If you are a parent of a newborn, then you might be struggling to keep your baby as calm as you can. But, do you know that there is no minimum age to start playing with toys that can even boost your baby’s mental or physical development? Note that there are high chances that you have heard somewhere that babies cannot play or are incapable of enjoying such activities as such.

However, this is merely a myth. According to many child psychologists, though babies cannot participate actively during playtime, they can still absorb a lot from the surroundings.

Through this article, we will discuss the best developmental toys for your child according to his or her age. So, without delaying any further, let’s get started.

Best Baby Toys for Newborn

Tummy Time is Quite Important!

Start as early as you can; you can start by keeping a blanket on a uniformly flat surface.

Your baby may face some difficulties in holding their neck or lifting their head in the beginning. But, slowly, your baby will be able to learn to acquire new positions.

Now, we will talk about some toys which can be quite useful for your newborn.

Activity Mats: We recommend removing the hanging toys, instead place a clean mat on a flat surface so that your baby can enjoy his tummy time.

Music playing device : Music can be a great way of soothing your child.


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Our Top Picks

1. The Play Gym by Lovevery


Why We Love It

This is the best activity gym for a baby’s tummy time. It will help in your baby’s physical development.

What Other Moms Say

This play gym features beautiful hanging toys, but you can get rid of them as you desire.


Additional Specs

  • It also features five developmental zones.
  • The whole product is made out of sustainable wood.

2. Genius Babies High Contrast Flash Cards for Baby


Why We Love It

For young babies, black and white flashcards can be amazing.

It is an excellent visual stimulation.

What Other Moms Say

During tummy time, my baby can enjoy playing with these cards. He loves playing with them.


Additional Specs

  • These are high contrast cards which are quite captivating for children

Best Baby Toys for 1-month Old

According to renowned child physicians, babies develop a tendency to stretch their hand out; they may learn how to wave with their hands and try to learn different movements.

Now, it’s time to list out the toys which can be beneficial for 1-month old babies.

Play Gym: We recommend placing the toys away from the center of the gym so that your child moves around in curiosity to grab those toys.

Mobiles: You should purchase mobiles which come in black and white contrasts.

Our Top Picks

1. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile


Why We Love It

During the initial years of your child’s life, your child can learn various motor skills and eye-health coordination with this mobile help.

What Other Moms Say

This will help my child learn pattern recognition. I just love this product, very useful for young babies.


Additional Specs

  • Easily adjustable
  • Visually appealing for young babies

Keep In Mind

Note that this mobile is incompatible with a music box.

2. Haba Color Fun Play Gym


Why We Love It

The sliding wooden disks will encourage your child to play around. You can adjust the height of the bar conveniently.

What Other Moms Say

This fun play gym, which comes with charming Lil frogs, makes my child more curious about its surroundings.


Additional Specs

  • your baby will be truly amazed at the acoustic sound effects
  • Features graphic cards

Best Baby Toys for 2-Month and 3-Month Old

You should note that during this age, the five senses begin to develop sharply. So, these are the variety of developmental toys you can begin with.

Unbreakable mirror : Attaching an unbreakable mirror to your baby’s crib will make your child more curious.

Plastic rings along with crinkle toys: These toys are very beneficial for developing motor skills.

Our Top Picks

1. Best teething toys: Sassy Ring O’ Links


Why We Love It

Your child will fall in love with these rings; this can be the best teether for children.

What Other Moms Say

These rings support language development. Also, they are very visually appealing to young minds.


Additional Specs

  • Multipurpose use
  • Stimulates vision

2. Best musical baby toys: Lamaze Fifi The Firefly


Why We Love It

This fascinating toy is so beneficial for teething and also helps to develop a sense of hearing.

What Other Moms Say

My baby just loves the mirror; I am so satisfied with the quality of this product.


Best Baby Toys For Babies of Age 4 to 5-month-old

This is the period of your child’s life when he or she will enhance his motor skills.

The tummy time will become more comfortable and enjoyable for your baby. Here are some of our top picks.

Teething toys: During this age, your baby may start facing gum pain. So, it is important to use teething toys.

Rattles: Rattles are very important and beneficial for your child as your baby can play with them and it can enhance the arm strength of your child.

Lightweight toys making sounds: You should make your baby play with lightweight toys that make soft sounds, this can help your child learn cause and effect.

Our Top Picks

1. Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic


Why We Love It

This is an excellent toy that comes with an impressive design. This toy helps to develop grasping skills in young babies.

What Other Moms Say

The sliding beads are awesome; my baby enjoys playing with this toy.


Additional Specs

  • Simple, but impressive design

Keep In Mind

Some parents felt that this toy is as captivating as they expected it to be.

2. Small World Toys Knock-Knock Blocks


Why We Love It

Your baby will fall in love with the knock-knock blocks

The rattling blocks, as well as the crinkle noises, fascinate the hearing in young babies.

What Other Moms Say

I must say it is a well-designed, safe, and innovative product for children.


Additional Specs

  • Comes with 16 blocks( 8 are colored, and the rest are black and white blocks)

Keep In Mind

Note that the product is not machine-washable

Best Baby Toys For 6 Month Old

During this phase, babies learn how to sit on their own. You should encourage your child to sit independently. These are some of the developmental toys which can be useful for 6-month old children.

Books: Board books are an amazing option for young babies.

Stackable cups: These are very useful for making children learn hand-eye coordination.

Hollow balls : You can buy hollow balls, which are quite easy to hold for young babies. These balls can help to develop grasping abilities.

Our Top Picks

1. Best toys for 6 month old: Baby Faces from Look Baby! Books


Why We Love It

This is an amazing board book that features all the classic expressions; it can be fun for children.

What Other Moms Say

My baby loves this; my son loves to see those facial expressions.


Additional Specs

  • Baby learns different facial expressions

2. Best toys for 6 month old girl: Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups


Why We Love It

This product offers ten amazing colorful cups; babies can stack them together and have fun.

What Other Moms Say

I highly recommend this product to all the mothers out there. My baby just loves exploring and stalking the cups together.


Additional Specs

  • Useful for developing identification skills

3. Best toys for 6 month old boy: Oball Original Ball


Why We Love It

Babies can easily grasp this ball with their hands as it features 32 finger holes.

What Other Moms Say

The material used is quite flexible; it is an amazing educational toy for children.


Additional Specs

  • Smooth, impressive design

Best Toys For 9-month Old Baby

This is the phase of your child’s life when babies will start crawling, and they may try to learn walking.  Stimulation becomes more tolerable during this age.

Play Kitchen Toys: To take your child’s curiosity to the next level, you can make your child play with a kitchen set.

Activity tables: For entertainment purposes, activity tables can be amazing for children.

Loveys: Transitional objects also work perfectly for young babies.

Our Top Picks

1. Best developmental toys: Angel Dear Cow Blankie


Why We Love It

Hang this Cow Blankie in the crib, this cloth is very soft, and your baby will love playing with it.

What Other Moms Say

This is so unique, I got this on a baby shower, and my baby is so fascinated.


Additional Specs

  • Machine washable

2. Best interactive baby toys: LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table


Why We Love It

This is a durable product; your baby will love the stimulation. It is a very responsive toy for children.

What Other Moms Say

I love this musical table so much; it is quite interactive.


Additional Specs

  • Features more than 70 songs
  • Interactive buttons and instruments

Best Baby Toys For Babies Of 1-year old

Now, by this time, one of the biggest achievements of your baby will be walking. However, some may even achieve later. So, these are some toys which are useful for babies during this age.

Push/Pull Toys : Push or pull toys can amaze your little one.

Ride-on toys: We recommend purchasing ride-on toys so that children learn to become independent.

Large Blocks: You should make your child play, learn, and build with large blocks and let them explore to sharpen their mental skills.

Our Top Picks

1. Best toys for 1 year old baby boy: Melissa & Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy


Why We Love It

 If you want to make your child learn how to walk, this is the best toy for that purpose.

What Other Moms Say

I love the bright colors this toy comes with, just awesome toys.


Additional Specs

  • Easy to assemble

2. Best toys for 1 year old baby girl: Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

Mega Bloks

Why We Love It

Mega Blocks is an award-winning big block brand that offers portable PVC-free toys.

What Other Moms Say

My baby loves the playtime adventure; he gets so excited. Best toys for early development.


Additional Specs

  • Features 80 colorful blocks
  • Helps to develop motor skills

Best Baby Toys For 18-month Old Toddlers

As your baby grows, solitary play becomes more prominent. You should buy toys that support the enhancing motor skills of your toddler.

Art Supplies: Easy-to-hold crayons and dot markers work best for children.

Sandbox toys: These are best for solo play.

Our Top Picks

1. Green Toys Sand Play Set


Why We Love It

Green Toys Sand Play Set is quite safe for children. It features a rake, bucket, sand mold, and a bucket so that your child enjoys the playtime.

What Other Moms Say

I love this playset; it is so durable. The best playset to make your child enjoy the beach time.


Additional Specs

  • BPA-free, phthalates free
  • Well-built, solid tools

2.  My First Crayola Palm Grip Egg Crayons


Why We Love It

During the early phase of your child’s life, your child will enjoy a lot while coloring with palm grip crayons.

What Other Moms Say

These crayons proved to be the best birthday gift for my child. I think my little girl is going to become a little artist soon.


Additional Specs

  • Washable
  • Durable design

Best Baby Toys For 2-year Old Toddlers

The problem-solving abilities of your child will improve by now. So, let us discuss some of the developmental toys that can be beneficial for 2-year old children.

Musical instruments : Making music can be beneficial for your child’s overall language skill development.

Dress up items: Of course, playing with accessories or assembling them can help your child explore their creativity.

Baby Dolls: Your child’s caring or nurturing skills can improve a lot by making them play with baby dolls.

Jigsaw puzzles: Whether it is the fine motor skills or cognitive skills, jigsaw puzzles can help in developing them.

Our Top Picks

1. Best toys for 2 year old baby boy: Lauri Toys Tall-Stacker Pegs and Pegboard Set


Why We Love It

These colorful pegs can be quite beneficial for your child to take his creativity to the next level.

What Other Moms Say

This toy is a complete package of learning through play. I highly recommend it for every toddler.


Additional Specs

  • Children get to learn counting skills and develop motor skills

2. Best toys for 2 year old baby girl: Haba Symphony Croc


Why We Love It

This musical instrument is all your child needs to enhance his mental development. It offers a superior quality design.

What Other Moms Say

With the help of this unique crocodile design musical instrument, my daughter just loves the rhythm, and she enjoys it a lot.


Additional Specs

  • Music instruments are best for playtime
  • Phthalate-free ensures child safety


So, we hope that you found the article insightful. You are now aware of how developmental toys can make your child’s life so entertaining and productive.

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