Most new moms knew that clipping nails from the soft fingers of their loved ones are a challenging task. There are so many best baby nail clippers available in the market to ease your task. This article focuses on reliable products and assists you to choose the best ones which fit your needs without any compromises.

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Best Baby Nail Clippers – Reviews

1. The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper

This baby fingernail clipper helps you to clip your baby’s nails safely without any issues. You can use this product optimally to clip the sharp nails in your baby’s finger and complete the clipping task as quickly as possible.

Why we like it

The comfortable handle in plastic material with the stainless-steel cutting blades offers a stunning outlook. You can conveniently hold the product while clipping the nails. The magnifying lens assists you to cut down the tiny nails in your baby’s finger and avoid unnecessary eye strains.

Keep in mind

The stainless-steel blade will be sharp enough to clip the nails at one stroke. You must handle it carefully and try to clip the nails when your baby is sleeping.

What other Moms say

M.Naicker from the UK states that ‘I recently took the brave step and used this product to cut her nails when she was asleep and found it easy enough’.


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2. Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

The sophisticated design of these baby safety nail clippers persuades the new moms in no time. The curve structure of this product attracts the moms quickly to make a purchase. It is a compact nail clipper and portable too.

Why we like it

The tip of the nail clipper has a light attached which assists the new moms to clip the baby’s nail even during nighttime. The battery life is long-lasting and it has a soft texture overall for convenient handling. It is the best baby nail clippers with light.

Keep in mind

Always check the light before you attempt to make a nail clip in a dark room. Check the battery state every time before you use the product.

What other Moms say

Nadia from UK ‘Simply perfect for babies and young kids. Lightweight, easy to manage and not too sharp. The LED light makes it very convenient to handle the nails while babies and kids are asleep, especially if they refuse to see the clipper while they are awake’.

3. ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Baby Nail Trimmer, Baby Nail File

ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

It is the best baby nail clippers comes along with a storage box for easy portability. It is a safe nail clippers for the baby. You can use this nail clipper from baby to toddler without any difficulty.

Why we like it

It looks very compact and portable for travel. Comfortably handle the nail clipper and clip the nails of your loved ones without any hesitation. Overcome the shaky instances while trying to clip the baby’s nail using this product.

Keep in mind

This product uses a 1AA battery. It has four cushioned pads and two modes of power settings. You must choose the right mode as per your needs.

What other Moms say

Meghan from the US says ‘This is perfect and I can do it easily while she is playing with something in her other hand and then switch hands and she lets me do it easily.’

4. Fridababy NailFrida The Snipper Clipper Set

Frida baby Clipper Set

The new moms can overcome the nail trimming trouble with their loved ones using this product. It is one of the best nail clippers for baby. It has a safe design and assists you to avoid the risk of clipping the sensitive skin of your baby.

Why we like it

This nail clipper gives a smooth finishing with the help of its curved design. This nail clipper is safe for all ages from newborn to toddler. You can clip your baby’s nails with minimal effort.

Keep in mind

Use the safe spy hole to see what exactly you are doing with your baby’s nail while clipping. It helps you to avoid clipping your baby’s skin unexpectedly.

What other Moms say

A New Mom from the US comments that ‘The spy hole helps so much better than magnifying glasses on other clippers. I used it in sunlight and I was able to see his little nails through the hole perfectly.’

5. Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors

It is a carefully designed nail clipper and serves as one of the best baby nail clippers. You would have come across ample products but this one has a unique look like a scissor. It is a lightweight product.

Why we like it

This best baby nail clippers infant has a balanced handle to fit comfortably while clipping your baby’s nail. The rounded design protects from unwanted hurts in your loved one’s sensitive skin during the nail clipping session.

Keep in mind

The protective cover helps you to pack in your diaper bags effortlessly. Before packing, ensure the protective cover is tightly holding the nail clipper to avoid unwanted issues.

What other Moms say

Mary from the US comments that ‘I swear by these scissors for being the best baby/toddler nail scissors out there’.

6. Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer File with Light

Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer

It is the best baby nail clippers carrying many functionalities like nail trimming, polish, etc. This nail clipper is a lightweight product and compact in size to suit travels. You can clip your baby’s nails without harming the soft nail beds.

Why we like it

The LED front light with a quiet motor attracts the new moms in no time. It is a versatile tool comprising 3 cushioned sandpapers for babies and 3 attachments for adult use.

Keep in mind

For nail filling positions you must control the motor speed and rotations. You must be careful while controlling the motor speed to avoid unwanted issues.

What other Moms say

DP comments from US ‘Works very well on fidgeting infants and toddlers’

7. Royal Angels Baby Nail Clippers 20 in 1

Royal Angels Baby Nail Clippers

The nail cutting is made easy using this innovative product. It is the best safe baby nail clipper. This product offers the users 30 days refund policy to ensure the quality for the first-time users. It is a portable tool for long hours of travel.

Why we like it

Use this nail clipper to clip your baby’s nail without damaging the soft skin. The cushioned pads with LED light give you comforts. There are 4 extra attachments for the adults to clip the nails perfectly.

Keep in mind

It has a perfect cover with the right places for the cushion pads, callus repair tools, etc. While packing this nail clipper spare some time for proper arrangement. Do not damage the accessories given while packing in a hurry.

What other Moms say

Rachel from the US gives good remarks on this product stating ‘I purchased this product in hopes for something much easier. It did not disappoint! I’ve used it twice so far, and each time it has put my little boy to sleep’.

8. Pigeon Baby Good Care Set

Pigeon Baby Good care set

It is the best baby nail clipper satisfying the needs of the new moms without any compromises. The round tip with a small blade assists you to clip the nail comfortably. It comes with useful accessories with a convenient storage cover.

Why we like it

The handle is supportive and you can operate this nail clipper conveniently. The extra items like nose sucker, hairbrush assist you to care for the newborn a little further in ease.

Keep in mind

When you store all the items in a storage cover ensure all the items are cleansed with a reliable hygiene solution.

What other Moms say

Daisy from US comments ‘I highly recommend this little set!! It’s amazing! I wish I saw it a long time ago!’ 

Can I Use Regular Nail Clippers on Babies?

No, you should not use a regular nail clipper for your loved ones. You may end up hurting the soft nail bed of your newborn. If you want a smooth and perfect finishing when your clip your baby’s nail then a regular nail clipper is not the right choice. Go for the best baby nail clippers in the commercial market to ensure safety and comfort while clipping your baby’s nail.

What to Look for When Purchasing Best Baby Nail Clippers

When you have plans to purchase the best baby nail clipper for your newborn then look for the following features in it.

  • LED Light: When you try to clip your baby’s nail during the night then you need a light. Ensure the light is bright enough to avoid harming your baby’s soft nail beds.
  • Spy Holes or magnifying glasses: While cutting the baby’s nail you must be aware of what you are doing. The magnifying glass and spy holes avoid accidents when you try to clip the baby’s nail.
  • Emery boards: To smoothen the edges you need this emery board. To avoid the jagged edges this feature helps you a lot.
  • Childish design pattern: The nail clipper must have a fun design to reduce the anxiety in the baby while clipping the nail.
  • Curved edge: It gives you comforts when you try to clip small nails.

Tips for Trimming Your Baby’s Nails

Useful Tips to trim your baby’s nail

  • Focus while trimming your baby’s nail to avoid accidents.
  • Control the motor speed to trim the nails optimally.
  • Use the Emery board to obtain perfect finishing while trimming.
  • Safely use the trimming stainless steel blades to overcome unwanted issues.
  • Follow the user guide of the product for precise utilization.


Q1: What to do if I cut my baby’s finger with a nail clipper?

Take clean cotton wool and gently place it on the cut. Then, apply little pressure. The bleeding stops on the cut area. You do not have to panic anymore and the cut heals on its own without any issues.

Q2: When can you use nail clippers on babies?

For the first month, you can trim the nails using the emery boards in the nail clipper. After a month make use of the nail clipper to clip the nails precisely. The nails become hard and the edges turn stronger when your baby completes a month.

Q3: How to choose the best nail clipper for your baby?

Take a quick look at its features and comforts before finalizing the product in the commercial market.

Q4: Do the baby nail clippers are safe?

The baby nail clipper has a safe design with curved edges to overcome damage in the soft nail bed.


Thus, you had an informative discussion on the best baby nail clippers in this article. Every product is unique with mind-blowing features. You can choose the right one which fits your needs perfectly. Give it out a try without any hesitation. It is the perfect time to figure out the right ones for your requirement from the above-discussed products.  

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