Only nursing moms know how vital a breastmilk storage bag is. There are many occasions in the life of a working woman or even a housewife when she is not readily available to feed her baby. Moreover, some women find it awkward to breastfeed in crowded places. With a breastmilk storage bag in hand, you don’t have to go through all this hassle.

You can simply store the milk and use it later according to your needs. Using this, you can sell the milk as well.

So if you are nursing these days, or expecting a baby soon, you will be requiring this modern-day commodity for your ease. In fact, it’s become a new accessory that every mom should consider for her feeding needs.

Plus, for breastfeeding moms, chances are you will need to pump out milk at some times as well. A good breastmilk bag makes this job a cool puff of air for you. Just pump it out, store and use it when you need it.

So, today we’ve brought some of the most efficient and popular breast milk storage bags that will make this beautiful journey even more memorable for you.

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What Are The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

1. Overall Best Breast Milk Storage Bag: Kiinde Twist Pouch Storage Bag

Kiinde Twist Cap Breast Milk Storage Bags

Why We Love It

The best milk storage bag will keep everything, from pumping to storing, labeling to cleaning, easy to go. The same is the case with the Kiinde Twist Pouch that makes this entire thing as smooth as possible.

Available in two sizes, 6 oz., and 8 oz., you can attach it directly to any pump via an adaptor.  Feeding the baby is even easier now. Its sturdy bottle and flexible nipple allow you to serve directly from the pouch. Thanks to the twist-top closure, it’s among the rarest of the leakers. Easy to label bottle and compact to store style make it even more desirable among busy moms.

Additional Specs

Item weight1.8 pounds
Direct PumpingYES
Size6 Ounce (Pack of 80)


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2. Best Parent-Approved Breast Milk Storage Bags: Lansinoh Storage Bags, 100 count

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Why We Love It

If the popularity among the parents is the standard, the Lansinoh breastmilk Storage bag is the #1. More than 5890 parents were super happy with this bag, and all for very sound reasons.

Let’s have a look at its exclusive features. Easy-to-close double seal, Easy storage, and flat thaw. The spout is so carefully designed that, without serious carelessness, the spillage while pouring is impossible. So the biggest highlight of this bag is its easy pouring.

Most compatible Lasinoh pumps are also available so to attach them directly to them, other major pumps are also usable via an adaptor.

Additional Specs

Item weight1 pound
Direct PumpingYES
Health-SafetyPre-sterilized, BPA & BPS Free
Size100 Count

3. Best Leak-proof Breast Milk Storage Bags: NUK Seal n’ Go Breast Milk Bags, 50CT

NUK Simply Natural Seal n' Go Breast Milk Bags

Why We Love It

Leakages are the biggest reason why moms have been reluctant to buy breastmilk bags. After all, what purpose if the bags were to leak and spill the same way as with pumping yourself with hands.

But not now as this durable bag, The Nuk Seal N’ Go breast milk bags, brings you the best possible protection against leakages. Hundreds of moms already agree with this claim. 100 % leak-proof bags with propped up seams, a double zipper lock, and a thick plastic covering, provide a solid guard against accidental mishaps in the refrigerator.

The best part is, its plastic is waterproof so thawing the bag is even more comfortable now; just put it under warm running water, and you are done.  Yes, without possibly clogging the milk. Oxygen exposure also halts the milk quality, so this bag also features an oxygen barrier that keeps the milk fresh.

Additional Specs

Item weight8 Ounces
Direct PumpingNO
Health-SafetyBPA-free, No Microwave
Size50 Count

4. Best Spill-Proof Breast Milk Storage Bags: Ameda Store’N Pour Storage Bags, 40 Count

Ameda Store'N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags

Why We Love It

Emptying a bag of breast milk isn’t easy, right? But here’s the solution. Ameda Store’N Pour bags hold the Mom’s Trust Award for safe and spill-free transfer of milk from bag to bottle. It makes this thing as seamless as a peaceful lake especially for the veterans who are tired of spills in every new brand on the market.

It has a perfect tear-and-pour spout that eradicates the chances of spilling even if the holder has the shakiest of hands.

If the promise of no leaks wasn’t enough to attract you towards these bags, here are two more popular features: The specialized HygieniKit Milk Collection System-to keep the milk healthy, and an excellent freezer-safe storage capability- to allow you much more work flexibility.

Additional Specs

Item weight4.8 Ounces
Direct PumpingYES
Health-SafetySterilized, BPA free 
Size40 Count

5. Best Breast Milk Storage Bags for First-Time Pumpers: Milkies Storage Bags, 50-Count

Milkies Breast Milk Storage Bags

Why We Love It

Milkies “No-Break, No-Leak” Breast Milk Storage Bags bring everything that you could expect from a milk container to the table. Especially, a perfect container for first-time pumpers as its wide opening makes it easy to pump milk in.

Again with a double-zipper lock, propped up seams to avoid leaks, a self-standing bottom for easy fillings, and a compact design for freezing needs, this is a versatile bag whose best part is yet to be disclosed.

Detailed milk-storage guidelines are listed on the front of each bag that making it super-easy for the first-timers to pump as they need a constant reminder to keep going.

Additional Specs

Item Weight8.8 Ounces
Direct PumpingNO
Size50 Count

6. Most Accurate Breast Milk Storage Bags: Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Storage Bag, 50 Count

Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage Bag

Why We Love It

If you know exactly how much milk is going in and how much is left, isn’t it the best situation? Yes, you need such pinpoint accuracy especially when you have to strictly measure milk for your infant’s sensitive needs.

Dr. Brown’s breast milk storage bags, though, don’t contain many frills but their easy-to-read and accurate measurements make the guesswork an easy-peasy job for you. If accuracy isn’t enough to impress you, its extra-thick and BPA-free plastic material can definitely do as it’s made of completely sterilized material which is a must-have for keeping the milk safe inside the bag.

Additional Specs

Item weight9.9 Ounces
Direct PumpingNO
Health-SafetySterilized, BPA free 
Size50 Count

7. Best Breast Milk Storage Bags for Exclusive Pumpers: Philips Avent Bags, 50 Pack

Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage Bags

Why We Love It

Moms who like to exclusively pump themselves are always looking for cost-effective storage bags that are easy to connect with and pour from any external pump.  

Even if you are not an exclusive pumper, The Philips Avent breast milk storage bag is a wallet-friendly bag that is also one of the best in terms of performance, and famous for its perfect compatibility with all the diverse pumps out there. Other highlights of this product are propped up seams, a double-zipper lock, multi-tiered BPA-free plastic, and a 3-inch tab that makes the labeling easy for you.

The best part is even being so affordable, the lower cost doesn’t lead to a lower quality.

Additional Specs

Item Weight6 Ounces
Direct PumpingNO
Health-SafetyPre-sterilized. Tamper Evident Seal, BPA Free
Size50 Pack

8. Best Breast Milk Storage Bags for Large Quantities: Unimom 50 Storage Bags

Unimom 50 Breastmilk Storage Bags

Why We Love It

Growing babies need larger dosages of milk, sometimes even more than anticipated. So, this becomes a terrible situation for many parents and all they need is a quick solution to this problem.

Since most bags store smaller quantities (4 to 6 oz.) and are only enough for a short period of 24 hours, most moms choose to buy another bag to meet these needs. In such a case, you need a larger bag rather than two mini ones. An 8 oz. bag is more than enough to solve this problem of quantity for you.

Unimom Breastmilk Storage Bag is a great item in terms of  Value For Money as this quantity doesn’t come with a compromise on quality. Surprisingly, despite being this large, it is accurately leak-proof and lead & phthalate-free.

Additional Specs

Item weight8.2 Ounces
Direct PumpingNO
Health-SafetyBPA, Lead & Phthalate Free
Size50 Count

Breast Milk Storage Guidelines

Before you choose the breastmilk storage bag for you, it’s important to keep these tips in mind:

  • Only opt for a food-grade plastic breastmilk storage bag or specifically designed glass containers to store your breast milk.
  • Pick a health-safe bag that is not made of toxic plastic and is BPA Free. Plus, a tamper-resistant seal ensures that the bag is unused and fresh to use.
  • Consider if this bag can hold itself in cold environments as after thawing your breast milk in it, you need to keep it in a refrigerator for at least one day.
  • You should have a fair idea about the milk needs of your baby. For example, a two-week or younger baby demands two to three ounces of milk per bag, older babies need four to five ounces of milk per bag, etc.
  • You should remember that warmer milk has a shorter lifespan so try to freeze any milk left-over after feeding your baby. Infants younger than 3 months, need to be fed on warmer milk, so this milk has to be defreezed and warmed again to feed them.
  • For 4-months old babies, slightly cooled milk can also work. But not before that, at any cost.


No matter how effective your breast cream or maternity bra is, milk spills and leakages are bound to happen and bother you. Milk storage bags can be a good resource here. Think carefully and pick the best breast milk storage bags for you.

If you’re looking to save time, a bag with a pumping feature will allow you to directly get the milk into it, rather than having to thaw it into a bottle first. Some of them hold a lot of milk, which is good if your baby is not too young.

I remember stressing my bag once, milk sprout out of it like a fountain. It happened to me because it didn’t have a sturdy double zipper seal on its top.  Properly made bags can keep the potential spills and leakages minimal.  So good luck with your bag!

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