Congratulations, mommy and daddy! You have a new member of the fam! Having and raising an infant is one of the greatest joys of parenthood. And feeding them? Super adorable! Especially once they start wanting to try food other than mommy’s milk.

The problem is that when they don’t yet have teeth, you have to mash and squish food into a pulp for them to be soft enough for infants to have. If you have all the time in the world, doing so manually is alright. But with juggling feeding your baby, household chores, and for others, work… every second will count.

Thus, save up on time by turning to the best baby food maker!

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Our top picksProducts
Best All-in-1 GlassBaby Brezza Blender
Best OverallCuisinart BFM With Bottle Warmer
Best for SnacksInfantino Squeeze Station
Best CompactQOOC 4-In-1 Pro
Best All-in-OneBEABA Blender Cloud 4 In 1

Best Baby Food Maker Features And Reviews

1. Best All-in-1 Glass: Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker And Blender

For the best baby food maker that will instantly puree ingredients in a single go, you can turn your attention towards the Baby Brezza. It’s your one-stop, one-press blender.


Why We Love It

All You Need Is 10 Minutes. Here’s a baby food maker that can do the work in as little as 10 short minutes. It has an automatic function should you choose to utilize it, which can immediately puree food as soon as it’s heated, without pressing any other button in between.



  • The only baby food maker of its kind with a glass bowl
  • 4-cup capacity
  • 3 easy-to-use settings to choose from
  • Easy-filling with a removable receptacle


  • A few mommies have complained about its medium-durability
  • Requires constant and rigorous cleaning after usage

What Other Mummies Say

“…seeing this product I honestly assumed it was “gimmicky… I was pleasantly surprised at how much TIME this saved me.”

— Mrs. Heter


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2. Best Overall: Cuisinart Baby Food Maker BFM With Bottle Warmer

With a turn of a knob from steaming to chopping, there’s a baby product that will satisfy this requirement. And it’s the Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker And Bottle Warmer. Said knob is right on the bottom front portion of the blender.


Why We Love It

2-In-1: Blender AND A Bottle Warmer. The blender function of it is clear cut. It chan chop or puree effortlessly and in a short amount of time. But what’s unique to this best baby food maker is that it doubles as a bottle warmer! Through its dial with an LED light indicator, turn it to Steam and let your child’s milk bottle be warmed.



  • Safety feature includes an automatic switch-off
  • Blade-lock system while
  • Secure bowl sealer
  • Steams in an even direction


  • The steam chamber cannot be opened for cleaning.
  • Food particles get stuck in said chamber

What Other Mommies Say

“This has been the best little gadget …so quick and easy to make baby food…”


3. Best for Snacks: Infantino Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker

Another unique baby food maker that doesn’t just puree but has a squeeze mechanism to make sure solids are really crushed to a pulp, take a good look at the Infantino Squeeze Station.

Infantino Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker

Why We Love It

Includes Its Own Squeeze Station. That’s right. It has a squeezer and has 10 squeeze bags, to complete the package. After you’ve pureed your baby’s food and need to instantly transfer it to a container, you can use one of the 10 squeeze bags, one of the 3 tubes (which have twist-open caps), or any other container of your choice.



  • Non-slip and skid base
  • Rubber press offers comfortable operation
  • Easy gripping
  • Caps are child-safe


  • Pouches are disposable
  • A few parents have complained about the product warping after being washed in the dishwasher

What Other Mummies Say

“…whip together your puree and fill 3 bags in a short period of time…”


4. Best Compact: QOOC Baby Food Maker 4-In-1 Pro

Not one, not two, but 4 functions in a single baby food blender— the QOOC Baby Food Maker 4-in-1 Pro. With this awesome product, your child’s food can be blended, steamed, defrosted, and reheated in the same machine!


Why We Love It

5-Second Intervals For The Ultimate Puree. This best baby food maker has a knob that has multiple functions. On one end, you can set a timer for its blending mechanism. On the other, you can choose among a selection of types of blending intensities based on the food item, from veggies to poultry, and more.



  • One knob for a variety of grinding functions
  • Steam, blend, defrost and reheat under 25 minutes
  • Cooking time can be preset
  • 5-second pulsing for a smooth puree


  • A few customers have complained about its quality
  • Requires much delving into its manual/ instructions

What Other Mummies Say

“…no leaking… discoloration or scratches… sturdy, well built, aesthetically appealing. The company also has great customer service.”


5. Best All-in-One: BEABA Babycook Baby Food Blender Cloud 4 In 1

For heating and steaming that’s top-notch, you have to look for the baby food maker that’s of a higher quality than most. And we’ve found it. Keep an eye out for the BEABA Babycook Baby Food Blender Cloud 4 In 1.


Why We Love It

Extraordinary Larger Than Others Size. The baby food makers, most of them, usually have a 4-cup maximum capacity. Or even less. But this has a 4.5 to 4.7 allowance for more food to be defrosted, streamed, or reheated at a button’s push.



  • Easy-to-read graduation markings for measurement
  • Automatic shut-off with timer
  • 15 minutes or less for food preparation
  • Water repository is of stainless steel


  • Only for earthed socket – 12V
  • Basic features

What Other Mummies Say

“…does it all in one place… so simple. You steam it… blend it all in one…”


Do You Really Need A Baby Food Maker?

Take a glimpse at your daily schedule and assess just how much time and effort you spend in mashing and grating baby food. If you have tons of work to do aside from this, then it’s high time you own a baby food maker.

Instead of straining your arm turning edibles into a soft, mashed pulp, and in the process, tiring yourself, have a helper. And by this, we mean the baby food maker. It won’t even take up too much space on your kitchen counter.

It’s an easy-to-assemble (though they usable come pre-assembled), easy-to-use machine. What’s more, if you’re not exactly a kitchen “MasterChef” if you know what we mean, then this is going to aid you loads.

Benefits Of Using A Baby Food Maker

  • Fresh ingredients all the way.

Using a baby food maker will encourage you to buy fruits and veggies as they are. Natural and organic. No additives. In place of artificially made baby food that you find in jars and boxes at the grocery, DIY-ing your infant’s meal the healthy way is the best way there is.

  • You know what goes into your baby’s tummy.

Since you’ll be purchasing and preparing your children’s mushed meals yourself, you know exactly what ingredients they’ll have. This lessens the worry of not knowing if all of the ingredients are good for them or not.

  • You’ll save on money.

Going back to the first benefit we’ve mentioned, store-bought baby food isn’t cheap. Their prices are often based on components such as processing, preservatives, packaging, storage, and transportation. You’ll skip all of that by buying and making the food DIY.

Features To Consider When Picking The Best Baby Food Maker

  • Efficiency.

The reason you want to add the best baby food maker in your kitchen is to assist you in saving on time and effort when prepping baby-eats.

  • User-friendliness.

To add to efficiency, it should be easy to use, too. If it requires you to set it up in a complicated manner, that’s a ‘no’. A push of a button, or a few, is more like it.

  • Safety.

There are 2 sides to this. First, when it comes to meal prepping, your safety is crucial. Second, it has to do with the suitability of the product when in contact with food. Pay attention to details such as BPA-free, food-grade or food-safe, dishwasher-safe, etc.

Healthy Baby Food Recipes

How to Safely Store Baby Food


Make meal prepping for your baby effortless and time-saving with the best baby food maker. We’ve already narrowed down the list for you. All you need to do now is to make your selection today!

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