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How would you feel if someone wraps your body tightly in a soft blanket, rendering you are unable to move your limbs? Newborns like this idea. The swaddle blankets give them the right snuggly position and allow them to sleep deeper and longer. But the method of swaddling a baby is not very easy. You should know to wrap the baby tightly but not too much to hurt it. A traditional blanket might not be of the right size or could have a loose texture to make the grasp come loose instantly.

Let us move on to read why swaddle blankets are necessary and we will also learn about the types of swaddle blankets and how to choose the best.

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Best Muslin Swaddle BlanketAden + Anais Classic
Best Swaddle Blanket for SummerThe Ollie Swaddle
Best Swaddle Blanket for PreemiesSwaddleMe Pod
Best Swaddle Blanket for Older BabiesSwaddleMe WrapSack
Best Organic Swaddle BlanketKaydee Baby Organic
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8 Best Swaddle Blankets for Your Baby

1. Best Swaddle Blankets for Newborns: Aden + Anais Essentials Easy Wrap Swaddle


Why we love it?

This traditional swaddle blanket is adjustable and gives a secure feeling to the baby. It has a zipper, which allows easy change of diaper. The product is also safe for machine wash. What’s more, the pack of three allows you to have a swaddle in stock throughout the day.

Keep in mind

This product is not for all ages. It is best for kids from 0 to 6 months only.

What other moms say?

“Easy to use and are super soft and stretchy. Zippers allow changing diaper without waking up the baby.”

– Nora

Additional specs

  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Material: 100% Cotton Muslin
  • Sizes: 0-3 months (up to 6.3 kg/ 14 lbs) and 3-6 months(up to 9.1 kg/ 20 lbs)

2. Best Muslin Swaddle Blankets: Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle Blanket


Why we love it?

It is a unisex swaddle blanket with four in a pack, and the high-quality material makes the blanket more breathable, soft, and durable. It is long enough to accommodate a growing baby, and you can also use it as a stroller cover.

Keep in mind

It is quite larger and would not suit a newborn baby. Also, it can keep the baby quite warm. Thus, it is one of the best swaddle blankets for winter.

What other moms say?

“Huge in size, adorable colors, and best for swaddling, cover, floor mat for playing, and as blankets”

– Jess

Additional specs

  • Dimension:44x44x0.02 inches (111 cm x 111 cm)
  • Material: Cotton
  • Weight: 1 Pound

3. Best Swaddle Blankets for Summer: The Ollie Swaddle


Why we love it?

This blanket is made with moisture-wicking fabric and keeps your kid comfortably warm. Also, you can customize it to suit your baby’s size. What’s more, the bottom opening allows moms to change the baby’s diaper without waking it up.

Keep in mind

The Velcro can be a little loud.

What other moms say?

“It is stretchy, comfortable, and suitable for newborns too. Best for summer use.”

– Kelly

Additional specs

  • Material: 86% polyester and 14% spandex
  • Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Dimension: 28 x0.1×30 inches

4. Best Swaddle Blankets for Preemies:SwaddleMe Pod


Why we love it?

These are soft, comfortable, and lightweight blankets for newborns. Also, it comes with two-way zippers for easy changing. Stage 1 is for infants who do not roll, and Stage 2 is for babies trying to roll over.

Keep in mind

Babies will outgrow it within a couple of months

What other moms say?

“It is snuggly and soothes my daughter to sleep. The colors are nice.”

– Mallory

Additional specs

  • Material: 93% cotton, 7% spandex
  • Weight: 0.5 grams (0.16 ounces)
  • Dimension: 9 x 5.75×1 inches

5. Best Swaddle Blankets for Older Babies: SwaddleMe WrapSack


Why we love it?

This wrap snack has bottom zippers and allows babies to have their arms out or in. It is quite flexible but, the grip is secure, thanks to the hook and loop mechanism. Moreover, the blanket allows a wrap around the chest, which gives secure sleep and avoids startling wake-ups.

Keep in mind

The fabric has a nice weight to it. Thus, it is one of the best-rated swaddle blankets for warmer nights.

What other moms say?

“Super soft and stretchy with enough room for my baby to grow”

– Mizzo

Additional specs

  • Dimension: 8.75 x 5 x 11 inches
  • Child weight recommendation: 14 to 20 pounds
  • Item weight: 8 ounces

6. Best Organic Swaddle Blankets: Kaydee Baby Organic Muslin Cotton Swaddle Blankets

Kaydee Baby Organic Muslin Cotton Swaddle Blankets

Why we love it?

The blanket is pre-washed and organic. Thus, it is very smooth on baby skin. Also, it is lightweight, breathable, and a good choice for your travel bag. Moreover, it is lead-free, latex-free, BPA-free, and Phthalate-free. Hence, if you are looking for a hypoallergenic material, this is the right choice

Keep in mind

It is best to use a hand wash or delicate cycle. However, the material will soften as you use and wash it.

What other moms say?

“Very silky smooth, and my little one likes it for swaddling and cuddling. They are very breathable too.”

– Anne

Additional specs

  • Material: Organic muslin cotton
  • Dimension: 47×47 inches
  • Weight: 4 ounces

7. Best Swaddle Blankets for Winter: Halo Micro Fleece Sleepsack Swaddle


Why we love it?

The blankets are made with micro-fleece soft fabric. They are generously larger and have a bottom zipper. Also, the Sleepsack is sleeveless to keep the baby comfortable, and it has an adjustable fastener, and the inverted zipper makes it easier to change your baby. So, it is one of the few saddles tagged as hip-healthy.

Keep in mind

They are suitable only for babies that do not try to roll over

What other moms say?

“They are comfortable and even thick enough so that you do not need an additional blanket.”

– Grace

Additional specs

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Baby weight: 13-18 pounds (3-6 months) and newborns
  • Item weight: 11.2 ounces

8. Best Swaddle Blankets for Baby’s Hips: Ergobaby Swaddle Wrap


Why we love it?

This is a wearable blanket with 3.0 TOG, which has good fasteners and an adjustable fit. The material is thick and gives the right grip. Its material wicks away any moisture, and thus, it is one of the best wearable blankets for winter. The swaddle is latex-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and BPA-free

Keep in mind

The material is very thick and thus suitable for colder months.

What other moms say?

“It took a little longer to fine-tune my swaddling skills, but my little one is having undisturbed night sleeps.”

– Pam

Additional specs

  • Material: Fleece
  • Child weight: 10 to 18 pounds; min 23 inches tall
  • Item weight: 11.2 ounces

We are sure that our detailed description must have cleared most of your doubts but we have laid out some frequently asked questions in the section below to help further clarify more.

Who Need A Swaddle Blanket?

Before you move to choose the best muslin swaddle blankets, let’s learn the basics. Swaddling is a common and safer method to put a newborn to sleep.

However, if your kid has any medical condition related to the hip, you should consult a pediatrician regarding whether swaddling is right and which are the best baby swaddle blankets.

  • It creates a womb-like comfort environment for the kid with perfect temperature and a sense of being snuggled.
  • It is safer to let an infant sleep in a swaddle blanket as loose blankets might suffocate when the baby tries to wiggle around.
  • In a womb, the babies are in a congested position and a restricted movement environment. Creating a similar space will allow the baby to feel safe.

Types of Swaddle With Pros and Cons

1. Traditional blanket

Some use just a traditional blanket instead of running around to find the best swaddle blankets for newborns. The blanket should be soft, square-shaped, and non-elastic cloth. For comfortable swaddling, the cloth should be at least 45 inches long.

Why best?

  • The blanket method is suitable for all kids.
  • You can use any blanket at home for this purpose.
  • Blankets do not have velcro or zippers. Thus, you need not worry about skin abrasion or those hooks and loops wearing off after a couple of uses.
  • Very durable and you need not worry about changing it as the baby grows

Why avoid?

  • Not an easy method to learn


2. Swaddle sacks

Even the best baby swaddle blankets need practice. However, if you choose to swaddle sacks, your baby can just wear them. With or without Velcro or snaps, it is just a dress to wear with closed legs for the baby to kick and feel secure

Why best?

  • Easy to use
  • Does not restrict baby movement too much like blankets or stretchy pods
  • Best for traveling as it takes less space while packing
  • Wiggling does not loosen the cover

Why Avoid?

  • The hooks that keep the swaddle sacks together could wear out easily as the baby always kicks and wiggles.
  • It would take a couple of minutes to get a baby in and out of the swaddle sacks.

3. Stretchy pods

When it comes to stretchy pods, the best fabric for swaddle blankets is a stretchy and smooth one. The simplest explanation for stretchy pods is, it is a small sleeping bag, which is stretchy. But, it does not have any opening for legs or arms and goes up to the neck.

Why best?

  • Since there is no holes for the arms or legs, it gives better warmth, mimicking the womb
  • Suitable for babies that wiggle too much
  • Best for newborns
  • Does not grasp too much and is comfortable for all seasons

Why avoid?

  • Your baby would easily grow out of it.
  • Once the baby learns to get its hands out of the pod, it can easily escape the enclosure. So, suitable only for tiny babies.

Now that you have learned about various types of swaddle blankets, it is also important to know various features to consider before we make our choice.

Features to Consider When Buying a Swaddle

How to choose the best swaddle blankets from the lot? It is not always best to select a product based on brand. Here are some of the features to consider while choosing a swaddle.

  • Ease : The best swaddle blankets for newborn should be easy to use. If you are not comfortable using a traditional blanket-styled swaddle, choose the model that you feel to be easy to use.
  • Size: The size of the swaddle should be appropriate for the age and size of your baby. The best swaddle blankets for older babies could not be the right ones for newborns. If you are buying a sack or stretchy pod, remember to choose the right size for the age and change it whenever your kid grows out of it.
  • Fabric: When people choose the best swaddle blankets for summer, they automatically decide to choose cotton. Yes, cotton is a comfortable fabric for a hot climate, but the choice should also include the house temperature, style of dressing, and baby’s preference. However, the fabric should be breathable, mildly stretchable, and smooth.
  • Quality: Some of the best swaddle blankets for preemies come with zippers. Make sure to check whether they are not very hard or sharp. If you choose a swaddle with Velcro, snaps, or other hook mechanisms, try to buy ones with better quality as they tend to wear off too soon. If you plan to use a swaddle for longer, the traditional blanket is the best one.
  • Color: Some parents prefer to choose light pastel colors to know when to dispose of and buy new ones. It is easier to spot dirt or any insect on a light-colored swaddle. Some choose to pick colors to match the crib or nursery. It is all about preference.
  • Cost: The cost might not be the primary factor, but an essential one. Your budget is the criterion for choosing among the best options filtered based on the above features and some of the best swaddle blanket reviews. And, it is best to buy a couple of blankets to use every day. Swaddles tend to get dirty or wet very quickly, so one or two would not be enough, especially for newborns.

Moving on, let us browse through the 8 best swaddle blankets that our babies will love. We have a detailed review of each so you can have a better understanding.

Best Fabric for Swaddle Blankets

Is it essential to choose the best organic swaddle blankets for the babies? Well, almost all blankets you find will be of natural cotton or a blend of cotton and other man-made fiber. Cotton will keep your baby cool and does not stretch too much, because too stretchy material would not give the right grip. Cotton also has other names like linen, fleece, muslin, poplin, gauze, and others. Make sure to choose easy-maintenance material, which does not get rough or shrink with machine wash.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Swaddle Blankets

Which is better; Velcro or zips?

This is purely a matter of preference. Velcro is easy to unfasten and gives an adjustable tightness. However, Velcro could make it noisy and can cause abrasions if not fastened securely. The best swaddle blankets have high-quality zippers, which would not break easily.

What is the right age to start and stop swaddling?

You can start swaddling your kid from birth. The best time to stop swaddling is when they begin to roll over. A one-month-old baby or older one should be left free and not swaddled while being awake.

Is swaddling right for newborns?

Swaddling is safe for newborns, but it is vital to use the best muslin swaddle blankets to avoid overheating. Choose the right size for your baby if you are using a wearable blanket for swaddling.

Is swaddling just for winter?

Swaddling does not depend on climate. However, the chances of overheating are higher in summer if you are using a heavy blanket. Always use lightweight and breathable blankets for swaddling during warm times. There should be air circulation and monitor your baby often to check whether it is getting too hot in the wrap.


In a word, swaddling is one of the best ways to allow your baby to have a comfortable nap time. If you think the traditional blanket wrapping is too complex, choose the wearable models. Also, keep an eye on the quality of the material and durability of the product. Remember that a well-slept baby is a happy baby. As a new parent, you would need rest and sleep.

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