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Being a new mom, you must be wondering what kind of wipes are best for newborn? As you all know that baby’s skin is sensitive and it is a challenging task to choose the best baby wipes.

This article provides you with apt solutions for your search. There are huge lists of best brands of baby wipes in the commercial and online store and identifying the right fit is the tedious tasks.

Ease your shopping with the help of this wipes review. Initially sort out your requirements because every baby is unique and the sensitivity of the skin varies. Choose the product cautiously, some products cause allergic effects on the baby skins due to consistent usage.

Our top picksProductsRating
Best for Sensitive SkinPampers Sensitive Water-Based4.9
Best for New BornWater Wipes Unscented4.9
Best Organic WipesDoctor Butler’s Organic Soothing4.4
Best Natural WipesHuggies Natural Care5.0
Best for Diaper RashBabyganics Unscented4.5
Best for AdultsPipettewith Renewable Plant-Derived Squalane4.4

How to Pick the Best Brand for Your Baby

There are a few aspects you must look upon before purchasing the right product.

  • Product content

Read out the chemical ingredients in the product’s label and ensure there is no excess chemical content in the baby wipes. Excess chemical usage and certain chemicals cause harmful effects on the sensitive baby’s skin. Few babies are quickly prone to allergic symptoms due to the unwanted chemical contents in the wipes.

  • Easy to use

Most new moms do multitask while taking care of their dear one. At the time of need, the moms must feel convenient to open the baby wipes and use the wipes effortlessly. The user-friendly nature of the product compels the new mom to buy the same product again without any regrets.

  • Unique products

In case if your baby has allergic issues from birth then you should be very careful while selecting the baby wipes. Go for special baby wipes products in the commercial store which suits exclusively for babies with allergic records. Make a detailed analysis of the product and research on its ingredients before finalising the wipes. You can also consult your paediatrician and get his/her suggestions for a safe purchase. Always do not be in a hurry instead think wisely when choosing the baby wipes.


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Which Brand of Baby Wipes Is The Best?

1. Best Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin: Pampers Sensitive Water-Based


Why we love it?

Pampers seems to be clinically tested for safe usage and there are no harmful chemical contents.

It gives natural clean and thereby giving great comforts to new moms with its packing arrangements

It is a hypoallergenic product and dermatologists recommend this product for sensitive types of baby skins.

Keep in Mind

This wipe is not suitable for travel because it occupies a large space in the diaper bag. There are no reuse seals on the package to store the wipes for many days comfortably. .

Another Mom’s opinion

Deborah says that ‘Have been using these wipes since my son was born. This is what the hospital used and I’ve been using it since. They are soft, fragrance-free, and strong. They don’t rip very easily unlike the other competitors’.

Additional facts

The 8X and 9X refill packs contain 576 wipes. It is an unscented product and widely used by most of the hospitals worldwide.

2. Best Baby Wipes for New Born: Water Wipes Unscented


Why we love it?

The major content of this product is water. You can find 99.99% of water and a few drops of fruit extract to suit the sensitive skin.

It is a fragrance-free wipe and it is also suited for adult skin.

You can make use of this wipes for premature babies and it is a hypoallergenic product.

Keep in Mind

The wipe size became smaller at recent times for the same cost seems to be disappointed for the regular users.

Another Mom’s opinion

Jacqueline comments ‘These are so refreshing and wet that I also use them for makeup removal and facial cleansing. I highly recommend these and will order for as long as I am wearing make-up and changing diapers!’

Additional facts

This product is certified by Vegan Society and awarded by the Eczema Association of America.

3. Best Organic Baby Wipes: Doctor Butler’s Organic Soothing


Why we love it?

This organic wipe contains essential Chamomile extract, Calendula and Avena Sativa to heal the irritated skins.

When you use this wipe on your baby’s skin it resembles the oil massage. It is completely an organic product.

The ingredient list contains safe substances and formulated under the supervision of the physicians

Keep in Mind

This wipe is not suitable for all skin types. Sometimes the babies develop rashes through consistent usage.

Another Mom’s opinion

Justin says ‘I’ve wanted to get some organic baby wipes for a long time and we’ve even purchased some others but they turned out to still smell slightly chemical. These are completely natural, really nice. I do recommend them to anyone who needs some nice all-natural wipes.’

Additional facts

This product comes with the money back offer for unsatisfied customers. Rigorous testing is undertaken to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product.

4. Best Natural Baby Wipes: Huggies Natural Care


Why we love it?

The wipes seem to be gentle like cotton and contain 99% of water.

You can carry this wipe comfortably for long hours travel and it fits perfectly in your diaper bag without any difficulty.

The content of this wipe is triple filtered to provide a gentle result on the baby’s sensitive skin.

It is tested under the guidance of dermatologists and employed the simplest formula.

Keep in Mind

The wipes became dry when it is stored for many days without use. You have to take extra care in storing this wipe.

Another Mom’s opinion

Renee talks about this product that ‘These wipes are the perfect blend of everything you want about wipes. They don’t have a ton of ingredients, they don’t smell odd, they are super affordable (especially with subscribe and save) and they never ripped on me’. 

Additional facts

This natural baby wipe is enriched with aloe vera and Vitamin E content to maintain the baby’s skin healthy in the long run.

5. Best Baby Wipes for Diaper Rash: Babyganics Unscented


Why we love it?

This wipe is safe to use and treats the diaper rash optimally with the help of its plant extracted ingredients.

It smoothens the baby’s skin during the diaper change and protects from diaper rash.

It contains non-allergenic content and the extracts of Chamomile flowers to soothe and calms the baby’s skin.

Another Mom’s opinion

Bethany says ‘Babyganics ingredients (or lack thereof) are my favourite- they work great on my daughter’s skin! ‘. 

Additional facts

The package may vary and the formula implemented is free from harmful chemicals.

6. Best Baby Wipes for Adults: Pipette with Renewable Plant-Derived Squalane


Why we love it?

It is a water-based wipe with moisturizing effects on the baby’s skin. It provides effective cleaning and a fragrance-free product.

The packing is awesome and easy access to new moms at the time of need.

Product is manufactured under the supervision of biologist, paediatrician, and dermatologist.

It is hypoallergenic and free from synthetic fragrance.

Keep in Mind

The wipe shape is not convincing. The arrangement of the wipes in the pack seems to be irregular.

Another Mom’s opinion

Kay comments that ‘I liked these for my son. He reacts to scented wipes, so these were something I was curious to try. The wipes are nice and thick, not too rough, no scent, wet enough to clean, and the packaging is nice’

Additional facts

This wipe protects your baby’s skin from drying. It restores the natural moisture of the baby’s skin using the sugarcane derived content.


Finally, it is time to conclude the discussion of the best baby wipes. Choose the perfect wipes to suit your baby’s requirement appropriately. Do not compromise the quality factors for the sake of added features.

While selecting the baby products quality plays a foremost factor to look upon. Make sure the wipes have fewer chemical ingredients and get rid of unwanted skin problems.

The above-listed baby wipes are highly reliable and you can choose from that list according to your needs. Get connected to this article for exciting and recent products of baby wipes.

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