Getting your kid into biking is easy, but ensuring their safety is demanding. Then, you can’t be vigilant constantly. You want to buy her a super protective helmet so that she can enjoy her growth without any fears of brain damage.

Kids’ bike helmets are available in a diverse variety, but the right information is not much available. However, if your child wants to go bike riding, nothing should stop her from stepping into this amazing learning opportunity.

We have got your back! Have a look at this well-crafted guide on the best bike helmets for kids to find the right biking support for your kid.

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8 Best Kids Bike Helmets of 2021 Reviews

1. Best Kids Bike Helmet for Ventilation: Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet 

Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet

There are two traits that parents look for in a kids’ bike helmet above all others: shock-absorbing ability and comfort level. The Razor V-17 delivers on both fronts.  

Why we like it:

Helmets can’t be more comfortable when 17 ventilation brings you breezes from all around. With plenty of air coming from each direction, the rider will feel as if he is flying, especially on hot days.

Then, Ergonomic paddings that can absorb heavy shocks and easy-to-buckle-off straps add more value to its comfort quotient.

Children can use it for biking, cycling, skating, and more.

Keep in Mind:

It’s recommended for ages 5-8 years.

What Other Moms Say:

“Cute helmet, easy to adjust. Fits my 7 year old with room to adjust as she grows.”

Miss Heaven

2. Best Bike Helmet for Toddlers: Giro Youth Scamp Bike Helmet 

Giro Youth Scamp Bike Helmet

This Giro article is one of the best bike helmets for kids as young as one year of age. Actually, it’s for kids whose parents are always finding the best suitable helmet that they can trust for their toddler’s biking needs.

Why we like it:

Polycarbonate construction means it’s sturdy. In-mold construction means it’s lightweight, and reviews say it’s incredibly light.

Then, there is the luxury of EPS liner and enough ventilation to provide just the right amount of comfort to your little champ. Because the Giro fits even the smallest noggins and is CPSC certified, your little explorer has found just the safest support.

Keep in Mind:

The number of vents is only 8.

What Other Moms Say:

This helmet is super cute, but more importantly it is solidly made. I bought this for my daughter who is two.

Chanel Keys

3. Best Affordable Bike Helmet for Kids: Nutcase Baby Nutty Helmet

Nutcase Baby Nutty Helmet

With this NUTCASE helmet, now is the chance that you can easily arrange for your child safe bike riding. Its innovative fit adjustment system is an added plus. The best part is: All of this comes at an affordable price.

Why we like it:

The best thing about this kid’s helmet is its strong shell build. Normally, inexpensive helmets don’t bring the level of comfort and safety that this super handsome kid bike helmet brings to you.

Your kiddo will actually be safe wearing it on the trail, thanks to its comfortable EPS paddings that replicate the adult safety provisions. After all, it’s got CPSC Certification.

11 vents will bring enough air to keep her cool in the summer adventures. Then, it’s perfectly designed to be light without compromising protection.

Keep in Mind:

It’s not available in many colors.

What Other Moms Say:

This one fits perfectly!! Love the magnetic assist chin clip too, it’s an added bonus.

Mrs. Corvus

4. Best Durable Bike Helmet for Kids: Joovy Noodle Helmet

Joovy Noodle Helmet

One of the best riding helmets for kids as its durability factors beats the competition by a long distance. The biggest highlights are pinch guard chin strap and nylon straps that are soft to delicate skins and go long to complement its durability profile.  

Why we like it:

What’s more? The safety quotient of this helmet is also extra versatile. There’s an extended visor that gives you added protection against air particles and protects your eyes.

Then, this is also one of the best bike helmets for kids for its perfect ventilation. There are a total of 14 air vents with bug mesh in the front vents to allow easy air-crossing.

Then, it’s so easy to adjust thanks to its innovative dial. Lastly, it’s reliably safe as well; it holds the US CPSC certification.

Keep in Mind:

Available only in medium and small sizes.

What Other Moms Say:

Look no further! This is the best bike helmet out there. Solidly built, well-made, quality materials.

Cathy Preston

5. Best Multi-colored Bike Helmet for Kids: Schwinn Kids Bike Helmet

Schwinn Kids Bike Helmet

SCHWINN presents before you one of the best bike helmets for kids. Enjoy the torrent of colors along with zero compromises on the protection and comfort equation.

Why we like it:

It brings you well-ventilated head surroundings, eye protection using an extended visor, a 360 comfort thanks to its dial’s super flexible fitting adjustment.

The best part is that its design is still compact despite providing easy custom fitting thanks to its full range of paddings. Then, it’s got a lower molded shell combined with lightweight carrying, so it’s especially recommended for cycling.

Keep in Mind:

Fits riders only between ages 0-3 years.

What Other Moms Say:

First of all, I LOVE this helmet…it is absolutely adorable!…

Miss Emily

6. Best Bicycle Helmet for Kids: Marvel Avengers Theme Superhero Helmets

Marvel Avengers Superhero Helmets

Marvel Avengers is a favorite among kids. They will love to replicate its superhero. This kids’ helmet is going to be the best treatment for their next birthday.

Why we like it:

For safety and comfort? Don’t worry at all. It’s absolutely safe; both ASTM and U.S. CPSC certified for bicycling.

Then it’s easy to adjust, absorbs heavy shocks, uses quality materials like EPS, etc.  

The best part is, your child can use it for bike riding as well. Remember, it’s cute but not cheap. This is consummate quality.

Keep in Mind:

Recommended for kids of age 5 and older.

What Other Moms Say:

This helmet fits my almost 5 year old very well. He fell off his bike the other day and it helped protect his head and face.

Simi Randhawa

7. Multi-use Helmet for Kids: Mutant Ninja Theme Bell Teenage Turtles 3D Bike Helmets

Bell Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Bike Helmets

Another themed helmet for kids. Another nostalgic design, exciting colors, and top-notch build for safety, this time with Ninja spices.

Why we like it:

One of the best kids’ bicycle helmets that your little explorers will love to wear while cycling, biking, and skateboarding.  You get affordability, durability, light-weight carrying, and what not? It’s got everything.

Its aerodynamic cooling vents will make sure your child’s cycling experience doesn’t get hectic even on hot summer days.

Again, it is U.S. CPSC certified for cycling and ASTM certified for skateboarding.

Keep in Mind:

Only recommended for children of age 5 and older.

What Other Moms Say:

My son is obsessed with the turtles and this made his day, looks cool and even though its quite expensive its very unique, get what you pay for

Mrs. Gibbs

8. Best Kids Bike Helmet for Girls: Disney Princess Bike Helmets

Disney Princess Bike Helmets

This is another top-notch bike helmet for kids, especially for girls who crave to replicate such girlish themes in their accessories. Then it provides a true fit, designed to adjust properly to girls’ heads while allowing them an easy, comfortable ride.

Why we like it:

This Disney-themed helmet is easy to adjust: just one step and she will be ready to cruise the terrains. On her way, 12 air vents will provide cool puffs of cool air constantly to keep her energized.

To add to its safety equation, there are high-impact reflectors. They enhance her visibility across multiple angles so that she can ride carefully, allowing herself a wider vision.

With U. S. CPSC certification, parents can trust with a blind eye. Then, this helmet has got amazing customer feedback for its performance, especially on bumpy tracks.

Keep in Mind:

It fits head sizes only in the range of 50-54 cm.

What Other Moms Say:

This helmet fits well and is well made. The crown portion is a softish plastic that allows for some bumping and movement without braking

Navida Bhatia

What to Look for When Purchasing bike helmets for kids?

Following are the key things that you need to look out for in the best kids’ bike helmet.

  • Right Size

Age doesn’t define the right helmet size for your kid. You have to measure her head and then find the nearest size.

First, measure her head’s circumference just above the ears. To save some come costs in the future, pick a suitable size for your child’s growing head.  To do that, adjust a dial in the helmet and then pick it if it fits (though a bit tight) on her head.

  • Right Fitting

You don’t want to strap on a helmet too tight, neither it should be too loose. To test the fit, simply wear it and then shake your head vigorously. If it stays intact and doesn’t feel awkward, way to go!

  • Perfect Ventilation

Fun is impossible without proper ventilation.  You don’t want odor. You don’t want it sweaty all around and you can’t risk overheating as well. And there is no reliable way to get proper air-crossing through a helmet but to find a rightly engineered one.


1. What is MIPS and EPS?

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.

It’s a type of Brain Protection System (BPS) — the purpose behind its enacting is to ensure helmets are secure enough to provide shelter against impacts on the brain. This system is placed between comfort paddings inside a helmet.  

Whereas EPS is a top-quality foamy material. It is used in helmet paddings to absorb the energy torrents erupting out of crashes.

2. In-Mold VS Hard-shell

  • In-Mold Helmets

T use relatively thin outer shells.  The material they use for shock-absorbing is Polycarbonate and EPS core. When an impact happens, the storm of energy is neutralized by EPS’ deformation.   

  • Hard-Shell Helmets

They have plastic shells that are solid, tough, and shockproof. These shells extend to the entire helmet outer body. They are made of Polypropylene and ABS.

3. CPSC VS ASTM Certification


The manufacturer guarantees that this product for children’s use complies with all the safety rules and standards that are imperative under the law.


This is a privately supervised standardization for a wide range of products. Its standards are respected worldwide.  

4. When to replace bike helmets?

Typically, regular users tend to change an “undamaged” helmet every 3 years. The reason is, with time, its foam degrades. So, it no more provides effective immunity against hard impacts.

Some experts also argue that if your helmet is not damaged, you don’t need to change it even after 3 years are passed. But, if it’s damaged or dropped hard, replace it at once.

5. Is it safe to buy used bike helmets for kids?

No doubt, you can save costs by buying a used helmet. But it is not safe!

All the purpose of a helmet is safety, and a worn helmet will most probably be a WORN OUT HELMET.

Paddings need a lot of care, and with time they lose their effectiveness. Used helmets’ often have this paddings issue. So, it’s always recommended that you go for a new one. A used one is least supposed to be the best kids bike helmet for your kid’s safety.


When looking for the perfect bike or cycling helmet for your kid, you should prefer a healthy mix of two factors: Physical safety and Level of ease.

Make sure you don’t compromise on quality in exchange for some lurid designs. Plus, don’t forget to double-check that the helmet you are going to buy is safety certified.

Each helmet on our list stacks up against its competitors with some unique offers. You will definitely find the best bike helmets for kids.

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