If you want to keep your baby engaged in a positive direction, then you are in the right place.

We all know how difficult it is for parents to handle their babies while they are on a phone call or doing any important work. That’s why having the best baby play mat for your newborn can help a lot.

Baby mats come in interactive colors and designs so that your little one can enjoy and chill while you are preparing dinner.

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What Is The Best Baby Play Mat and Activity Gyms For Babies/Infants/Toddlers?

1. Best Play Mats for Kids Playroom: Haute Baby Care Mat


Why do we love it?

It comes with sufficient cushioning, so you don’t need to worry about the little one playing on it. We all know how delicate your baby’s legs and hands are, so innovative cushioning is one of the best top features of this playmat.

Keep in Mind

You need to keep in mind that regular cleaning of this playmat is necessary. You can use baby wipes or disinfectant wipes to clean it. Alternatively, use water and a paper towel for cleaning.

What Other Moms say

I am delighted with the overall quality of this product. It’s a wonderful baby mat, and it’s worth buying. It is very comfortable and comes in vibrant colors. It is the best play mat gym for babies -Julia.

Additional Specs

  • Chemical Free and 100% recyclable
  • Waterproof
  • Very hygienic, protection from harmful germs
  • Comes with an Anti-Slippery Surface


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2. Best Baby Gyms & Playmats for Newborn: Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Gym Mat


Why do we love it?

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Gym Mat is a supersoft, thick mat for your newborn. It comes with interactive, colorful designs, and has five play modes as your baby grows. It is perfect for tummy time; children love to play with its hanging toys. It is the best nontoxic baby play mat for your newborn.

Keep in Mind

This gym mat is slightly small for your baby’s tummy time.

What Other Moms say

My son loves this product. I highly recommend this baby mat for your newborn. He enjoys playing with the beautiful hanging toys. It is the best baby play mat – Megan

Additional Specs

  • 5 Repositionable toys
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 5 Light up keys

3. Best Washable Baby Gyms & Playmats: Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Gym Mat


Why do we love it?

With engaging prints and beautiful designs, your baby will fall in love with this best baby play mat for gym. It will help in stimulating sight, hearing, and touch the senses of your baby. Also, it is beneficial for developing motor skills. Customers say that it is the best play mat baby.

Keep in Mind

Note that this product is costly. Some customers have reported that the clasps of the danglings toys get crooked.

What Other Moms say

My baby loves to play with the hanging toys, and overall, the playmat is so cute. My daughter finds it very interesting; overall, we are delighted with its quality. I must say it is the best baby play mat gym.

Additional Specs

  • 8 Classical melodies
  • Detachable star features
  • Machine washable

4. Best Baby Foam Play Mat: Tadpoles Soft Playmat Set


Why do we love it?

Made out of 100% finest quality non-toxic EVA Foam, this playmat is soft, safe, and durable. The bright colors and letters have the uncanny ability to enhance your child’s imagination and creativity. This play mat is light in weight, therefore easy to tag along everywhere.

Keep in Mind

Note that it may not fold easily.

What Other Moms say

The quality of this baby mat is great, and I love this one for my baby.It is the best baby play mat for tummy time.- Rachel

Additional Specs

  • 100% EVA Foam
  • Non-Toxic
  • Easy to clean

5. Best Non Toxic Baby Play Mat: Bammax Play Mat


Why do we love it?

This best baby foam play mat is a highly interactive play mat that helps to foster creativity and imagination in your newborn. It comes with interactive designs. This is a non-toxic playmat.

Keep in Mind

This playmat is slight;y complex to assemble.

What Other Moms say

Bought this for my baby, I am pleased with the quality of this baby mat. I’ll highly recommend this, it’s an excellent product. Overall, it is the best baby play mat for a newborn.- Julia

Additional Specs

  • Multipurpose crawling playmat.
  • Machine washable

6. Best Baby Water Play Mat: Inflatable Tummy Time Infant Mat


Why do we love it?

Stimulate your child’s growth, while keeping your child entertained. This tummy table playmat is worth a buy. It comes with an inflatable and comfortable design where your child loves to play for hours.

Keep in Mind

It has a strong plastic-like smell which sometimes can be annoying.

What Other Moms say

My baby boy is obsessed with this playmat, it is supersoft and has many toys to keep him engaged. -Sasha

Additional Specs

  • Stunning eye-catching graphics
  • Build-to-last
  • Easily Inflatable

Baby Play Mat vs. Activity Gym

We all know little babies are so adorable, and when they are provided with some fun stuff, they learn a lot, and that is when your newborn begins to grow.

Play mats are very soft floor mats or coverings that are made up of foam. These playmats provide a comfortable and smooth surface for your baby to play on. Playmats can be quite expensive, so make sure that the playmat you buy is highly durable and flexible.

Usually, activity gyms are cheaper than play mats but note that playmats are more long-lasting. Activity gyms come with hanging toys, and these are smaller mats.

What to Look for When Buying a Baby Play Mat

Here are a few factors to look-in when purchasing a baby mat, let’s check out:-


See, it’s essential to make sure that the playmat is soft and comes with enough cushioning so that babies find it comfortable as they have susceptible skin.


The playmat should be durable enough to resist when your baby crawls, and also it should be suitable to be used in different surroundings.


See, your naughty little ones will create a lot of mess as they crawl around, so if your playmat is washable, then it will help to protect the actual floor underneath.

Choosing The Right One for You

You need to be assured that these best baby play mats will help to keep your baby engrossed. It helps in the overall development -motor skills and sensory development of your child.

Also, here is an excellent tip for you. Remember always to check that the toy arches are rigid enough. When your newborn grows up a little, you may remove these toy arches. Your baby will enjoy playing on the playmat.

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