If something is as unpredictable as the weather, then it must be a baby’s hair. While some are blessed with bouncy locks, others have barren spaces on the head. The best baby hair brush will help you in grooming the hair, treating cradle caps, and prevents scalp irritation. It also provides relaxation to the child (goodie good massage!). Here are a few choices that you need to check out.

Part 1 – 10 Best Baby Hair Brush Reviews in 2022

1. Best Baby Travel Bathing Kits: DermaFrida The SkinSoother Silicone Brush by Fridababy


The Fridababy DermaFrida Baby Brush is made of Silicone and has a very smooth finish. Specifically designed for the young ones, the bristles are much softer than the adult versions and can be used on both lustrous locks and sprouting hairs. It is one of the best baby hair brush sets that are easily cleanable and acts as the perfect replacement for conventional wash clothes.

Why do we like it?

The best baby hair brush can be used for multiple purposes so you are investing your bucks one time but getting extended services. You can use this baby hair brush for gentle shampoo lathering while bathing, a normal combing brush on dry hair and it also acts as a soothing massager on the scalp or skin.

Keep in Mind

You should keep this baby hair brush set away from heat sources because of the nature of the building material.

What other moms say

This is the best hair brush for baby if he suffers from cradle cap quite often. My baby has that problem and this works wonders. It is smooth, doesn’t irritate the child, they enjoy the massage, and I have nothing to worry about!


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2. Best Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set: Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush And Comb


The Safety 1st Grip brush for baby hair is a dual-density comb designed to make sure that both the parents and the children can manage it with ease. The chunky handles make it convenient for both the big and small hands to get a hold of the product.

Why do we like it?

First thing, toddlers can pick the brush by themselves and comb their hair. The best baby hairbrush has a longer bristle length than its counterparts in the market. This ensures that even toddlers/babies with dense hair can use it.

Keep in Mind

The brush can be used on wet and dry hair. It is advised to not boil this baby’s soft hairbrush for the purpose of sterilization.  

What other moms think?

I adore the product because my kids can easily pick up the baby hair brush and comb set and work through their locks without my supervision. This helps me get a moment or two of rest that’s unlikely for mothers. Huff.

3. Best Silicone Cradle Cap Brush: Innobaby Bathin Smart Baby Bath Cradle Cap Brush


Made of 100% silicone, the Innobaby soft baby hair brush is very smooth and flexible. It has about 3000 short and soft bristles that are very gentle on baby skin. It has a massaging bump on the other side for the removal of loose flakes.

What do we like?

The most interesting part is that this best baby hair brush is not just made for babies. With an impressive fish shape, it can be used by anyone in the family. It is very soft, maintains the moisture of the skin, is easy to hold, and has high resistance to heat. It is also dishwasher safe.

Keep in Mind

It has quick-dry technology so no need of wiping or dapping with clothes. Also, it is fine to use warm water for washing but it’s better to not use boiling water.

What do other moms have to say?

I love the fact that this hair brush for baby is resistant to heat, cold, molds, and moisture. With its effective bristles and massage head, it’s great for eczema and also cradle cap. My best choice so far!

4. Best Baby Bath Sponge Brush: Scalp Scrubbie 3-pk, Sterile, Cradle Cap


This brush is the care-of address for safe and effective hair grooming. It has a bristles end that holds several soft bristles while the other side has a sponge. You can always switch between the two sides to get either a bristled combing or sponge shampoo lathering while bathing.

Why do we like this?

The brush gives proper grip, is small, and can be used by both parents and their off-springs. It can be used on the head and also the body of a baby. The soft bristles will help to brush off dry flakes while the sponge is too soft to ignore.

Keep in Mind

It is not a long-term option and needs to be replaced after a while – cannot be sterilized.

What other moms have to say

I absolutely love this product and will recommend it to anyone! My son easily develops flakes on the skin and he hates the bristled brushes during bath. These baby hair brush natural bristles are soft and kiddo doesn’t hate them and doesn’t fuss.

5. Best Baby Soft Bristle Hair Brush: Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair Brush


If you are looking for the smoothest options for the hair brush for baby hairs, then this one might be the right fit for you. It is made of natural Goat hair, helps to restore natural oils, is soothing to the scalp and cleaning is a breeze.

Why do we like this?

This brush can be used daily and doesn’t create friction with the strands of hair. It is so calming to feel the bristles on the head and children won’t complain of any discomfort. Also, the bristles do not tug at the hair even if it’s badly knotted.

Keep in Mind

It cannot be used by children without parental supervision and you need to wash bristles with baby shampoo only.

What other moms say

It’s hard not to be lost in the serene comfort that those soft bristles give. I feel like stealing this brush from my child even though it had been a gift for her. The cleaning, handle and aesthetic look is perfect. My baby girl calls it her princess brush!

6. Best Brush for Baby Fine Hair: Summer Infant Brush and Comb


This is a pediatrician-approved comb set that is sure to leave you and your children in awe. With a detangling comb and bristled brush, this is a complete package for baby hair care.

Why do we like this?

Though it cannot beat the silver baby hair brush set in terms of looks, it certainly surpasses it with efficiency. The bristles of the brush are soft and great for fine hair and the ergonomic design is pleasing

Keep in mind

Some others have complained that the bristles are not soft enough

What the others moms say?

This is simple, ergonomically fits the children, and comes in my price range. I like how neat and clean it is. Works for my child’s cradle cap.

7. Best Baby Soft Bristle Hair Brush: OCCObaby Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set


The wooden hair brushes should be the first choice any day because of their nature to not cause friction or break hair strands. This is applicable to Occobaby as well.

Why do we like this?

The bristles are made of natural goat hair that is extremely soft. The box set also has all combs that can be used for babies as well as toddlers.

Keep in mind

There were rare complaints about the bristles falling off.

What other moms say

I like wooden things and this one doesn’t crack or swell when used under water. Hypoallergenic products are what I need for my baby.

8. Best Soft Baby Hair Brush: Molylove Brush with Wooden Handle and Goat Bristles


If you don’t want to buy baby hair brush silver then I would suggest this one for you.

Why do we like it?

The goat hairs are smooth, tested to be hypoallergenic, and are gentle on babies. It is light in weight and ergonomic.

Keep in Mind

The cost is more than other similar products.

What other moms say

I like the sma and compact size, the soft bristles that are strong and you can also use it without fear in shower. Nice buy!

9. Best Toddler Hair Brush Girl: Disney Baby Minnie Hair Brush and Wide Tooth Comb Set


This baby hair brush natural bristle is the right fit for all Disney evangelists. Shaped like the head of Minnie mouse, this hairbrush has extremely soft bristles, is color-coordinated, and also has a good grip. They are designed specifically so that the Kids can use them on their own without help.

Why do we like this?

The brushes fit perfectly well into the tiny hands of kids. Moreover, this is also a very good baby hair brush for cradle caps in babies.

Keep in Mind

Some parents have complained about the hard plastic build.

What other moms have to say

I feel this particular brush is suitable for young girls love Disney and also has really soft bristles. However, it also has good size to sit in my daughter’s hand.

10. Best Silver Baby Hair Brush Set: Empire Girls Shield Design Sterling Brush

Empire Girls Shield Design Sterling Brush

Is your child a fan of the silver baby hair brush sets? Then you should buy this one for them. It is made of sterling silver, which makes the brush resistant to mechanical damage. It has a silver-plated outer finish with white color bristles.

Why we like this one?

The silver baby hair brush set has a very shiny external finish that makes it flashy. The bristles are soft and there are several of them. The best thing is the brush is pediatrician-approved and also happens to be the best brush for baby fine hairs.  

Keep in Mind

Some parents have reported that the brush easily gets scratched and loses the silver lustrous look.

What other moms say

I was amazed by the number of positive reviews on this brush and wanted to give it a try. The fine bristles are so soft that they do not irritate or brack the fine hairs of my baby. However, if you are going for its look, then it won’t last long.

Do Babies Need Hair Brushes?

You should always keep the grooming standards as the top priority not only to make your baby ‘look’ cute but also to focus on their health.

Before you search for the mason Pearson baby hair brush or any other extravagant product in the market, know that taming the tresses of your baby can have long-term benefits.

The locks will grow healthy, have no scalp issues, have good blood circulation, massage relaxes them and you can also use these brushes on the skin.

So, you are in a win-win situation, and using these brushes is only making the scenario better and reducing your work. You can keep your babies away from oily scalp, itching, and rashes in the present and the future.

Choosing the Best Baby Hair Brushes

  • Material: Since the brush will come in direct contact with baby’s skin, the material should not develop fungus, molds or encourage microbial growth on its surface.
  • Bristles: If you have thicker hair then softer bristles are preferred and to remove tangles, combs with wider teeth length are taken.
  • Safety and usability: They have to be completely safe and not cause irritation, itching or rashes on site of contact.
  • Cleanability: The brushes you use should always be clean so the product you buy should be easily cleanable, preferably dishwasher compatible.
  • Hypoallergenic: The material used to make brush should not cause allergies in babies. Goat hair can cause allergies so you need to check it before buying.

FAQ about Baby Hair Brush

Q: Does brushing baby’s hair stimulate growth?

Brushing improves the circulation of blood in the region. This helps in stimulating the natural growth of hair.

Q: How do you brush a baby’s hair?

If you are wondering how to brush baby hair, here’s how. You need to use a soft bristle baby hair brush, widely spaced, and do not create friction with the baby’s hair. The comb or brush shouldn’t snag on tangles and hurt the child.  

Q: Can I leave coconut oil in my baby’s hair overnight?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with leaving coconut oil in your baby’s hair overnight.  After applying oil, use the best baby hair brush to uniformly distribute the oil through the locks.

Q: At what age can I tie my baby’s hair?

You can tie your baby’s hair from any age as long as you are not tugging at it too hard or using bands to aggressively tame them.

Q: How often should you wash your baby’s hair?

Washing your baby’s hair twice or thrice a week is more than enough.

Q: When can I wash my baby’s hair with shampoo?

You shouldn’t wash a newborn’s head with shampoos even if others beg to differ. It is advised to use non-perfumed and gentle shampoos on their heads from the 5th week.

Q: Is it bad to cut a baby’s hair before they turn 1?

There is no need to cut the baby’s hair before they turn 1. Babies tend to lose and regrow hair a lot during the first year and it is best to leave the natural process to handle things. Unless the hair is growing profusely, there is no reason to cut the locks. You can use a baby soft bristle hair brush to tame them.


Now that you have reached the end of the article, we are hoping that the input we provided will help you track down the best baby hair brush for your child. The buying guide along with the answers to the most frequently asked questions are all you need to narrow down the best product for your tiny tot.

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