Skiing is challenging as it’s one of the most injury-prone sports for kids. A reliable estimate says, more than 20% of all skiing injuries are to the head including severe ones like loss of consciousness.

That’s why it’s very important that you make sure the safety of your child will be intact during her ski challenges. A ski helmet is the best way to protect your kid’s developing brain in case she happens to crash while cruising down to icy slopes.

Read the following guide on the best kids ski helmets to learn more about safety guidelines and the best ski helmet picks to pick for your child.

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8 Best Kids Ski Helmets of 2021 Reviews

1. Best Ski Google/Helmet Combo for Kids: Smith Youth Zoom Jr/Gambler Snow Helmet & Goggle Combo

Smith Youth Zoom Jr/Gambler Snow Helmet & Goggle Combo

No doubt Smith never fails to surprise with the quality of its product-build but this time the goggle/helmet combo is none less than a bomber addition.

Why we like it:

With this smith kids ski helmet, now you can bring in use top-built dual-slide straps and anti-allergic face foam for Goggles.

What makes it the best ski helmet for kids is that it includes an automatic system (DFS2) which makes it a breeze to fit it in any possible orientation that you like within a second. You will also love the perfect airflow based on the latest tech. Plus it’s amazingly soft on the neck thanks to a lightweight yet sturdy shell construction. 

Keep in Mind:

Prefer leather gloves with this helmet as its surface is a bit slippery.

What Other Moms Say:

Exactly as described. The seller also gave us a complimentary shipping discount.

Miss Blaire

2. Best Kids Ski Helmet for Ideal Fitting: Giro Launch Youth Snow Helmet

Giro Launch Youth Snow Helmet

Giro is a widely trusted helmet manufacturing brand and this product also speaks loud of its stronghold over the quality realms. Its in-form fitting system allows quick custom fitting in no time.

Why we like it:  

It has a feature named Vertical Tuning. It allows different goggles and head shapes for a custom fit without causing any awkward gap between the goggles and the helmet.

What’s more? It’s also one of the most comfortable and safe ski helmets thanks to its dead hard shell combined with a soft rich inner padding.

Then, it features CE EN1080 compliant styling that means its design is widely approved by kids. With consummate ventilation and seamless compatibility with Giro goggles – this Giro ski helmet for kids really stands out in the competition.

Keep in Mind:

It might not be compatible with every other goggle set out there.

What Other Moms Say:

Safe and unique! I can easily identify my little skier on the slopes, and there are lots of compliments on this helmet

Angela Smith

3. Best Kids Ski Helmet for Safety: Bolle Us Jr Helmet, 49-54Cm 

Bolle Us Jr Helmet, 49-54Cm

Bolle’s new hyper-safe ski helmet provides no-fuss, no-muss protection thanks to its in-mold construction and Bolle’s trusted technology. It features lots of soft padding and an incredibly light yet strong shell that offers some real damage control.

Why we like it:  

Bolle kids ski helmet combines the hypoallergenic padding stuff with the removable ear pads that means there’s going to be an easy-peasy ski adventure for your little explorer.

With new and improved in-mold shell quality, the resulting helmet is significantly lightweight. Plus, its easy-to-use straps for both googles and chin make sure your kid can keep her focus intact.

Lastly, you also get a handsome travel bag to comfortably carry this helmet all around.

Keep in Mind:

This helmet is often limited in stock. Make sure you clinch your deal ASAP.

What Other Moms Say:

Perfect for my 4yr old son, adjusts well, using for sledding, ice skating and snowboarding.

Jenna Erasmus

4. Best Affordable Ski Helmet for Kids: OutdoorMaster KELVIN Ski Helmet 

OutdoorMaster KELVIN Ski Helmet

Top to bottom in their kids ski helmet lineup, OutdoorMaster just gets it. This helmet is a prodigy in smart design. Your kid will have a tension-free learning opportunity by avoiding the bulky and off-putting mushroom that often comes with cheap helmets. And, you get all of this at an affordable price.

Why we like it:  

NO more earmuffs, NO beanie! This ski helmet comes with a removable fleece lining and ear pads that mean NO compromise on comfort despite being an amazingly inexpensive helmet.

The icing on the cake: Your child will stay warm without getting herself overheated as there are 14 air vents to keep the airflow intact. Plus, its usability is just love. Guess what? Your child can easily wash the stuff like lining and ear pads on her way to a long skiing day.  

Keep in Mind:

Its earpads might not provide full cover to large ears.  

What Other Moms Say:

Super comfy helmet with a warm padding especially the ear pads, they are just love.”

Mrs. Peterson

5. Best Kids Ski Race Helmet: Anon Ski/Snowboard Helmet/Goggle Combo with BOA Fit System

Anon Kids' Define Ski/Snowboard Helmet/Goggle Combo

Racing Kids love variety in their accessories and this helmet features a lot of exciting stuff that will make them feel empowered and blessed. Plus, its matte finish does all the work for aesthetics.

Why we like it:  

Racing kids need to minimize distractions as much as possible. This Kids Ski Racing helmet is the ultimate solution for their problems with safety & focus in Ski racing. Its fidlock has a quick and safe buckle that kids can use one-handed even with their gloves on. No slipping, No lose gripping!  

Then for warmth and comfort against the cool winds, there are classic fleece liner and ear pads. As this is a goggle/helmet combo, you can wear prescription glasses underneath. That means no chance for them to detach and get lost.  

Keep in Mind:

It takes a bit more time to get adjusted around your head.

What Other Moms Say:

Love the integrated helmet goggle design- no more worrying about lost ski goggles. Adjustable, stylish and great price

Abella Swann

6. Best All-Weather Ski Helmet for Kids: Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet w/Goggles

Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet w/Goggles

The Spire comes with apex brand authority as this is the same brand that supplies helmets to the US Ski Team. It’s safe: ASTM certified. It comes with superb vision technology with its 57% VLT lens for bear as its biggest highlight.

Why we like it:  

The goggle lens makes it a champion helmet for all conditions i.e. foggy, mild, cloudy, sunny, etc. Icing in the cake: The lens is extremely durable. It’s anti-scratch and anti-fog! The material is also fully UV protected.

There is a feature called semi-mirroring. It allows parents to see the eyes of their young shredders while they are cruising the slopes.

Lastly, you get all the features you expect from a decent helmet i.e.  Perfect safety, ideal ventilation with moisture removing, strong in-mold build, and highly flexible fit.

Keep in Mind:

It’s a bit expensive.  

What Other Moms Say:

Amazing quality and great styling! Awesome value! Came with 2 liners, will last the kid several years! Fits my 3.5 year old perfectly!

Rachel bates

7. Best Lightweight Ski Helmet for Kids: Salomon GROM Visor Helmet

Salomon GROM Visor

With outstanding lens technology, Salomon GROM Visor can be used for both skiing and snowboarding adventures. As it’s made with thick die-cut padding, it’s one of the warmest and the most quickly fitting helmets out there.

Why we like it:  

As it’s designed with MIPS technology, its protection level is epic.  It’s also worth noting that this ski helmet is probably the quickest and easiest to size management.  

Its outer shell is also made of sturdy ABS plastic that means the product life will go long way.  

Warm and soft paddings, quickly detachable straps, high safety, and all of this coming with the massive advantage of easy carrying, we have to say the end product is nothing short of outstanding.

Keep in Mind:

It offers no means of communication.

What Other Moms Say:

“Tried on helmets from all major brands and this fit my head best. I can still hear well without the muffled sound I got in some other helmets. ”

Holly Jensen

8. Best Kids Ski Helmet for Communication: POC Obex Spin Snowboard and Ski Helmet

POC, Obex Spin Snowboard and Ski Helmet

Probably the best ski helmet for long adventures as it provides effective means of robust communication to give your child a refreshing sense of cruising expedition.

Why we like it:  

This is just a perfect ski helmet for lengthy tours on the mountains; A friendly support for extreme snow sports. You can integrate with it the POC AID communication ear pads to keep yourself updated with vital info like snowpack conditions, etc. Plus, you can collaborate with your teammates, and even listen to music.  

With its trademark style silicone padding, the helmet is different from all its competitors. Simply finetune the pads to revitalize them using an internal adjustment mechanism. NO need to change them!

Then, there are temp control and fog control features along with a safe build.

Keep in Mind:

You have to separately buy POC AID for communication.

What Other Moms Say:

“Super comfortable and I like how I can hear really well with the ear pockets and it doesn’t push on my ears.”

Lea Perkins

What Makes A Good Ski/Snowboarding Helmet for Kids?

Here are some things that the best kids ski helmet must have:

  • Strong Shell material

A helmet’s shell (outer part) should be sturdy and light. Materials like Polycarbonate provides the maximum strength to the shell without adding much weight.

  • Soft Padding

This is the stuff that sits in between the shell and your kid’s head. Go for some sort of foamy material like EPS which can absorb possible shocks. Plus, the ear paddings should be detachable.

  • Snug Inner part

This is net-like stuff attached to the inside of the outer shell. It fits snuggly on your kid’s head in order to keep the helmet in place and prevent tilts.

  • Adjustable chin straps

The point here is to make the helmet fit tightly on your kid’s head without causing discomfort.

  • Air Crossing

There should be enough air vents to prevent your kids from possibly sweating lead by overheating.   

  • Goggle compatibility

Goggles help your child minimize the effect of fogging. Make sure her goggles don’t move around while she skies.

  • Bright Color

Lastly, you need to find a bright-colored helmet. Brighter colors will help you locate your child easily in the snow.


1. At what age can a child start to ski?

Your child should be at least 3 years old before taking her first ski experience.

2. What other safety equipment does my kid need for skiing?

You need:

1. Bright-colored clothes.

2. A jacket with small pockets so that she can actively hold the magnetic key to spur the turnstile. 

  • Highly waterproof snow pants
  • Snow overalls with a high back to keep the snow out.
  • Gloves to keep her hands warm and dry
  • Neck warmer to keep the cold wind away from the side of your kid’s neck.

3. Can snowboarding helmets be used for other sports and vice versa?

No, for other sports like cycling and motorbiking, helmets are far different. So it’s advisable that you go for a helmet truly made for a certain sport.  

4. How long do ski helmets last?

It depends on how you use it and where you store your helmet. If you rarely use it and store it in a covered place, it will last amazingly long. However, if you ski regularly, it is likely to get UV damage. So, you will have to replace it every 4th season.

5. How do I size a child’s ski helmet?

Ask your child to take the following steps to size helmet for him:

  1. First measure the circumference of your head keeping the measuring tape 4 cm over the eyebrows.  
  2. Then pick a helmet according to this size and try it on. If it feels snug, then go for a shake test. Else, retake the size.  
  3. For the shake test, wear the helmet and shake your head around. If the helmet stays intact, it’s passed the shake test.
  4. Lastly, double-check if the helmet is not too tight or squeezing your head inwards. Can you put it off easily?  If yes, way to go.  


From our list of best kids ski helmets, you can pick the one which suits your needs the best. None of these helmets holds a bad reputation among ski lovers. They provide standardized safety and durability with peace of mind.

If your kid is wearing a helmet while skiing, you just don’t need to worry about them taking a tumble during their missions. Now, nothing can stop them from cruising the icy terrains.

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