No doubt dirt biking is huge fun for kids, but it’s risky as well. Sometimes, dangerous! A dirt bike accident can lead to severe head injuries, memory loss, and bone fractures. That’s why it’s necessary to arrange the proper safety gear before your kid jumps into this exciting sport of dirt biking.

A befitting dirt bike helmet is the top of the list item here. It not only prevents your child from getting serious injuries but also gives you and your child perfect peace of mind before she dives into the learning playground of dirt biking.

The following list of 8 best helmets for kids is diverse enough to provide the most fitting helmet even for the most unwilling kids.

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8 Best Kids Dirt Bike Helmets of 2022 Reviews

1. Best Kids Dirt Bike Helmet Complete Package: TCMT Motocross Offroad Street Helmet

TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet

TCMT offers great products that are way ahead in quality, durability, and popularity among youth. This time, the package contains 4 exciting items that make it a full-fledged deal for excited kids.  

Why we like it:

The best thing about this helmet is: it combines durability and light-weight without any compromise on its brilliant shock absorbing abilities. Its heavy-duty paddings provide solid protection as they are capable of absorbing torrents of energy. That means your child is going to enjoy a breezy ride even on bumpy trails.

Then, for every size, it provides some extra space so that it doesn’t fit too tight on your child’s head. You will also like its ventilation system and UV protective finish; which is of real benefit, especially in summers.

Keep in Mind:

This helmet may not suit kids who have smaller than normal heads.

What Other Moms Say:

Very nice. Little big but she will grow into it

Annabel Healy

2. Best Affordable Dirt Bike Helmet for Kids: WOW BMX MX ATV

WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

This is a cheap kids’ dirt bike helmet! When I say cheap, I mean this is a truly inexpensive dirt helmet for kids. Even that the price is cheaper, it still offers the specifications that mark zero compromises on safety and comfort to your kids.

Why we like it:

There are many other advantages of this product as well. Thanks to its compact design, your head won’t feel like bearing the darker side of a cheaper helmet all the time: Instead, it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

Plus, it’s significantly durable. Its alloy-made shell heralds it’s not going to break even after years of use. The exciting colors make it even more nostalgic for kids. They will love to receive it as their upcoming birthday gift.

Comfortable paddings, glossy look, elegant finish, you are not going to cut a bad deal!

Keep in Mind:

You may damage this helmet’s appearance if you try to abrade its surface.

What Other Moms Say:

Actually fits my 5 year old with a little head. Worth the buy

Alyssa Schutt

3. Best Colorful Dirt Bike Helmet for Kids: GLX GX623 ATV Off-Road Motocross Helmet

GLX Unisex-Child GX623 DOT Kids Youth ATV Off-Road Dirt Bike Motocross Helmet

When spring arrives, the thirst for colors also intensifies. This time, GLX has brought before you such a youthful potpourri of colors that you just can’t ignore.  The accessories that come in the package are icing on the cake.

Why we like it:

The Helmets are available in a wide range of colors. Your kid will have flexible options to choose her favorite one with matching gloves. No doubt the design and colors are heavily focused on this helmet, you can still be sure of its perfect durability and protection abilities.

In fact, you get an innovative mouth guard for extra protection. Being intelligently designed and ventilated, it also protects your eyes from dust and air puffs.

Being light in weight, it’s easy on the head. Then, it’s easy to adjust, and quick to unbuckle. You will also love the material stuff of gloves.

Keep in Mind:

Maybe the gloves will be a bit loose on younger kids.  

What Other Moms Say:

My daughter absolutely loves it. Very comfortable fit and does not feel heavy on her head and she loves the color!!

Tayla Wearham

4. Best Dirt Helmet for Kids’ Safety: ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet

ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle BMX

On the best kids’ helmet, ILM Motocross is a hybrid of a tough outer shell, an in-molded inner shell, and soft inner sensations. Though it’s one of the heavier helmets on the list, it’s matchlessly safe and protective as well.  

Why we like it:

ILM teams up with quality ABS shell to triple down on your child’s brain protection: Yes, it’s DOT approved.

Then, you get multiple air vents, detachable and immensely shock-absorbing paddings, highly adjustable view, sturdy easy-to-use buckle, and what not?  

With soft-feel gloves and UV-resistant goggles, the experience will bring a myriad of joyous moments for your kid.

Keep in Mind:

You don’t get a bag in this package.

What Other Moms Say:

Very comfortable feel and not too heavy even though the helmet has an incredibly strong exterior shell.

Miss Tania

5. Best Comfortable Dirt Bike Helmet for Kids: YEMA YM-211 Motorbike Youth Kids Helmet

YEMA Kids Helmet

The new YEMA motocross dirt bike helmet showcases some brilliant features for youth. Its biggest highlight is its innovative ABS Shell which is really tough.  

Why we like it:

Its stuffy pads and cushioned interior offer a comfortable fit along with significant weight savings as compared to other adult kids’ helmets. It employs only one lever to allow full-fledged front air-venting so your view doesn’t get concealed even a little. Again, it’s also DOT approved. Meets the standards for both genders.

Then, there are EPS impact absorbing capabilities that will save your child’s skull during possible severe hap-hazards.

Go off road, ride in the streets, and wherever you like, it won’t ditch you at all.

Keep in Mind:

It’s a bit overweight for younger kids.

What Other Moms Say:

Comes with a bag, the padding in it is brilliant. It’s better than what I thought it would be

Nicola Perry

6. Best Dirt Bike Helmet for Youth: Typhoon Kids Offroad Gear Combo

Typhoon Youth Kids Offroad Gear Combo Helmet Gloves Goggles

This is one of the best helmets for kids over age 10. Thanks to a compact shell and an over-padded inner, only adult kids are advised to use it as it weighs about 1.6 KGs.

Why we like it:

Typhoon has brought many cool features in a single package: there are goggles, gloves, and a sturdy helmet set. As it’s a DOT-approved helmet, it will surely break your fall if you ever happen to crash haphazardly.

With its easily detachable and washable liner, there will be no odor problem as well.

Keep in Mind:

If you can’t decide between the two sizes, plump for the larger one.  

What Other Moms Say:

Great helmet! Size medium fits well for a normal head size 3 years old kid. The size chart is also accurate

Miss Sophie McGrath

7. Best Racing Dirt Bike Helmet for Kids: Fox Racing 2020 Youth V1 Helmet 

Fox Racing 2020 Youth V1 Helmet

The Fox Racing Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet features awesome racing tech. It has a fluid-inside design that, in case of an accidental crash, allows easy channelization of mammoth energy towards the surroundings of your child’s head.  This way, your child remains safe!

Why we like it:

Racing requires plenty of safety arrangements and this helmet has got your back in this regard.

It uses a brilliant safety system called: Magnetic Visor Release System. In case of a hard impact of possible crashes, its hyper-dense liner absorbs all the shock in it and your child feels the minimum effect. Racing also demands light-weight gear, don’t worry it’s light as well.

Then, you will also like its ventilation and odor removal.

Keep in Mind:

It’s a bit expensive as compared to other dirt bike helmets for kids.

What Other Moms Say:

It was very tight and would not come off easily at all

Mrs. Shaun Smith

8. Best Kids Dirt Bike Helmet for Ventilation: HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Helmet

HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Helmet

For many kids, the first priority with a dirt helmet is Ventilation. There are some top-notch helmets that claim to offer good ventilation, but when it comes to pure vent-class, the CL-XY 2 dirt bike kids’ helmet leads the competition.

Why we like it:

Both construction and inner lining are Okay as far as safety is concerned. After all, it’s a DOT-approved helmet. Being light in weight won’t exert much pressure on your little one.

As far as ventilation is concerned, this is one of the best kids’ helmets in the town.

It’s using the latest ventilation system ACS. The comfort level is going to be a consummate one with its ventilation combined with a plush interior that helps you get away with sweat and smell quickly. Cool puffs of air move through the helmet without inflicting cold to your child’s head or face.

Keep in Mind:

It’s often out of stock, go get your deal ASAP!

What Other Moms Say:

“This helmet is so cool looking and such good quality. I bought it for my 5 year old son and he looks so cool in it!”

Tahlia Gardner

What to Look for When Purchasing Kid’s Dirt Bike Helmet?

  • Construction & Weight

Construction or build is the first thing you want to consider. Plump for a combo of light-weight, soothing helmets with a sturdy outer shell. Prefer Polycarbonate as the material stuff.

  • Air Vents

Without airflow, your child’s head can get overheated no matter how cold it is outside. Make sure the helmet has enough air vents and exhaust ports.

  • Helmet Liner

If you have zero tolerance for sweat and smell, look for removable washable liners.  

  • Safety checklist

If you are an American citizen:

The helmet should have DOT certification – US Department of Transportation (a guarantee for minimum protection level by US govt.)

If you are a European citizen:

The helmet should be ECE22.05 certified.  

There is another certification: 

  • Snell (M2020)

It’s a non-govt. certification. If a helmet has got this, this will be icing on the cake for its safety quotient.


1. What age is a 50cc dirt bike for?

At age 4, kids can safely ride a 50cc dirt bike with training wheels attached. Then At age 5 or 6, they can try it without training wheels and after that, they can gradually start their real dirt bike journey.

2. How do you size a youth dirt bike helmet?

Many parents are curious about the kid’s dirt bike helmet sizing. It’s quite simple!

You can do this by measuring the circumference of your child’s head around her neck between the eyebrows and hairline, right above the ears.  

Tip: make sure the measuring tape is neither too tight nor loose. 

3. Why are dirt bike helmets so colorful?

Simply put: Loud colors save lives. When your child is wandering in the snow layers spread on miles, a brighter-colored helmet allows you to locate her quickly.

4. What is the difference between a dirt bike helmet and a street bike helmet?

Typically, a street helmet is bulkier and heavier. Its ventilation capacity is also less as compared to a dirt bike helmet.

Whereas, these very things are the most crucial aspects of a dirt helmet. It is lighter and has maximum air vents to allow more ventilation. Plus, its eye pot is kept larger in order to house goggles.

5. Is it legal to wear a motocross helmet on the road?

Yes, it is legal as dirt helmets provide added safety. But make sure you wear a helmet that doesn’t conceal your view even a little. Else, it’s dangerous.  


When choosing the best youth dirt bike helmet, don’t forget to prioritize the durability scale of the helmet. With the advent of the latest tech, a tough-built helmet with high quality is more than possible at affordable rates.

Make sure you don’t get into the trap of purchasing so-called better construction material at higher prices.

While crafting our list of the best kids’ dirt bike helmets, we have made sure that we pick the helmets that justify their prices. You can pick any of these that is closer to your heart.

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