Babies grow at such a fast pace that you will not even realize when your newborn will start exploring the whole house. While exploration and curiosity are the traits of those cute little babies, what if your baby starts entering the hazardous sites of your home. That is why it is always advised to have a baby gate in your house. Through this article, we will list out the Best Baby Gates of 2021.  So, read further to find out the details.

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What Are the Best Baby Gates in 2021?

1. Best Baby Gates for Doors: Summer Infant Multi-Use Decorative Walk-Thru Gate


Why We Love It 

This is one of the best baby gates of 2021. It adds style to your furnishing. If you are looking for a hardware-mounted baby gate, then this baby gate should be an ideal choice.

It comes in a bronze color and can be appropriately used for doorways up to 45 inches wide. With an auto-close feature, you can conveniently open the gate with one hand.

Keep in mind

You should keep in mind that in case you have an older child or senior citizen in your house, then the step-over rail on this baby gate can potentially be quite dangerous for them.

What Other Parents Say

I am really satisfied with the features of this baby gate. One of the best features which I love the most is that this baby gate can be conveniently opened with the help of only one hand, so you can handle your newborn at the same time.

– Alena.

Additional Specs

  • Features a door stopper
  • The material used is metal
  • The height of the baby gate is 36 inches and suitable for spaces having a width between 28.5 to 45 inches.


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2. Best Baby Gates for Stairs: Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate


Why We Love It

If you are looking for a baby gate for the top of the stairs, then this would serve your purpose in a perfect manner. There are a lot of features like it can be opened with only one hand that makes this baby gate most favorable.

It is a walkthrough gate that offers a door stopper to add to the safety. You will be impressed with its durability. Also, one of the biggest features that make it with buying is that it is easy and convenient to install.

Keep In Mind

Some of the customers were not satisfied with the accuracy of the wall mount measurement kit.

What Other Parents Say

The fact this baby gate ensures that you have peace of mind while your child is safe is the only thing I bought this product. I am very satisfied with its robustness. I would highly recommend this product. It is one of the best baby safety gates.

– Abby.

Additional Specs

  • Affordable product
  • Convenient to install
  • Ensures the safety and safety of your newborn; at the same time, appearance is impressive.

3. Best Extra-Wide Baby Gate: Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

Evenflo Soft and Wide gate

Why We Love It

If you have a doorway with more than the usual width, you should consider buying this baby gate; it will benefit you a lot. Suppose you don’t require always walking in and out of the baby gate, and you want it to be closed permanently or for a long time, then you should go for this product.  

Also, make note that this extra-wide baby gate consists of semi-transparent mesh fabric. This mesh fabric is very easy to wash. As it is a pressure-mounted baby gate, you will find the installation process quite easy and convenient. One of the most amazing advantages of using pressure-mounted.

Baby gates don’t leave any marks.  This baby gate is an excellent choice for those who have non-uniform door openings. You can easily modify the width of this baby gate as per your requirements.

What Other Parents Say

I must say that I am more than happy after buying this baby gate. Now, I always feel assured that my baby is in a safe and secure place, and he would not injure himself by moving around touching hazardous things. Also, since I was looking for a divider, this worked best for me. With an adjustable width, this baby gate should be an ideal choice for all the parents out there. Also, what I loved the most was that it is sufficiently tall so that even when my baby grows up a little, he would not be able to climb out.

– Agnes

Keep In Mind

You should keep in mind that this baby gate works best if you are looking for a divider.

Also, it is not a walkthrough gate.

Additional Specs

  • Adjustable width
  • Materials used are metal and polyester
  • Available in various colors such as white, gray and even transparent

4. Best Retractable Baby Gate: Summer Infant Retractable Baby Gate

Summer Retractable Baby Gate

Why We Love It

This baby gate is appropriate to be used for spaces up to 50 inches in width. From stairs, doorways to hallways, this hardware-mounted baby gate works perfectly. It comes with an amazing locking mechanism such that it can even be opened with just one hand. To clean the mesh fabric, you can wipe it easily.

What Other Parents Say

First of all, I am very impressed with the unique appearance of this retractable baby gate. I was very happy to know that this baby gate already comes with an installation kit, so it is an added advantage.

– Deanna

Keep In Mind

Note that the mesh fabric can only be wiped, but it is not removable so that you can wash it.

Additional Specs

  • Weighs only 7 pounds
  • Metal, plastic, and mesh fabric are used in its construction.

5. Best Baby Gate With a Door: Dreambaby Chelsea Gate


Why We Love It

This is probably the best baby walk-through gate with a door out there in the market. Also, if you are looking for a baby gate with additional length, you should prefer this one.

Like other products that we have listed out till now, this can also be operated with only one hand. It also features an auto-locking feature. We recommend that as this is a pressure-mounted baby gate, so this baby gate will work best for doorways.

What Other Parents Say

This baby safety gate is all you need to maintain your peace of mind. Literally, after using this baby gate, I feel so assured that my baby is safe and secure. To all the parents out there, I will highly recommend buying this baby gate. Also, I loved the extra-width provided; I am so happy that I bought this gate.

– Carry

Keep In Mind

It is worth mentioning here that this baby gate comes with a step-over rail at the base.

So, keep in mind that you have another older and active child in your house or maybe you have an elderly citizen in your house, then you should be aware of this fact that rail can be dangerous. If someone trips over the rail, then he or she can suffer injuries.

Additional Specs 

  • Height of the baby gate is 39.5 inches
  • This baby gate is most fitting for a width between  38 to 42.5 inches
  • The material used is metal
  • You can choose between black and white color conveniently.
  • Note that this baby gate weighs pounds.

Who Should Buy a Baby Gate?

First of all, you should note that if you have a newborn baby or little children in your house, then you should definitely buy a baby gate. Also, if you have stairs in your house, then it becomes very necessary for you to ensure the safety of your children by installing a baby gate. We all know that there are various dangerous sites or objects in our house, such as sharp or breakable things. These hazardous places can potentially cause harm or injury to your little one.

According to various studies, there have been a huge number of cases of little children falling from the stairs, and in most of the cases, the injuries were serious enough to force the parents to rush their child to the hospital. As a parent, if you also want to make sure that your child does not harm himself while playing or roaming around in the house, then having a baby gate is a must. It will not only prevent serious injuries to your child but also help you to have more peace of mind.

Types of Baby Gates

Now, let us talk about the various types of baby gates.

1. Wall-Mounted or Doorway Baby Gates

Such types of baby safety gates fall in the category of hardware-mounted baby safety gates.

Note that these types of baby gates are difficult to install, and their installation is also a little more time-consuming.

Usually, such baby gates are useful and appropriate to be installed on the top or below the stairs.

2. Pressure-Mounted Baby Gates

So, basically, you should note that pressure-mounted baby gates are most appropriate for the doorways, not for stairs. These are not as secure as the hardware-mounted baby gates. The best part about these baby gates is that they do not cause any marks on the walls.

3. Safety Gates Specially Designed For Stairs

Now, if you are looking for the safest baby gates, then you should surely look for baby gates that are specially created to be used for stairways. Such types of baby gates for stairs come with a door stopper so as to ensure full security.

4. Step-Over Gates

It is important to mention here that you should buy step-over gates only if your baby is very small as if you have a more active and older baby, he or she may try to step over it. Note that these baby gates do not need to be locked.

5. Retractable Baby Gates

These types of baby gates are also commonly used, as the name suggests, these are retractable.

6. Extra-Baby Safety Gates

If the doorway in your house has more width than usual, then you should consider buying these extra-baby safety gates.

7. Freestanding Baby Gates

These types of baby gates can be used while your baby is quite small, as the name suggests the baby gate can be freely moved. For older babies, such baby gates may not be suitable.

8. Baby Gate with Special Door for Cats

If you are a pet lover and you have that cute furry cat in your house, then you can buy these baby safety gates that come with special cat doors so that your baby can enjoy with your pets.

9. Tall Baby Gates

We recommend using tall baby gates for the top of the stairs in your house as it will provide better safety. Also, as babies grow fast, so keeping this in mind, it will be good if you buy those baby gates with more height than usual.

Features to Consider When Buying a Baby Safety Gate

It is very crucial to keep certain things or features in mind when buying baby gates. Here are those top features that you should consider.

  • Safety And Security

One of the most important features that you should always look for in a baby gate is whether it complies with the safety norms. You should make sure that the baby gate you are going to buy does not have any parts such as sharp edges that can cause injuries to your newborn.

  • Place Where You Want to Install

Now, before buying any random baby gate available in the market, you should first decide where you want the gate to be installed. Some people use safety gates for doorways, top, and bottom of stairs, etc.

  • Do You Want Gates that are Shut Permanently?

Most of the baby gates are retractable, or sometimes you will find safety gates with a door. On the other hand, you can buy baby gates that are closed permanently so as to divide the area permanently.

  • In Case, You Have a Cat or Dog

So, do you have a cat or puppy in your house, then as said earlier you should purchase a baby gate with a cat door.

  • The material is Made Up Of

You will find baby gates that are made from a variety of materials like plastic, wood, or metal. You can choose the type of material which will fit your house’s furnishing style.

  • Width

When it comes to buying a baby gate, always measure the proportions carefully. It will help you to buy the right baby gate. Also, you can consider buying extra-width baby gates in case the width of the doorway in your house is more than usual.

  • Baby Gates for Active and Grown-up Babies

If you have an older baby who is smart and grown-up enough to be able to step-over or climb over the gate, then you should buy an extra-tall baby gate. It will help to ensure better protection or safety.

FAQ’s About Baby Gates

Now, let us discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about baby gates.

Where To Install Baby Gates?

In general, most of the time, it is advisable that you should install baby gates at the top or the bottom of the stairs in your house.  In addition to this, you can place it in any place you feel can be potentially hazardous for your newborn.

How To Install the Baby Gate

First of all, before installing the baby gate, you should read the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully. For hardware-mounted gates, you will need screws to get the baby gate installed properly. On the other hand, Pressure-mounted gates should be used for doorways.

What Is The Best Baby Gate For Stairs?

When it comes to choosing the baby gates for stairs, you should always go for hardware-mounted gates. Also, as said earlier, such types of baby gates need screws to provide proper installation.

When Can You Stop The Use Of Baby Safety Gates?

You need to be aware of the fact that using baby gates up to the age of 6 months to 2 years of age is usually recommended.  But, you can conveniently make use of them even till your baby is three years old.


So, we have reached the end of this article. We hope that you found this article insightful. Of course, you can buy one of the best baby gates of 2021, which we have listed in this article. Also, if you will keep those important features or points in mind when buying a baby gate, you will surely succeed in finding the right product.

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