Are you ready to take your baby for an outing? Out of the numerous things you would need, a stroller and a car seat are vital. If you choose the best travel system stroller, you can just use one product for both purposes, because the stroller becomes a car seat when you unclip it from the base. Attach it to the backseat, and you are good to go. When it is time to get out of the car, unclip it from the car seat and attach it to the stroller.

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Best All-Terrain Travel SystemBaby Trend Expedition Jogger
Most Durable Travel System StrollerSafety 1st Smooth Ride
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When Do You Need a Travel System?

If you have an infant who needs a stroller and an infant car seat, this is a single product for both needs. While choosing the best travel system stroller, remember that you can use it from birth to nine months. Thus, make sure to select a high-quality one. The best time to buy a travel system is during your pre-natal purchase. That is to say, the travel system should be ready for you to carry your baby back home. After your baby outgrows the baby car seat, you can use the travel system as a full-sized stroller.


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Best Travel System Strollers for Your Baby

1. Best All-Around Travel System: Chicco Bravo Trio


Why we love it?

This best travel system stroller ranks higher because of advanced features like all-wheel suspension, one-touch braking pedal, swiveling front wheel, and adjustable three-position padded handle.

The infant seat clicks to the car seat or the stroller securely. You can also use the stroller seat once your kid becomes a little bigger. It has three cup holders, storage compartments, reclining backrest, and adjustable canopy.

Keep in mind

It is comparatively a heavier product. The infant seat is rear-facing.

What other parents say?

“It is easier to use with one hand, and the paddings help my newborn to be comfortable”

– Marleen

Additional specs

  • Dimension – stroller – 35.5 x 43 x 21.75 inches, when folded – 16 x 28 x 21.75 inches, car seat – 22 x 17 x 24 inches, base of car seat – 20 x 15 x 8 inches
  • Weight – stroller – 23 pounds, car seat – 9.6 pounds, and base of the car seat – 7 pounds
  • Child weight – up to 30 pounds and 30 inches height for the car seat. Up to 50 pounds for stroller

2. Best Travel System for Jogging: Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect


Why we love it?

This model is the best Graco stroller travel system for jogging and car travel. It comes with air-filled wheels, and gives a smooth ride and stability while jogging or strolling. Also, it is easy to install and can recline to form four positions based on your baby’s neck and head development. In addition, the canopy of the stroller has a window.

Keep in mind

It is not a compact product when folded. So, keep an eye on the dimensions. Air-filled tires need refilling, now and then.

What other parents say?

“My outdoor errands and jogging routine became much easier”

– Bonny

Additional specs

  • Dimension – stroller – 42 x 40 x 24 inches, car seat – 30.7 x 18.7 x 15.6 inches
  • Weight – stroller – 32 pounds, car seat -7.5 pounds, and base of the car seat – 7.2 pounds
  • Child weight – up to 35 pounds and 32 inches height for the car seat. Up to 50 pounds for stroller

3. Most Luxurious Travel System Stroller: UPPAbaby Full-Size Vista


Why we love it?

This stroller travel system has a stroller seat, car seat, and one bassinet. Further, this travel system allows numerous configurations for varying baby ages and comes with a suspension system with a shock-absorbing feature in the rear and front. Most importantly, you can use the telescoping handlebar to adjust to your height.

Keep in mind

It comes with numerous additional features and components. Needless to say, it is expensive. You need both of your hands to fold it.

What other parents say?

“Easy to clean and comes with numerous covers for the safety of my baby”

– Whitney

Additional specs

  • Dimension – stroller – 36 x 25.7 x 39.5 inches, when folded – 17.3 x 25.7 x 33 inches, car seat – 25.8 x 17 x 23 inches, base of the car seat – 21.3 x 14.5 x 13 inches
  • Weight – stroller – 26.6 pounds, car seat – 7.3 pounds, and base of the car seat – 9 pounds
  • Child weight – up to 35 pounds and 32 inches height for the car seat. Up to 50 pounds for the stroller, and up to 20 pounds for the bassinet

4. Best All-Terrain Travel System: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger


Why we love it?

It is one of the best jogger stroller travel systems with locking features in the front-wheel. Firstly, this three-wheeled travel system is very compact and comfortable. Secondly, it has a good space for storage. Thirdly, the system has a five-point harness and is easy to adjust with just a button system. Fourthly, It has four configurations and a multi-grip handle. Fifthly, the stroller has an ergonomic design and is easy to maneuver. Above all, it also gives better visibility, even in low-light regions.

Keep in mind

The storage basket is not easy to reach with the baby inside.

What other parents say?

“The stroller makes my day easier as it is smooth to push on uneven surfaces too”

– Gina

Additional specs

  • Dimension – stroller – 21 x 47 x 41 inches, car seat – 16.5 x 26 x 25 inches
  • Weight – stroller – 26 pounds, car seat 9.45 pounds, and base of the car seat – 6 pounds
  • Child weight – up to 22 pounds and 30 inches height for the car seat. Up to 50 pounds and 42 inches for the stroller

5. Most Durable Travel System Stroller: Safety 1st Smooth Ride


Why we love it?

The design makes this stroller a good purchase for anyone looking for a durable and long usage product. WYou can use this product throughout your baby’s toddlerhood. It is easier to operate with just one hand and has a good balance, even when folded. The four-point harness allows a comfortable and safer ride for your baby.

Keep in mind

You cannot carry many things in the basket, as the storage space is very less.

What other parents say?

“Cost-effective, last longer, and perfect for my car.”

– Natalie

Additional specs

  • Dimension – stroller – 19.7 x 17.7 x 31.5 inches
  • Weight – stroller 32 pounds
  • Child weight – up to 35 pounds for the car seat. Up to 50 pounds for the stroller

6. Best Value Travel System: Evenflo Pivot Modular


Why we love it?

It is the best baby stroller travel system with a stroller seat that can face either way, and you can customize the stroller to suit your preference. Therefore, the bassinet would be a perfect option for newborns. What’s more, the cruiser tires allow smooth rides, and the four-point recline system gives better comfort.

Keep in mind

No parent or child tray, no opening in the canopy, and closing the stroller is a two-hand job.

What other parents say?

“It is easy on my arms during long strolls. I would recommend it to everyone.”

– Cathy

Additional specs

  • Dimension – stroller – 47 x 34 x 25.5inches, car seat – 31.4 x 16.7 x 17.7 inches
  • Weight – stroller – 20 pounds, car seat 20 pounds
  • Child weight – up to 35 pounds and 32 inches height for the car seat. Up to 50 pounds and 38 inches for the stroller

Is Stroller Travel System Right for Your Baby?

The main advantage of choosing the best baby stroller travel system is to have better portability. Therefore, you can transfer your baby from the car seat to the stroller without disturbing it. If you are looking for the best option, it is better to choose the model that can recline as much as possible. This feature allows you to hold it easily while your baby is still sleeping.

If you already have an infant car seat or a stroller, a travel system might not be necessary. Remember to keep an eye on the following factors while choosing to buy the best everyday stroller and carseat travel system.

  • Look at the recommended baby age for the travel system. If the recommended baby age is ‘infants only,’ you would soon be changing the travel system. Babies grow very fast, and you need a travel system that will accommodate both babies and toddlers.
  • Always choose the best lightweight travel system stroller. In other words, some of the best travel systems in the market could be bulky and hard to clip it on the backseat or load it out of the car to the stroller base.
  • If you are more likely to travel in areas with uneven surfaces, gravel roads, and tight aisles, even the best jogging stroller travel system can be ineffective. Travel systems are considerably heavier than strollers. Thus, it becomes harder to push and pull along uneven surfaces.
  • It is impossible to find an additional car seat base even for the best everyday stroller and carseat travel system. That is to say, if you have two cars, you need two travel systems.

Pros of a travel system

  • Transporting the baby in and out of the vehicle without disturbing is possible.
  • It is a quick and easy option for people who travel with their babies.
  • The best baby stroller travel system will serve for two or three years
  • Most of the best jogging stroller travel system products are a wallet-friendly option than buying a stroller and car seat separately.

Cons of a travel system

  • In some cases, even the best travel system stroller might not suit your needs. The stroller might be very efficient, but the car seat feature might not be up to the par. Thus, you would end up buying an additional product too.
  • In the first few months, the baby has to be on its back completely, which makes using the car seats for long strolls more difficult.

Features to Consider While Buying a Travel System Stroller

  • Safety: The best car seat and stroller travel system must be safe for your kid. Therefore, check if the product ever got recalled.  In addition, a good product should have a JPMA certification and should adhere to all US safety standards.
  • Harness: The standard for any brand selling the best car seat stroller travel system is a five-point harness, because this system secures the baby at its shoulder, waist, and between its legs. Thus, the baby is safe from falling, climbing, or sliding. While checking the harness, examine whether it is easy to adjust but difficult for the baby to unfasten it accidentally.
  • Recline: Newborns have to lie on the back, while toddlers demand to watch out of the windows. Thus, the best stroller car seat travel system should have a good recline function. In addition, this function will increase the comfort of the baby.
  • Opening and folding: You would be opening and folding the stroller with a single hand. Remember that your other hand would be holding the baby. Thus, the stroller should be super easy to open and fold. So if the stroller cannot get folded, it becomes hard to store it.
  • Installation: The best stroller travel system must have advanced features and yet be easy to install. Usually, these products have a LATCH feature for installation, which makes the installation process easy with just a click or two.
  • Canopy: The best car seat and stroller travel system should have a good canopy to cover the baby during strolls. Moreover, if you wish, you can choose a model with a small plastic window on the canopy to keep an eye on your baby.
  • Wheels: The strollers with large wheels are very easy to maneuver. Above all, it should have lockable wheels and front-swiveling type, which makes your stroller all-terrain friendly. Air-filled wheels will give a smoother ride, but it is high-maintenance. In other words, foam-filled ones are better options. Meanwhile, strollers with shock absorbers in the suspension system will make the movement more comfortable, while plastic wheels and smaller ones will make the ride very bouncy.
  • Room: There should be enough room underneath to store your diaper bag, handbag, and others. Also, some models have zippered pouches for storing phones. You should be able to access the storage area when the stroller is in a reclined or normal position. Check the sturdiness of the storage area too.
  • Handles: Padded handles with adjustable features will add more comfort. However, some have two handles, and others come with a handlebar. It is all about your preference.
  • Fabric: The fabric should be removable and easy to clean. Also, if needed, you can use a changeable model, wherein you can use a breathable material for summer and a cushioned one for winter. Removable seats are easier to clean, so it is better to choose a stain-resistant fabric.
  • Size: Measure your car seat size to find a suitable one. Also check your car trunk size, so that you can store the stroller, when not needed. Even the best stroller car seat travel system has only limited models with varying sizes. Thus, choose wisely.

Safety Considerations When Using Your Travel System Stroller

Any brand/model that is easy to use and safer for your child is the best. Safety depends on the quality of the product and safety precautions that you should take.

  • The best travel system does not give you the liberty to leave your child unattended inside the car.
  • If you stop for a while with your kid in the stroller, always use the brakes to lock.
  • Read the guide, safety guidelines, instruction manuals, and other information before installing the system.
  • Do not add any additional straps if it is not a part of the product. Equally, do not discard any piece while putting together a system. In other words, every single nut and bolt is essential.
  • Even the best all terrain stroller travel system does not guarantee you safety if placed in the front seat. That is to say, babies are safer in the back seat.
  • Do not ignore the maximum child weight and height for the product. Replace it whenever your child reaches the threshold, even if your baby looks comfortable in the car seat or stroller.
  • The storage compartment is for light items, because carrying too heavy objects can disturb the balance of the stroller.
  • Every once in a while, check the hinges and foldable parts of the product.
  • Make sure your baby’s hand or leg is not in the folding parts’ hinges before you remove it.
  • Check whether the harness points are in the right position.
  • The toys you have in the stroller should be well-secure. Moreover, if your baby can reach them, it is best to remove them.
  • The cup holders in the stroller are not for hot beverages.
  • Do not leave the stroller in the hot sun with or without your baby. If it is a hot day, check the seat’s temperature before you place your baby inside.
  • Travel systems also have an expiration date. Do not use it before the expiration.


It is important to choose a good travel system for your baby. Do not just select the one that is very expensive or with high ratings. Instead, reach the guidelines, safety measures, factors to choose the right one, and make an informed decision. If you still feel confused, the best all terrain stroller travel system should suit your needs and requirements.

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