There are many different varieties of glass baby bottles available in the market, and this makes it quite difficult for the parents to choose the best ones for their babies.

It may seem to be a simple and easy task, of-course you can go and search on the web and instantly get so many results that make you feel so confused. To ensure that your baby gets the best glass bottle, here is a complete guide for you.

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Best for Breastfed BabiesPhilips Avent 8 Oz Natural Glass Baby Bottle
Best Convertible Vent Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck Glass Bottle
Best for Newborn Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles With Silicone Sleeve
Best Budget Evenflo Feeding Glass Premium Proflo Vented Plus Bottles
Best for Colic and GasTommee Tippee Glass Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies

What Are the Best Glass Baby Bottles?

1. Best Glass Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies: Philips Avent 8 Oz Natural


Why We Love It

Many features of Philips Avent Glass Baby Bottles make it one of the best glass bottles for baby.

Firstly, using this bottle, your baby will get the most natural feel while bottle feeding.

The nipple shape is very natural, and it is very much soft so that it makes it quite effortless for your baby to combine with breastfeeding.

The large nipple made up of silicone encourages natural latch.

Also, this bottle is resistant to thermal shock and also to heat.

Keep in Mind

These baby bottles have no silicon grips attachments, so can easily slip from hand.

What Parents Say

“Glass bottles are of best quality, perfect option for newborn, very easy to use and highly durable!”-Lucy

Additional Specs

Material Type: Borosilicate type 1 glass

Nipple: Unique comfort petals, Silicon

Bottle type: Anti-colic advanced


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2. Best Convertible Vent Glass Bottle: Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck


Why We Love It

To make your baby and you be aware of what to expect, Dr.Brown glass bottles comes up with natural nipple, providing a uniform flow.

Also, the breast-like shape is designed to support a natural latch and ensure that the baby gets a subjective experience while bottle-feeding.

To lower those symptoms like burping, spit-up or gas, Dr.Brown comes up with glass bottles with an anti-colic vent system.

Dr.Brown bottles also help in easier digestion, so that your baby gets a good sleep at night.

No doubt, Dr.Brown’s glass baby bottles are one of the best for breastfed babies.

Keep in Mind

The 7 part venting system makes it really difficult to assemble and the cleaning process is time consuming.

What Parents Say

“Easy to use, baby gets less indigestion trouble because of venting, very durable, does not break easily”-Zen

Additional Specs

Material Type: Soft silicone

nipple type: Wide-Neck

Bottle Type: Colic

Care instructions: Dishwasher & Sterilizer safe

3. Best Newborn Glass Baby Bottles: Lifefactory Bottles With Silicone Sleeve

Why We Love It

Designed to be protective, made up of medical-quality silicone makes it a sustainable product.

With tactual gripping surface, which helps to avoid slipping, Lifefactory bottles are the best for your baby.

It is also safe for dishwashing; you need not to remove the sleeve.

Note that the different parts or units of Lifefactory bottles with Silicone Sleeve are produced in the US or Europe.

Be assured that all the stuff used to make these baby bottles glass is BPS/BPA free. The FDA approves the materials used in these bottles.

Keep in Mind

If your baby has a poor latch, then there are chances that he/she ends up with nipple confusion because of these bottles. Plus, these baby bottles are pricey.

What Parents Say

“Keeps the baby and mother both comfortable, best option for natural experience of feeding, high durability, I highly recommend, better than plastic bottles”-Kane

Additional Specs

Material Type: Borosilicate glass, Polypropylene, Silicone

Material free: Phthalates & BPA Free

4. Best Budget Glass Baby Bottles: Evenflo Feeding Glass Premium Proflo Vented Plus

evenflo feeding glass bottles

Why We Love It

If you are probably looking for an affordable glass baby bottle, then this bottle is for you.

The best thing is that these bottles will never break so easily.

Many mothers prefer them as these bottles are recyclable, sustainable, easy to clean, pocket-friendly, have silicone nipples with vents so that the gas bubbles don’t enter your baby’s tummy.

One set of 4 oz glass baby bottles contains six bottles, lids, and nipples.

Keep in Mind

These bottles are heavier than plastic, therefore require parent supervision.

What Parents Say

“A glass bottle is always a very safe option for babies. It is easy to hold and comfortable to use for  both my baby and me, it can attach to Spectra pump directly”-Veronica

Additional Specs

Material Type: Borosilicate type 1 glass

Bottle nipple type: silicone, Unique comfort petals

Care instructions: Dishwasher & microwave safe

5. Best Glass Baby Bottles for Colic and Gas: Tommee Tippee Bottles for Breastfed Babies


Why We Love It

This is also one of the best glass bottles for babies, and it is perfect for your newborn baby.

These are 9-ounce born free baby glass bottles that offer a uniform flow.

Phthalate-free and BPA-free, these bottles are completely safe to use for your baby.

The nipple, being breast-shaped, helps to provide a natural latch.

It has a proper anti-colic system, ensuring that your baby is comfortable even after eating.

Made up of smooth silicone, your baby gets the most natural feeding experience.

Keep in Mind

These glass baby bottles have a low flow as the nipple size merely 1.

What Parents Say

“In my opinion these are the best bottles you can buy. I pump everything so I care more about the vent/ flow than the shape of the nipple” -Michelle

Additional Specs

Material Type: Silicone nipples

Material free: Phthalates BPA Free

Bottle type: Wide Neck, anti-colic

Benefits of Glass Baby Bottles vs Plastic Baby Bottles

Here, we will clear your doubts related to whether you should prefer glass or plastic baby bottles. There are various pros and cons of glass baby bottles.

In general, we all will find so many reasons to prefer plastic over glass bottles for babies such as plastic bottles that are light in weight, cheap, easy to carry. Also, a plastic bottle would surely not break into many pieces under any circumstances.

Using a glass bottle ensures that your baby is not at all exposed to any chemicals because glass ones are chemical-free, unlike plastics. Another great advantage of using a glass baby bottle is that there will be no deposition of that sticky milk fat on the bottle’s sides. Besides, using a glass baby bottle will get you to get rid of that unbearable smell of plastic.

How To Sterilize Glass Baby Bottles

Note that there is usually no need to sterilize bottles after each feeding, but you may be required to do so, in case your baby has a weaker immune system.

So, here we’ll tell you how you can sterilize the old glass bottles. To sterilize vintage glass bottles for babies, firstly wash them and boil in water for about ten minutes.

After ensuring that the sterilized antique bottles are completely air-dry, seal them with care so that any kind of bacteria cannot enter inside.

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