Children are curious creatures; they love to play with various toys, even a flashlight can be a source of entertainment for them. Since there are various flashlights (a large number of brands) available in the market, finding the best one can sometimes be overwhelming. So, for all the busy parents out there who want to concentrate on their work while their child plays happily, you should give a flashlight to your child.

If you are looking for the best flashlight for kids, then you have landed in the right place. Flashlights make your child’s bedtime more enjoyable. Plus, they can also be used while you go family camping. For kids who love to sleep in a tent, having fun flashlights can be exciting.

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Top 10 Best Flashlight for Kids 2021 Reviews

1. Best Headlamp for Kids: Sun Company T-Rex Dinosaur Headlamp for Kids


If your kid is a dinosaur fan, then this T-Rex Dinosaur headlamp is an excellent choice for you. Note that this product has been designed in the USA. The product comes with 3 AAA batteries, and kids can quickly turn it on and off.

Why We Like It

Your child will be amazed at the T-Rex Roar sound (which sounds very naturalistic). Sun Company was established in 1971; they design products with quality and durability as their priority. It is the best kids flashlight for enjoying birthday parties, camping, etc.

Keep in Mind

A few customers felt that if the brightness could be a bit higher, it would have been better.

What Other Moms Say

This is one of the best toy flashlights available in the market. My child has been using it for a long time now, and works pretty well.


2. Best Flashlight Games for kids: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Camping Fun  Lantern


This high-quality kids toy flashlight can serve as a beautiful gift for babies as well as toddlers. This flashlight features multi-color options; it makes the perfect camping lantern. Your child will love the music.

Why We Like It

The product is relatively easy to use; you have to spin the dial to light the way.

Plus, this lantern comes along with a take-along handle. Listening to various songs or phrases will enhance the development of your child.

Keep in Mind

This item is suitable for a particular age group, i.e., between 6 and 36 months.

What Other Moms Say

I recently bought this for my 1-year-old child. He loves playing with this flashlight. It also looks quite adorable. My child feels delighted hearing the cute songs.


3. Best Kids Animal Flashlight: Melissa & Doug Trixie Ladybug Flashlight


Whether you want a flashlight for indoor or outdoor use, this colorful ladybug-shaped flashlight will surely impress your child. It comes with 2 AA batteries.

Why We Like It

The design is charming; the size is appropriate for kids. The best part is that it has an easy-to-grip handle. You can gift this fantastic flashlight to your

Keep in Mind

You should keep in mind that the 2AA batteries are not included with this product.

What Other Moms Say

I am impressed with the adorable design of this ladybug flashlight. My kids love playing with it. No doubt, this is the best small flashlight for small children.


4. Best Kids Toy Flashlight: VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight


VTech Spin is an exciting product that provides more than 50 sing-along songs, sounds, music as well as many fun phrases so that your child can fully enjoy his playtime. The flashlight features three play modes.

Why We Like It

This flashlight comes with many fun features; your child can easily spin the ring to see six different colors. Your child will be able to explore and play while turning the light on and off. It’s worth mentioning here that this is a very indicative toy.

Keep in Mind

Note that this product does not have an option for “light on without sound.”

What Other Moms Say

I highly recommend this flashlight to all the young toddlers’ parents; I must say this is such a fantastic educational toy. It comes with volume controls; overall, I am thrilled with this flashlight’s durability.


5. Best Toddler Flashlight Projector: Light Me To The Moon – Children’S Projector Flashlight


With 2 x AAA batteries included along with this projector flashlight, this is a very user-friendly flashlight. Besides, is a very trustworthy brand. The space provided for storage is sufficient enough.

Why We Like It

Sliding reels will help your child explore the different planets of our solar system. This is an excellent toy for night-time fun. It also has an easy-to-grip handle.

Keep in Mind

It’s critical to note here that this flashlight is recommended for children of ages 4+.

What Other Moms Say

My son loves this cute little flashlight; this is a beautiful toddler product. He is learning the planet order; I would highly recommend this for all curious children.


6. Best Flashlight for Toddlers: Coleman Kids Adventure Light Set for Kids


Coleman Kids is an adorable light set for toddlers; it is straightforward to use.

This is a very durable product; the flashlight is made out of lightweight aluminum.

The battery has been designed in such a way to be appropriate for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Why We Like It

This lantern comes with five bright LED’s and the batteries can be easily changed. If you go camping frequently, this is a must-have product. The headlamp also features an adjustable strap.

Keep in Mind

Note that the lanterns and headlamps are made out of plastic.

What Other Moms Say

One of the most kid-friendly products ever, my son got this on his birthday, so far, it works amazingly. I have never seen an adventure gear better than this. All the parents out there, definitely buy this product for your child.


7. Best Kid Flashlight Auto Shut Off: Little Tikes Glow n’ Speak Animal Flashlight


Little Tikes Glow n’ Speak Animal Flashlight is another excellent product; it makes fun animal sounds. No doubt, this is a very entertaining toy; it also comes with an auto-shut-off feature. This product makes the perfect Christmas or birthday gift.

Why We Like It

The product is relatively cost-effective; you have to squeeze the handle to open the animal’s mouth and turn the light on conveniently.

Keep in Mind

A few customers felt that the brightness of the flashlight was very high.

What Other Moms Say

My daughter loves this cute little animal flashlight so much. This flashlight is ideal to be handled by small children. I found it very sturdy; we have been using it for a long time.


8. Best Mini Lantern for kids: Backyard Safari Mini Lantern Kids Outdoor Activity


Backyard safari mini lantern is mostly recommended for children six years of age and older. The child can easily turn it off and on.

Why We Like It

The battery life of this product is impressive. The backyard is an excellent kid-sized lantern.

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that this product is recommended for children six years old and older.

What Other Moms Say

I bought this backyard safari lantern for my little son; he can operate it efficiently.

It provides instant light, and the plus point is that it comes with a water-resistant mini-lantern and a carabiner clip.

– Liza

9. Best Mini Flashlights for kids: WdtPro Super Bright LED Mini Flashlights for kids


These mini flashlights may seem relatively small in size. However, they offer significant energy. This product features 9 LED lights. One of the best things about this flashlight is that it is very lightweight and portable. You will also get a user manual along with this product.

 Why We Like It

These LED mini flashlights are durable and very easy to use. These high-quality LED flashlights can be easily carried from one place to another. No doubt, this flashlight is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

Keep in Mind 

It’s very critical to note here that you should never shine the light directly into anyone’s eyes.

What Other Moms Say

I loved this product; the price is very affordable. Also, I found this flashlight very adorable. I have been using it for a long time, so far, I am pleased with the aluminum body’s durability.

– Mandy

10. Best Flashlight for Summer Camp: GINMIC Kids Explorer Kit with Hand-Crank Flashlight


If you are looking for a complete explorer kit, you should consider buying this GINMIC Kids Explorer Kit, 7 Pcs Outdoor Exploration Kit with Binoculars. From binoculars, costume vest, safari hat, magnifying glass, bag, whistle as well as a head-crank flashlight.

Why We Like It

With this explorer kit, you can make your child enjoy family time in a very adventurous manner. This kit makes an ideal gift for Thanksgiving day, Birthday gifts, and Christmas. The kit is perfect for outdoor use. You will surely be impressed with the durability of the safari costume vest.

Keep in Mind

This product is recommended for children of age three years and up.

What Other Moms Say

Perhaps, this is the best birthday gift ever. The safari hat features a quick release neck string; my son loves it. I would highly recommend this kit to all those who want to establish a loving relationship with their child; your kid will love exploring.

– Kris

Different Kinds of Flashlights For Children

There are many varieties of flashlights to pick from. Krypton, halogen, shake flashlight, headlamp, or xenon, to name a few. Flashlights come with many features; you can select the one suited to you and your child’s needs. 

Kid’s flashlights are specially designed for their age. Ideally, you should choose the one that is appropriate for them. Few flashlights have safety features as per toddlers, while some are mainly designed for older children. 

So, look out for the best option that’s suitable for your kid’s age and ability. However, do spend a little time explaining to them the safety features before handing them the flashlight. Above all, the kids should never be left unsupervised while using or playing with a flashlight for everyone’s safety.

Uses Of Flashlights For Kids

One of the most popular uses of flashlights for kids is during the storytelling sessions or when reading to them. They even work as emergency lights other than just being a fun light. Helping through the darkness at times when there is no power.

With a flashlight, your child can play a variety of games.  If it’s raining outside and your child feels trapped in the house, here’s a fun idea. Switch off the lights of your child’s room, and then with the flashlight, your child can entertain himself. You can also call friends over to your house on the weekends and organize a dance party. Shadow puppet is yet another popular activity that kids normally do use a flashlight. . So, there is no doubt; they are perfect for indoor fun.

A toddler flashlight can make up for some fun activities and games for preschoolers and older kids alike. We have enlisted a few ideas to make simple games out of a flashlight.

1. Making puppets with shadows

An effortless way to keep your toddler occupied for hours is by making fun shadow puppets. You need to put the flashlight onto a table or any clear surface to have a light that points directly at the wall. You and your child can make various figures using your hands or paper cutouts. 

For instance, you can curve your fingers to make animal shapes like dogs with ears or butterflies! A paper stuck on a stick with a design cutout can also create endless fun figures and generate puppet shows with just a flashlight!

2. Storytelling

The campfire nights are never complete with the spine-chilling ghost stories! The flashlight adds some essential spooky fun to these stories. Make a blanket fort and create a spotlight with your flashlight onto the person telling the story. The flashlight can be used in many ways to get goosebumps while telling scary stories to each other.

The fun element increases when you add the sounds and make scary shadow figures with the flashlights. Flashlight under the chin makes the storyteller look like a ghost himself! That way, older kids can have non-stop fun at the campfire night-out!

3. Learn Morse Code

Morse code is always an exciting thing to learn. Learning it with a flashlight adds fun to the whole experience. Children can have some interesting exchanges of secret messages with the help of the morse code once they master the art.

4. Dance Party

Little kids are full of energy, and what’s better than turning on some fun music and let them groove—a perfect way to get your child’s motor skills up and running. The dance fun can be indoors as well as an outdoor activity. 

A flashlight with interchanging colors and shapes can be a perfect fit to add amusement for the dancing bunnies. They are sure to enjoy the beats and the light effect created with the colorful lights. With just investing in a flashlight and great music, you can have hours of engaging fun and fitness!

Let them run wild with a few flashlights and tire them out while they dance away all evening! You might get lucky if they sleep through the night after a great dance session!

5. Tag with Flashlight

Playing tag with the flashlight will mainly depend on how old your child is. However, a flashlight adds the fun element of playing tag, especially with many toddlers. Older kids equally enjoy the game of tag when playing with the flashlight.

The aim is to play hide and seek in darkness. The person who is the flashlight will have to look for all the other players in the dark; you tag the person found by pointing the flashlight. Whoever is found, they are out. The last person found they will have to be the wielder of the flashlight and find the rest of the hiding squad.

There are endless possibilities of teaching about stars, shapes, and colors with a simple flashlight. The concept of lights can also be taught to older kids. Little ones find it fascinating to play with the shapes made by the flashlight at different angles. Let them explore on their own while you also join in reminiscing about your childhood fun.

What to Look for When Purchasing flashlight for kids

This section will highlight the most important features you should look for when purchasing a kids flashlight. There are different varieties of flashlights that are appropriate for different age ranges. So, let’s dive into the more in-depth details.

  • Budget: Wherever we go shopping we budget and the same is for flashlights as well. When looking for a flashlight, based on the amount you are ready to spend you can find a more durable gadget.
  • Purpose: This is the most important thing you should consider before buying any flashlight. Ask yourself-” Where, when, and for what purpose you are going to use the flashlight.” For instance, different kinds of flashlights are considered appropriate for camping purposes. Before buying a product, always take into account whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors. Also, consider the material used in the flashlight.
  • Age: Of course, this is crucial to consider before choosing a kid flashlight. For instance, if you buy a flashlight specially designed for two-year-old for a five-year-old kid, it will be completely useless for him or her.
  • Durability : Durability is another important thing to consider when making any flashlight choice. You will find many flashlights in the market that are durable and water-resistant. Since there are high chances your little child may throw the flashlight on the floor, that’s why you should ensure you buy a durable flashlight.

FAQs About Kid’s Flashlight

Q1: Are flashlights safe for a kid’s eyes?

While having fun, kids throw flashlights in each other’s eyes. However, there is nothing to worry about since it is safe for a kid’s eyes. If you wish to end your fears, you can pick the flashlight with low bright light.

Q2: What is the brightness of the Kid’s flashlights?

On average, a mini flashlight for kids is approximately 25 lumens. For comparison, adult full-sized flashlights are anywhere between 50-100 lumens. However, some of the brighter premium ones can be anywhere up to 2000 lumens too.

But for kids, 25-100 lumens are good enough brightness since they tend to flash the light on other people’s faces too. Therefore, you should always go through the safety rules of using a flashlight with them.

Q3: Are kid’s flashlights waterproof?

By design, kid’s flashlights are made waterproof to ensure safety. It can withstand moisture and mild rains. However, some are made completely waterproof. In both cases, they will work fine even if they catch little water.

Q4: What caution should be taken for the kid’s flashlights?

The risk of accidents can be minimized by constant monitoring when your child uses flashlights, as you usually would do while they play with any other toy.

To begin, kids should never put a flashlight in their mouths. Many younger kids have a habit of putting things in their mouths. Therefore pick the safer option, and they should be monitored at all times.

Also, they mustn’t stare at the flashlight on anyone’s face or their own. The flashlight can also cause harm to the animal’s eyes. However, the kid’s flashlights are designed with lower brightness. But, it’s always advisable to train them not to flash them in anyone’s eyes.


So, here we are at the end of the article. We hope that now you’ll be able to choose the best flashlight for your kid as per his or her requirements. Of course, you can select any one of the top excellent products that we have listed out above. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article, then please feel free to write it down in the comment section.

Stay Tuned!

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