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The booster seats are the need for your kids to sit safely on the moving vehicles.

The toddler who becomes too naughty during travel requires a fixed seat to avoid unwanted tantrums.

The booster seats meet the expectation of the parents on the safety aspects of the children on travel.

The major challenge the parents face is while choosing the perfect booster seat to suit their requirements without any compromises.

As the name implies that the best booster seats will boost the seat height to match with the built-in seat belt available in the car.

Most booster seats are compatible with the car despite its model. 

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What is a Booster Seat?

A booster seat is an extra platform in your vehicle to support your child during long drive without causing any injury at the time of the unexpected crash.

As per the research study, the booster seat plays a major role in protecting your kids and it is well placed inside the car.

You have to install this booster seat until your child turns big enough to make use of the normal seats in the car(Younger ones should install the infant car seats ).

This elevated booster platform adjusts the seats in such a way it fits well with the seat belt arrangement in the car.

As you all know that safety is an important factor and it needs immediate attention before the situation becomes out of control.

It is high time to look for the best booster seats 2020 and grab the perfect fit by surfing through the available facts related to these seats. 


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How to Choose a Booster Seat

Best Booster Car Seats Recommendation

1. Best Booster Seat for Travel: Cosco Topside Booster Car Seat 


It is a lightweight and compact product and it comes with a backless design. Easy to install and it can be removed when not in use. If you have any plans to travel in rental cars then make use of this product. 

2. Best Booster Seat For Long Rides: Evenflo Maestro Sport Harness Booster Car Seat 


The best booster seat suits for long drives. It is a versatile product with two cup holders. The seat pad can be removed and washable. The height and weight requirement for booster seats vary with two different age groups. In the first group the kids weighing 50 pounds and stands 28 to 50 inches tall and kids measuring 44 to 57 inches tall and weigh about 110 pounds. 

3. Most Highly Reviewed Booster Seat: Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness


It is a convertible booster seat where you can convert from high back seat to front-facing harness without much difficulty. This seat is compatible with specific design vehicles and therefore before making a purchase you must verify whether the seat fits well with your car. 

4. Most Affordable Booster Seat: GRACO Highback TurboBooster Car Seat

GRACO Highback TurboBooster Car Seat

It is an apt product for small cars and its 2-in-1 seat easily converts from a highback booster to backless booster for years of use. You can expect immense protection system in the seat to position the kid’s shoulder, hips etc at the right place during travel. 

5. Best Transitional Booster Seat: Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat


You can carry out three transitions with this single product. Utilize this seat as a high back, backless seat and forward-facing harness etc. You can adjust the seat as your kid grows gradually. It has eight height positions for adjustments and two cup holders to support your kid at the time of need

6. Best Backless Booster Seat: Graco Backless Turbo Booster Car Seat 

Graco Backless Turbobooster

The backless arrangement allows you to position the seat belt appropriately on your child. The kids between 40 to 100 pounds of weight effectively using this seat. The seat cushion is removable and it can be washed when necessary. It has adjustable armrests. It is a perfect product available for a low price. 

Types of Booster Seats

  • High-back booster seats:

It is a mini-sized seat comprising of a bottom and a back which is placed comfortably on the passenger seat.

In this type, the shoulder belt moves freely and it can be adjusted aptly according to your requirement.

There are adjustable options to move the backrest and increase the comforts by modifying the height factors.

In this type of seat, the back portion is rigid and it works well for kids up to 40 pounds and above. 

  • Backless Booster Seats

In this kind of booster seats, you can find only the seat components to adjust the height parameters.

It seems that backless booster seats cost less when compared to the high back type.

If you find the seat belts of your vehicle is inconvenient at the time of strapping then go for high back boosters to avoid unnecessary issues. 

Booster Seat Safety Tips 

  • The booster seat should be compatible with the seat belt fittings in the car 
  • When your kid is on the booster seat the seat belt should move across the kid’s chest between the thighs and shoulder in a comforting way 
  • Arrange the booster seat in pace with the car seat belt to ensure safety throughout your journey
  • Check out your kid’s weight and height while choosing with the booster seats 
  • Bring awareness about the booster seats by sharing related facts to your child

When to Use Booster Car Seats?

You have to use the booster seats until your kid feels comfortable on the adult seat.

When your kid reaches 4 feet and 9 inches in height and the age between 8 – 12 years require the booster seats to fit perfectly with the in-built seat belts in the car.

In a general perspective, all kids below the age of 13 should make use of the booster seats for safety purpose.

The booster seat ensures the car seat belts fit perfectly with your child to avoid unnecessary injuries at the time of unfortunate crashes. 

What to Look For in a Booster Car Seat?

Most of the booster seats ensure safety parameters by following the international standards formed by the regulatory bodies.

The unique requirements vary with individuals based on their family-specific needs like the lightweight product, focus on headrest specifications on the booster seats, some of the extra safety measures etc.

The requirements differ with individual perspectives and it falls on three categories namely adjustability, convertibility, weight and height parameters etc. 

Final Words

Finally, it is time to conclude the discussion on Booster seats.

Every product is unique and comprises of appreciable features. You can choose the model according to your needs.

Depending on your child growth you can decide the product.

Before making a purchase ensure that you had a thorough knowledge about the product and its related parameters.

You have to analyze these facts before finalizing the product.

Select the perfect fit and enjoy long drives with your kids by installing the comfortable booster seats in your vehicle. 

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