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As a parent, we all know changing your baby’s diaper is a big chore. And, it becomes even more when we’ve to wake them up in the middle of the night to change their soiled diaper.

Plus, think about the discomfort your baby has to go through wearing the dirty diaper. Fortunately, we have overnight diapers to save us all the woes. They keep your baby comfortable and happy while letting parents enjoy a soothing sleep.

Searching the market for choosing the right overnight diaper is one heck of a task. But, don’t you worry, we’re going to help you out by enlisting the best overnight diapers, highlighting their key features.  

In addition, we’ll highlight things you must take into account when buying one for your troublemaker.

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What is the Difference Between a Regular and an Overnight Diaper?

The most significant difference between a regular and overnight diaper is capacity. During the daytime, we frequently change our baby’s diaper, so capacity isn’t a factor.

Want your baby to have a sound sleep with no disturbance whatsoever? Then, get higher absorption capacity diapers as they soak six to eight hours of urine without any leakage.

However, the overnight baby diapers sacrifice on the overall comfortable body movement required during walking or crawling. These diapers are also much thicker and heavier.

What Are The Best Overnight Diapers?

1. Extra-Absorbent Overnight Diaper: Huggies Dry Nights Diapers


What We Love?

These Huggies overnight diapers size 4 come with extra-absorbent and double leak guards that ensure twelve hours of sleep.

It is rated amongst the best overnight diapers for toddlers. It is fragrance and hypoallergenic-free—snug fit waistband for pajamas-like softness.

Keep in Mind

They can have a bit of a chemical-like odor to them.

What Other Mommies Say?

These diapers are incredibly leak-proof, I love it now, enjoying full night sleep, no changing the diaper – Taylor.

Additional Specs

  • Diaper Size:4
  • Hypoallergenic & Fragrance-Free
  • DryTouch Liner

2. Best Overnight Diaper for Day and Night: Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers


What We Love?

The Pampers overnight diapers provide twelve years of dryness. These size 5 diapers have three layers of absorbency to keep your baby dry and happy overnight.

It also has an all-around stretch band for smooth movements and an additional color-changing wetness indicator to help parents when they need to change their baby’s diaper.

Keep in Mind

These overnight baby diapers are not eco-friendly.

What Other Mommies Say?

I like the wetness indicator, and it ensures my baby is dry and comfortable-Martin

Additional Specs

  • Diaper Size:4
  • Color-Changing Wetness Indicator
  • Flexes for a Snug Fit

3. Best Budget Overnight Diaper: Luvs Leakguards Diapers


What We Love?

The Luvs overnight diapers provide not only complete overnight protection, but are also silky soft for a comfortable fit.

Just like Pampers, these diapers for toddlers have the wetness indicator. When it turns blue means your baby is wet, and their diaper needs to be changed.

These diapers have larger and refastenable tabs for a secure and snug fit. The three absorption layers keep your baby dry.  

Keep in Mind

These overnight baby diapers are somewhat bulky, which ultimately affects the movements of the baby.

What Other Mommies Say?

These diapers are affordable and open really swiftly, when I’ve put it change-Nwadikwa

Additional Specs

  • Triple Leakguards
  • Large Stretch Sides
  • Super Soft

4. Best Hypoallergenic Overnight Diaper: The Honest Company Overnight Diapers


What We Love?

The Honest Company has a proven track record of designing incredibly adorable diapers.

Your baby will fall fast asleep as soon as you put on this honest overnight diaper, and he/she will wake up a big smile the next morning.

These diapers are eco-friendly & made from sustainable materials.

These papers are safe to use and without chlorine processing and latex.

Keep in Mind

These diapers are too thin for adult wetters.

What Other Mommies Say?

These are excellent, soft and keep my bay dry all night, however, slightly expensive-Alana.

5. Best Eco-Friendly Overnight Diaper: Seventh Generation Diapers


What do We love?

The Seventh Generation overnight diapers are parents’ choice for their babies having soft skin.

These absorbent diapers will keep your baby protected & dry all night long. 0% chlorine bleaching and lotions.

The extra leak-proof protection makes these the best overnight diapers for toddlers.

Keep in Mind

These diapers hold less fluid compared to the other ones in the market.

What Other Mommies Say?

All good, these diapers are all-natural & hypoallergenic. Great, if your baby has sensitive skin.

Additional Specs

  • Eco-friendly Materials
  • Comfy and Durable
  • Free of fragrances and lotions

What Features to Consider When Picking the Best Overnight Diapers

Here, a few pro tips you must consider when selecting the best overnight diapers for heavy wetter:

  • Try It

Before you buy the big package, it is best if you get a small one and see whether your baby loves it. So, it’s like the hit and trial method of math. As we know, each brand fits differently, try and check what works best.

  • Size Up

While, most parents opt for a size up when it comes to buying overnight baby diapers, but you’ve got to make sure it snugs perfectly through the legs. However, go a size up from your daytime diaper. They can present an extra boost for maximum overnight dryness.

  • Add a Pad

We got to agree that the leaks still happen with the overnight diapers. Thus, why you can consider adding an extra layer of waterproof protection with diaper booster pads.

How We Got These Results

After a survey of thousand of moms and dads who are a part of the mommies buy community, we have found out what are their favorite products for their babies. Besides, we asked them to give their feedback on certain products.

Based on their reviews or feedback, we have listed out these top products that the parents love buying. We have also done enough research in addition to parents’ feedback to create this article. We know that babies deserve the best, that is why we made this effort.

As customers purchase these products through the links in this article, note that our community may receive a commission, but these are Mommies Buy community’s top choices.

Final Words

Do let us know what you think of our recommendations in the comments section below.

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