicate skin. It’s worth mentioning here that this hooded towel is machine washable.

Keep in mind

A few customers reviewed that they wanted the towel to be thicker.

4. Spasilk 23-Piece Essential Baby Layette Set


Why we love it

What more a new mom desires on her baby shower, such a useful and cute gift for her child, you should definitely go for it. The set includes three pairs of mittens, five hats, four blankets, three burp cloths, bodysuits, etc. It is available in a variety of colours and designs. We all are aware of the fact no matter what baby clothes are an amazingly useful item to give to a new mom. The new mom will surely thank you for reducing her work of going to the market to find the right baby clothes.

Keep in mind

Note that you may find the sleeper’s material quite thick, so it would be suitable for colder weather only.

5. Emma Baby Newborn Girls Clothes Baby Romper Outfit Pants Set


Why we love it

These are the cutest pair of clothes for baby girls, very soft and Emmababy’s clothes are suitable for a gentle wash.

It comes along with a cute hat, best for kids of age from 0 to 24 months. These clothes don’t cause any skin irritation to kids.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Twins

1. Milk Drinking Buddies Twin Set Unisex Newborn Baby Soft 100% Cotton Bibs


Why we love it

If you are looking for a product that has a gender-neutral design, then these newborn baby-soft cotton bibs will be a very impressive choice. It would not be wrong if we say that these bibs are designed to be durable. Also, these bibs will not cause a headache to the new mom when it comes to cleaning them thoroughly (these bibs can be cleaned conveniently). Made out of 100% cotton, these bibs are a perfect gift for twins. These bibs are soft, and also, the brand ensures that you don’t face any fading issues after use. You can choose out of 4 colours.

Keep in mind

Even though the customers were happy with the quality of the bibs, a few customers did not like the logo (skull with crossbones) present on the back of the bib.

2. BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller


Why we love it

Are you or your close friend expecting twins? Then, Bob’s jogging stroller is a must-have product for you. Whether its durability or comfort, this jogging stroller will not fail to please you.

One of the most excellent features of this product that makes it worth buying is its extra space which includes a big cargo basket, along with that you’ll get ten extra large storage pockets. In addition to the above features, this jogging stroller features a “Ready Travel System”, so you don’t face any issues regarding compatibility with any kind of car seat.

Keep in mind

Note that you will be required to buy a Bob Baby Car seat adapter so as to carry this stroller in your car while travelling.

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3. Kute’ n’ Koo Premium Fleece Twins Baby Monthly Milestone Baby Blanket


Why we love it

This is a unique baby shower gift, and we highly recommend this if you were looking for a product that the mother-to-be will cherish for years to come. To put forward simply, this is a baby milestone blanket that can allow the new mom to keep the photos of the incredible first year of her newborn’s life. Plus, you are deemed to fall in love with the softness of this adorable blanket.

It can be machine washed with ease. Since this is a product by a family brand, so you should feel free to contact them if you have any doubts, they’ll personally reply to you. You can use it not only as a baby blanket but also as a diaper. Also, the blanket design looks too cute. Your baby will really love the floral pattern.

keep in mind

Note that the product does not come with a ring to circle the month.

4. “Twin to Twin” Hardcover Picture Book By Margaret O’Hair


Why we love it

This adorable book takes you through the daily life of a pair of twins; if you are expecting twins then, you should not think much as your babies are going to get thrilled with this beautiful book.

The rhyming is simple, and your twins will grasp them soon. “Twin To Twin” can be a perfect baby book for mothers who are looking forward to enjoying that special relaxing time with their twins during bedtime. This book features a boy/girl (twins); you are going to love the artwork.

Keep in mind

According to a few customers, they found the book quite simple.

5. Angel Dear Cuddle Twin Set


Why we love it

Cuddle twins should be an excellent option for newborn twins.

The softness is amazing, children usually get attached to this quality blanket with a head.

Keep in mind

According to some customers, they found that the hanging strings were a little loose.

6. We Are Twins-Baby and Toddler Twin Gift Set


Why we love it

A gender-neutral gift that will win your toddlers hearts.

The illustrations are wonderful plus there is a pinch of humour added to highlight the life of twins.

Keep in mind

Some of the customers were dissatisfied with the packaging.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

1. Best Unique Baby Shower Gift: Funny Pregnant Mom-to-Be Mug


Why we love it

This is an absolutely hilarious cup, looks so cute, the new mom will love the creativity of this mug.

One can comfortably hold it; the design is also impressive.

Keep in mind

A few customers were doubtful whether this item is office-appropriate.

2. Best Cheap Baby Shower Gifts: VonHaus My First Year Baby Photo Frame


Why we love it

This is a beautiful yet simplistic baby frame that you will find very adorable. Since this baby frame features an aluminium design, you should be assured of the durability of this photo frame.

Keep in mind

Some customers were not quite happy with their overall quality.

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3. Best Baby Shower Gifts for Best Friend: Playtex Diaper Genie Baby Registry Set


Why we love it

This diaper pail is a well-designed product which the new mom will find very thoughtful of you to give her such an amazing product. Genie diapers are antimicrobial and are designed in such a manner to block odours.

4. Amazon.com Gift Card in a Gift Bag


Why we love it

No matter what the new mom will definitely find these Amazon’s premium gift cards quite useful.

If you are quite doubtful of whether your friend the new mom will love the gift you choose for her, then you should not think much and give her this gift card that comes along with a beautiful gift bag.

Keep in mind

A few customers reviewed that they found the gift baby quite small.

5. 6 Mommy’s First Milestone Stickers or Wine Labels


Why we love it

Do you want to give the mother-to-be a gift that makes her laugh out loud, then Mommy’s milestone stickers will light up the party (she is surely going to love it). The guests will definitely enjoy the funny phrases. These amazing stickers are not only durable but also waterproof. This brand offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Keep in mind

If you are planning to buy this gift, make sure that the new mom drinks wine.


So, now you are pretty aware of the dos and don’ts while finding the perfect baby shower gift for the future mom. We hope our tips will help you a lot. Of course, you can choose more or more gifts from our list of best gifts for a baby boy, baby girl or new mom. It’s worth mentioning here that we have done enough research and listed out these items based on customer feedback or reviews. So, we would like to end on a note that if you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article, please feel free to write them down in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more such informative articles.

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