The baby towels do so much more than making your children look cute and bubbly. The right ones can keep them warm, secure and comfortable.  The best baby towels will lock the moisture on their skin, gently absorb the water and keep the babies clean and fresh. There are several choices in the market, some costly while the others are too affordable to be true. To make it easy for you, here’s the list of the best baby bath towels for your little superstars.  

10 Best Baby Towels Reviews of 2022

1. Best Animal Themed Towel – Hudson Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel


The Fleece fabric is soft on the baby’s skin and it also keeps them warm for a long period of time. Made of polyester, the plush hooded baby towel will last longer than the other options in the market.

Why do we like it?

The Fabric is thick enough to keep your baby warm but doesn’t suffocate them. If your tiny tot loves playing in the waters, you can stay assured that with these hooded towels baby will always be happy.

Keep in Mind

These cotton baby towels will shrink after the first two washes so better to buy a size larger.

What other Moms say

“I was looking for newborn baby towels for my child and this one seemed perfect with the animal theme. My baby loves being wrapped in it and I feel so much happier that the quality is top-notch.”


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2. Best Blue Themed – JJ Cole Hooded Baby Towel Set


This is one of the best personalized baby bath towels for your baby because of its simplicity and affordable price. There is an included washcloth with the piece.

What do we like?

The hooded bath towel understands the sensitive nature of the baby’s skin. It provides the best protection and has very good absorbent activity

Keep in mind

You have to be gentle while washing the towel – no vigorous rinsing.

What other moms have to say?

“I fing the baby whales so pretty and my baby is fascinated with those tiny figures. He refuses to let go of the towel even while sleeping. Its comfortable and warm. Nice one.”

3. Best Royal themed – Natemia Extra Soft Rayon from Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel


People often refer to this as the Prince baby boy towels or Princess towels. But we found these to be a unisex choice that will work well for baby boys or girls.

Why do we like it?

They are royal-themed not just because of looks but the plush fabric which feels so soft. Made of Rayon, it has a dynamic finish, easy washing, and works great for delicate skin.

Keep in Mind

The bamboo baby towel shrinks after wash.

What other moms say

“This is one of the  best organic baby towels in the market and I have bought two of them – for my baby and my sister’s. They both love the soft feel of it.”

4. Best Cartoon Themed – Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Animal Face Hooded Towel


If you are looking for cute baby towels for the apple of your eye, then this lobster-themed hooded towel will be the best fit for you. Made of 100% terry cotton, it is gentle on your baby’s skin.

Why do we like it?

This towel has an extremely smooth interior stitch and the lobster definitely draws the interest of the child. It is suitable for everyday use and can handle regular washes

Keep in Mind

Do not soak it in soap/surf for a long time as it will develop roughness after drying.

What other moms say

“My baby looks so cute with that lobster eyes and ears on her head!! And the fabric is so soft, I feel like wrapping it around her and holding her forever! Good buy!”

5. Best Infant Bathrobe Themed – Burt’s Bees Baby – Bathrobe, Infant Hooded Robe


It is one of the safest organic baby towels available in the market. It is simple, comfortable, warm, and certainly falls in the buyable price range.

Why do we like it?

This one is as good as the other baby animal towels that we have talked about before. It is coy, warm, has robes to secure around its body, and can tolerate multiple washes. What’s not to like?

Keep in Mind

The fabric is thinner than what you would expect from hooded towels for babies.

What other moms say

“This is one of the best baby towels that I found on Amazon. It is very soft, not suffocating and I wash it everyday – despite that it still retains the softness and quality. No shrinking too!”

6. Best Cotton Wrapping Robe Themed – Premium Knit Hooded Bath Towel with Terry Cloth Interior


In the Alta color, this bathrobe is made of cotton and is porous enough to increase breathability for your baby. On the other hand, it is also one of the best bath towels for absorbing water after your pool parties or bath sessions.

Why do we like it?

Terry cotton fabric is very soft and gets softer with each wash. The robe has small pockets that are too adorable and the material absorbs maximum water. The hood is not just there for fashion but also absorbs water from your baby’s hair.

Keep in Mind

Too much pull and push will develop holes in the fabric.

What other moms say?

“My search for the best baby bath towels ended with this cute robe and I love looking at my little one in this. It’s thick, long enough to sustain for 2 more years at least and absorbs water after our swims.”

7. Best Mommy & Baby Themed – Cuddledry Snuggledry Apron Baby Bath Towel


These are personalized baby towels designed for both the mommy and the baby. The fabric wraps around the mother’s neck and secures the baby too.

Why do we like it?

This one provides a hooded baby towels pattern free from any design, prints or geometrics. It’s plain but still looks elegant, attractive and does the job to keep the baby warm and cozy.

Keep in Mind

You have to take a size up because these personalized baby towels shrink on the first wash only.

What other moms say?

“I like to look at this as my go-to baby beach towels because it does a breat job to dry us after we go to a quick water splatter. Worth the money I spent on it.”

8. Best Bear Themed – Bamboo Softest Hooded Bath Towel with Bear Ears for Babies


This is one of the best baby hooded towels that are hypoallergenic, extremely soft, a blend of cotton and bamboo – giving the utmost organic feel to the baby.

Why do we like it?

One of the best baby towels is that having an embroidered hood. If you are looking for monogrammed baby towels then you can easily get that done on this. The fabric remains soft despite multiple washes and combats bacteria and mold growth.

Keep in Mind

It is not as soft as the other soft baby towels discussed in this list.

What other moms say?

“Found these while searching for baby towels with hoods. Not bad – isn’t too soft but comfortable enough, has good thickness and easy washing.”

9. Best Super Soft Themed – Ultra Soft Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel with Unique Design


This is one of the best, good-quality baby towels with a hood. It has a very soft interior texture while externally, it’s thick and plush. A natural blend of cotton and bamboo is used to make these baby hooded towels.

Why we like it ?

It combats not just the cold but also bacteria, molds, and any other microbial manifestations. It also has a decent look, a very attractive color, and a finish.

Keep in Mind

This baby hooded bath towel has a slightly rough exterior that might poke babies

What other moms say

“This seemed a little heavier than the previous baby boys towels I was using. Don’t know its a good or bad thing but great absorption activity!”

10. Best Pretty Pink Themed – Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls’ 8-Piece Towel and Washcloth Set

Simple-Joys-by-Carters-Baby-Girls- 8-Piece-Towel

Carters baby towel set gives you everything you need for your young one. Do not confuse these to be baby girl bath towels set because these are useful as baby boy bath towels too. The luxurious fabric of the robe is a plus and it comes with wash clothes in a pink theme

Why do we like it?

The complete set can be carried around easily and works as the perfect fit for picnics, beach parties, or pool parties. It is one of the best baby towels for those kiddos who like dwelling in the waters – a lot!

Keep in Mind

The fabric isn’t as thick as you’d expect

What other moms say?

“I thought baby girls towels only had pink color but this one changed my perspective! Complete unisex choice and my 1 year old loves it!”

Do You Really Need Baby Towels?

Be it the pottery barn baby towels or any other option from the list above, are these towels really necessary? Well, Yes, they are. You need the best baby towels for your child because your needs differ from your babies. The same reflects in the towels we get to use. While our towels have a rough surface to promote scrubbing, the baby’s towels do not need that. Instead, they have to be smooth, stroking, absorb water, and provide them with the necessary warmth.

You cannot use those heat products to dry your baby’s hair – they cannot tolerate it. In that case, these best baby boy hooded towels will maintain the warmth and keep their tiny heads covered. Keeping their towels differently will also be a wise hygienic choice.

How To Choose Baby Robes And Towels

These are what you should be looking for.

  • Hoods: Hooded baby bath towels or robes will help to keep your baby’s head secure, warm and also prevent the cold air from entering their ears, especially when you are outdoors.
  • Fabric: Cotton should be the first choice because the warmth it provides would suffice for the baby. Also, it is porous enough to let the absorbed water evaporate. You can also go for more superior options like wool and bamboo.
  • Absorbing power: They must absorb water really quickly. And not just water, they should be able to handle some pee too – seeing how babies are masters of that ‘art’!
  • Durability: Again, go for the tightly-knit options because they can handle repeated washes. Cotton is the most durable fabric and its available in more durable combinations too (cotton-bamboo)

FAQs About Baby Towels

  • Q: How many baby towels do you need?

If you have a higher frequency of doing laundry, then 3-4 would be needed.

  • Q: Which types of baby towels are most absorbent?

Cotton is the most absorbent so look for it. If you find it in combination with wool or bamboo – even better

  • Q: How do you care for a hooded towel?

Wash it gently, dry it under natural air, fold it securely, and do not rinse vigorously to get stains out.

  • Q: How long do you use baby towels?

You can replace your towels after every two years on average.

  • Q: What are the safety concerns?

Thick fabric towels can suffocate them, Tying ropes tightly is a hazard, need washing regularly to prevent microbe growth, babies shouldn’t place towels in their mouth because of contamination that we may not be aware of.  


Be it the baby girl towels or boy towels, having the best baby towels will help you make your child’s bathing time even better! It feels very good to bathe, come back and wrap a towel around ourselves. Our kids feel the same too. So, spot your favorite from the list and buy some stock for your little one.

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