A good baby bath tub doesn’t involve any hazards and makes baby bath delightful.

When it comes to choosing the best bathtub for babies, you need to invest time and make efforts, reading the reviews, specifications, fine prints, etc.

A wet baby can be very difficult to hold on. Moreover, baby bath rings are more prone to slips and water choke hazards.

Babies need something that is safer and more comfortable than a kitchen sink or a bath ring.

If you are looking forward to picking the best baby bath tub for your baby, we have curated this guide especially for you.

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Our top picksProducts
BestSpace-Saving Portable Baby BathtubPuj Tub-Sink Baby Bathtub
Best For Newborns Safe and SupportiveAngelcare Baby Bath Support
Best Affordable Baby Bathtub From Baby to ToddlerThe First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe
Best For Use In Showers Extra-Roomy Baby BathtubPrimo EuroBath, Pearl White
Best Inflatable and Most AdorableMunchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck
Best For Sinks Soft and Cute Baby BathtubBlooming Bath Lotus
Best Collapsible and Non-Slip Baby BathtubBoon Naked Collapsible Bathtub
Best for In-between Time and Travel FriendlyMommy’s Helper Froggie Collection 6-24 Months
Great for Older Babies Bath Spa TubSummer Infant My Bath Seat

What Is The Best Baby Bath Tub?

1. Best Space-Saving Portable Baby Bathtub: Puj Tub-Sink Baby Bathtub


Why we love it?
We love it because this product is soft and comfortable. It fits into any sink and you can easily store it even with limited space.

Keep in Mind
This tub suits only for babies from 0-6 months in age. Once your baby grows 6 months old, you may have to purchase a new bathtub for your baby.

What Other Parents Say
There is no danger of the build-up of molds, and its foam-based material is very soft for the baby.  

Additional Specs

Product Dimensions:25.2 x 26.2 x 1 inches
Maximum Weight recommendation:17 Pounds
Minimum Weight recommendation:4 Pounds


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2. Best For Newborns Safe and Supportive: Angelcare Baby Bath Support, Aqua


Why we love it?

This tub supports even the tiniest babies in water. It is safe and comfortable. It holds the babies in an inclined position. The motive is to allow the babies to kick their legs freely.

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that this Bathtub is not safe for Dish Wash. It is non-portable and you will have to replace it with a new one, once your baby grows in size.

What Other Parents Say

The parents love this bathtub for being safe, hygienic, easy to store, and clean. It fits inside sinks and bathtubs, and you can even hang it.

Additional Specs

Product Dimensions:23 x 13.2 x 8.9 inches
Maximum Weight recommendation:20 Pounds
Minimum Weight recommendation:5 Pounds

3. Best Affordable Baby Bathtub From Baby to Toddler: The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub


Why we love it?
This beautiful bathtub fits in a kitchen sink and suits the best for small newborns. It has a flexible and removable hammock-like sling that holds the baby during bath time.

Keep in Mind
Please keep in mind that this tub is Non-portable and Non-Dishwasher safe. It is made of plastic, and it won’t last long.

What Other Parents Say
Most of the parents review this bathtub as an ideal one for their babies. It is low in cost, and safe enough for the newborns.

Additional Specs

Product Dimensions:29 x 15.2 x 9 inches
Maximum Weight recommendation:25 Pounds
Minimum Weight recommendation:5 Pounds

4. Best For Use In Showers Extra-Roomy Baby Bathtub: Primo EuroBath, Pearl White


Why we love it?
We love this tub simply because it is safe, comfortable, and large. It also includes a drain plug that makes emptying water easy and fast.

Keep in Mind
Keep in mind that this tub might sound too bulky to some people. It suits better for large-sized babies, and some parents even choose to go for a small baby bathtub initially.

What Other Parents Say
The seats are contoured, which allows the babies to recline easily. The plastic body can be hung easily on the wall to save space.

Additional Specs

Product Dimensions:36 x 9 x 21 inches
Maximum Weight recommendation:30 Pounds
Minimum Weight recommendation:5 Pounds

5. Best Inflatable and Most Adorable: Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub


Why we love it?
We love this product for being inflatable, portable, and easy to carry bathtub. It is handy to set-up and maneuver.

Keep in Mind
We recommend this product only for babies who can sit up independently. Do not use a high-pressure compressor or pump with this bath tub.

What Other Parents Say
Parents love this product for it looks like a real bath toy. It also gives them a safety feature. This inflatable Bath Tub has a White dot that changes color according to the temperature of the water.

Additional Specs

Product Dimensions:2.8 x 9.5 x 9.2 inches
Maximum Weight recommendation:80 Pounds
Minimum Weight recommendation:1.8 Pounds

6. Best For Sinks Soft and Cute Baby Bathtub: Blooming Bath Lotus – Baby Bath (Yellow)


Why we love it?
We love this lotus tub for being shaped like a Lotus. It is comfortable and gives you a chance to click some beautiful pictures of your baby.

Keep in Mind
This product suffers only one disadvantage, and it is its Non-Portability. You can adjust the petals of this bath tub to support the head of your baby.

What Other Parents Say
Parents appreciate this bathtub for transforming their baby’s bath time into a fun summer baby bath tub activity time.

Additional Specs

Product Dimensions:13.2 x 4.5 x 13.2 inches
Maximum Weight recommendation:25 Pounds
Minimum Weight recommendation:5 Pounds

7. Best Collapsible and Non-Slip Baby Bathtub: Boon Naked Collapsible Bathtub

Why we love it?
This tub can be used for both; toddlers and as a baby bath tub for a 6 month old. It is easy to store and clean as well.

Keep in Mind
Depending on how you use the tub, you may wish to buy a stool so that you can sit comfortably while bathing your baby.

What Other Parents Say
Parents like it as it is collapsible and is a baby bath tub with stand. They also like its reclined position that supports the baby.

Additional Specs

Product Dimensions:33 x 18.2 x 6.5 inches
Maximum Weight recommendation:Fits even the Toddlers
Minimum Weight recommendation:Suits for Newborns

8. Best for In-between Time and Travel Friendly: Mommy’s Helper Bath Tub Froggie Collection 6-24 Months


Why we love it?
This mini rubber pool is froggy, beautiful, and inflatable baby bath tub. You can take it anywhere. The material is non-slippery, and that is why we love it. It’s perfect for in-between time when babies are too big for an infant seat but not ready for the full-sized tub yet

Keep in Mind
There are three separate valves on the sides, bottom, and saddle. You will have to inflate and deflate each of these valves accordingly.

What Other Parents Say
Parents appreciate this tub for being foldable, and for being easy to store. Moreover, they also love it because it keeps the baby stable.

Additional Specs

Product Dimensions:27 x 18 x 6.5 inches
Maximum Weight recommendation:34 Pounds
Minimum Weight recommendation:16 Pounds

9. Great for Older Babies Bath Spa Tub: Summer Infant My Bath Seat

Why we love it?
The seat style bathtub keeps the baby comfortable. It keeps your hands free while bathing the baby.

Keep in Mind
Keep in mind that this bath seat can be used only for Sit-Up bathing. If the baby leans back and pulls his legs up, there are chances of the baby’s slipping.

What Other Parents Say
Parents like this bath seat for being able to fit in a standard tub. It gives them enough relaxing time and keeps their hands free.

Additional Specs

Product Dimensions:16.8 x 16 x 9.5 inches
Maximum Weight recommendation:up to 10 months old baby
Minimum Weight recommendation:5 months old

Types of  Baby Bath Tub

Sink-Fit Baby Bath

These are the ones that fit inside or over your kitchen sink. They are small in size and made of flexible plastic or foam-based material that makes the bathtub fit inside a kitchen sink properly. These tubs suit the best for new-born babies.

Basin Baby Bath

These are best for bathroom floors, kitchen slabs, and even fit inside the plastic bathroom tubs.

Expandable Baby Tubs

These can be expanded according to the size of the baby. We can also recline and adjust the position of these bathtubs according to the comfort requirements of the baby.

How to Bathe a Newborn at Home | Newborn Bathing Hacks

Are Baby Bath Tubs Necessary?

A baby bath tub is less a necessity and more a convenience.

Babies have very soft skin and it can be very difficult to hold a small munchkin during bath.

Experienced parents know that a baby is innocent enough to know the potential dangers of water and soap.

You should take every care in making the bath time a safe and hazard-free job for your baby.

A baby bath is comfortable for both the parents and the baby as it involves fewer risks.

Moreover, they are not even awkward like sinks.

Here are some features that the best bath tubs offer for your baby:

Even a slight jerk can result in an imbalance. It should have an anti-slip surface that prevents the babies from slipping and drowning. We still advise you not to leave an infant or toddler unattended in water for long as even a little amount of water can invite risks.

When a baby is just a few weeks old, it needs more comfort and care. The baby needs something that is more comfortable than kitchen sinks and bathroom floors.

As I mentioned earlier, baby bathtubs are more of convenience than necessity. They don’t need to be scrubbed again and again like a kitchen sink.

Remember to choose a bath-tub according to the size of your baby.  It shouldn’t be too small or too big.

How Long Do You Use  Baby Bath Tub?

Where expandable bathtubs can be used for a long period, the other bathtubs can be used only for a limited period. Most bathTubs are age-specific.

In general, small bathtubs can be used for six months. When your baby learns to hold its head up properly, you can replace it with a big bathtub.

What Features to Consider When Picking Baby Bath Tub


Bath tubs for babies should support the baby from sliding. It should be safe for the baby. The surface of the tub should be non-slippery and it should have a flexible belt or strap or something similar to hold the baby in the right position.


The tub should be made of a Non-Poisonous material. Babies have soft skin. Avoid any harsh material that can discomfort the baby. Besides that, the material should be strong, sturdy, and durable to avoid accidents.


It should be a perfect fit for the place where you bathe your baby.  It will spare your hands and you will be able to focus your concentration more on your baby than the bathtub.


The bathtub should support and comfort your baby. It should have any kind of sponge padding or sling straps to support the baby while bathing.

Easy to store

Not all people have a lot of extra space with them. Baby tubs seem to be of no purpose except bathing. So, they should be easy to store.

Indicates Temperature

Some bathtubs are smart enough to warn you when the water is too hot or too cool for the baby.

Other features

The 21st century is the era of competition in the market. New companies keep flourishing every day and keep coming with new and updated features. We recommend you to do some research before buying a baby bath because more features mean more comfort for your little one.

Choosing the Right Bath Tub For Your Baby

Your choice of the best baby bath tub also depends on the habits of your baby. For example, if your baby kicks a lot while bathing, you should choose a reclining bathtub with enough space for leg movements.  I hope that our guide helps you with this decision.

Best of luck with your purchase.

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