If you are a nursing mother or using feeding bottles, nestling the baby while feeding helps create bonding moments that are satisfying.

In some cases, the transition is very smooth when you are introducing feeding bottles to your little one, but in other cases, the baby can be a little fussy and reject the feed.

Therefore, you need to carefully select the best baby bottles that will not interrupt the peaceful moments with air bubbles, leakings, and collapsing nipples.

We have listed some important factors that you should consider before making the choice.

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Editor’s PicksProductRating
Best OverallDr. Brown’s Narrow Glass Natural Flow Baby Bottles4.9
 Best Glass Baby BottlesPhilips Avent Baby Bottle Natural Glass 4-Pack4.8
Best Silicone Baby Bottle: Olababy Baby Gentle Bottle4.7
Best For Breastfed Babies: Comotomo Bottle For Baby4.9
Best For Gas And Colic: Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Baby Botte, Narrow Options+4.9
Best For NewbornsDr. Brown’s Newborn Bottle Feeding Original Set4.7
Best Budget Tommee Tippee Fiesta Closer To Nature Feeding Baby Bottles5.0

What Are The Best Baby Bottles?

1. Best Baby Bottles Overall: Dr. Brown’s Narrow Glass Natural Flow Baby Bottles


Why We Love It

Based on clinical research and observations, Dr. Brown’s Narrow Glass Natural Flow Baby Bottles are the best baby bottles overall because they’ve been proven to reduce the risk of colic. Colic often happens when babies experience pain in the abdomen area because of intestinal gas or blockage.

In relation to this, here’s a bottle that prevents spit-ups, gas build-up, and frequent burping. It’s a great aid in your baby’s proper digestion.

Keep In Mind

The venting system requires careful cleaning.

What Other Mom’s Say

“Great bottle…The ventilation system works really well for my children and has greatly reduced burps,spit up, and gas.” – Chelsea Mitchell

Additional Specs

Measurements: 2.4 x 4.9 x 8.6 inches

Weight: 6.7 ounces

Care Instructions: Dishwasher and sterilizer safe


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2.  Best Glass Baby Bottles: Philips Avent Baby Bottle Natural Glass 4-Pack


Why We Love It

Philips Avent is a brand that’s been tried and tested through the years. And now, with their best glass baby bottles, they never disappoint. The bottle itself is of high-grade borosilicate glass. Therefore, it can withstand high levels of heat from sterilizing and is resistant to thermal shock.

It’s famous for its Air Vent technology for air to be vented away from your infant’s tummy-tum. Plus, it has naturally shaped nipples that will help in nipple-latching when switching in between baby bottles and breastfeeding.

Keep In Mind 

Be gentle when tightening the lids. Otherwise, they may pop off.

What Other Mom’s Say

No weird smell of the plastic bottle, wide neck helps in easy cleaning. I like it that it directly attaches to the spectra pump, which is just great!


Additional Specs

Measurements: 2.65 pounds

Weight: 5.7 x 5.7 x 7.3 inches

Care Instructions: Dishwasher and microwave safe

3. Best Silicone Baby Bottle: Olababy Baby Gentle Bottle


Why We Love It

Another best baby bottle that has an anti-colic property and dual-venting to prevent gas build-up. In addition, take a look at its off-center nipple position. This is deliberately designed for continual flow support and decreases leftover droplets.

It also has a wide neck for convenience in cleaning and washing it after use.

Keep In Mind

This best silicone baby bottle offers a very slow flow rate.

What Other Mom’s Say

After trying around 15 bottles, finally I am satisfied with my olababy bottle. It is supernatural and my baby has no difficulty latching it to. Soft nipples!

– Rosi

Additional Specs

Measurements: 6 x 3 x 3 inches

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe

4. Best Baby Bottles For Breastfed Babies: Comotomo Bottle For Baby


Why We Love It

The Comotomo Bottle For Baby is the best baby bottle that can withstand temperatures from 120 to 180 degrees celsius. And this goes for both the outer ring and the cap. In addition, its nipple flow is designed to emulate that of breastfeeding.

And with its wide opening, you can clean it without using a bottle brush.

Keep In Mind

When buying different sizes, keep in mind that the nipple sizes vary per age.

What Other Mom’s Say

This is by far a winner, both is vented and easy to clean which is a perfect combination to have.


Additional Specs

Measurements: 5.2 x 2.6 x 5 inches

Weight: 3.84 ounces

Care Instructions: Dishwasher and microwave safe

5. Best Baby Bottles For Gas And Colic: Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Baby Botte, Narrow Options+


Why We Love It

With a brand like Dr. Brown’s, you can be certain that these baby bottles for gas and colic are ideal for your infant. Much research goes into Dr. Brown’s products’ Vent System and to prevent stomach problems with gas build-up and intestinal blockage, this is the bottle to beat.

Moreover, it has a flow rate that’s consistent, and it’s suitable for most universally sized breast pumps.

Keep In Mind

Make sure to read the instructions to avoid challenges with leaking.

What Other Mom’s Say 

I was filling the bottle above the leak line and was frustrated, but wondered how come it had so  many good reviews, and you know why now! Best bottle you can have, cleaning can be a pain but it’s worth it.


Additional Specs

Measurements: 1 x 1 x 1 inches

Weight: 13.4 ounces

Care Instructions: Top-rack dishwasher and sterilizer safe

6. Best Baby Bottles For Newborns: Dr. Brown’s Newborn Bottle Feeding Original Set


Why We Love It 

Mommies and daddies are going to adore Dr. Brown’s best baby bottles for newborns because they’re tailor-fit for newborn infants. Its vacuum-free design conveniently keeps air from being trapped inside. Hence, tummy pain caused by gas will be decreased immensely. Addedly, its positive pressure flow will provide your baby with drinking ease, and at his or her pace.

This newborn baby bottle’s vent system works so that nutrients don’t escape the bottle itself.

Keep In Mind

These might not be travel-friendly because of the risk of spilling.

What Other Mom’s Say 

Great bottle for preemies and babies with sensitive stomach.


Additional Specs

Measurements: 4.1 x 6.9 x 8.8 inches

Weight: 8.2 ounces

Care Instructions: Recommended to use warm soapy water for washing

7. Best Budget Baby Bottles: Tommee Tippee Fiesta Closer To Nature Feeding Baby Bottles


Why We Love It

When the budget is a bit tight, the Tommee Tippee Fiesta Closer To Nature Feeding Baby Bottles is here to save the day. But don’t let its price fool you. Its quality materials are exceptionally long-lasting. And just give it a sneak-peak— each bottle is vibrantly colored in various hues! How cute is that?

Apart from this, its smooth and soft silicone nipple offers a comfortable feed that trains babies into latching the real thing.

Keep In Mind

The flow rate differs with nipple and bottle sizes. The smaller ones tend to have a slower flow rate.

What Other Mom’s Say

These really work great, no issue with leaking or malfunctioning. Great value and easy to clean

-Lees Marie

Additional Specs

Measurements: 5.9 x 9.4 x 5.9 inches

Weight: 1.04 pounds

How To Choose The Best Baby Bottle

In the past, quality baby bottles were tough to find. Today, baby bottles with food-grade materials can be found anywhere. So, how do you sift through dozens of choices? Here’s how you can do it.

Baby Bottles Types

  • Silicone Bottles

Food-safe, non-toxic silicone usually has a softer, more pliant, and gentler overall compared to other types of bottle materials. As a result, they’re almost impervious to breaking and scratching. Additionally, this implies that they’re also longer-lasting.

  • Plastic Bottles

Here are what frequents the baby bottle market as of current: plastic bottles. They are dominant because they’re affordable and are very easy to find.

The Food and Drug Authority had an issue with this when they discovered that most plastic bottles contain BPA— a chemical compound that affects infants and children, especially during the early stages of development.

Although since 2012, the FDA has banned this compound from any baby equipment and toys, it’s still best to take note of this whenever you check what materials the best baby bottles are made of. To add, you’ll be better off avoiding hand-me-down bottles.

  • Glass Bottles

Regarding glass bottles, they’re considered a luxury item. Glass that’s food-grade is much more expensive than plastic. On the contrary, they don’t contain BPA and are therefore safer for your babies.

Though they’re heavier than other kinds of baby bottles, as long as you’re cautious with them so they don’t break or shatter, you might want to consider adding this to your baby’s items.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bottles are very lightweight and are durable. They don’t crack but they bend if heavy pressure is applied to them. Consequently, most of them include protective covers or sleeves.

Types Of Baby Bottle Shapes

  • Standard bottles
  • Angled bottles
  • Wide-neck bottles
  • Bottles with bags – purposefully have a bag inside the bottle to mimic the flow rate of that of breastfeeding

Baby Bottle Nipples

Aside from the bottles themselves, the nipple material is also an integral part to consider when scouting for the best baby bottles. Flow rate, shape, malleability, and size are features to be examined.

1. Regular baby bottle nipples often numbered from 1 to 3 for flow rate speed of slow, medium, to fast.

2. Orthodontic nipples have a specific design similar to that of a mother’s nipple.

3. Specialized nipples come in varying sizes to assist premature babies, infants with a cleft palate, etc.

With reference to flow rate, become familiar with the information that this is variable and has a direct link to the age of a child. Typically speaking, infants require a slow flow rate. And the older they become, they can switch to medium, and then fast.

If you’re wanting to start having your baby alternate from feeding through your breast and through baby bottles, you may want to try orthodontic nipples to make the transition easy.

Baby Bottle Price

The range of prices for the best baby bottles commonly ranges from $2 to $25 dollars for every bottle. For separate parts such as extra baby bottle nipples, rings, and more, you can buy them separately.

How Many Bottles Do I Need?

For mommies who’ve graduated their babies to drinking only from baby bottles, then it’s recommended that you have 6 to 8 bottles ready to go. This is for you to have time in between for milk preparation, as well as bottle washing and sterilizing.

In contrast, if your infant is still in the process of transitioning from drinking from mommy’s breast to baby bottles, then half and half will do. 3 to 4 bottles will work just as fine.


It’s a joy to have and raise your baby. And it should equally be a joy to feed them with the right equipment.

So when searching for the best baby bottles, you shouldn’t give yourself too much of a hard time. That’s why we’re here!

With this list of bests, and with specific features that address specific issues when it comes to feeding, you have a choice upon the choice that is all for your little darling’s benefits.

Transitioning from breastfeeding to baby bottles, or alternating in between the two will be a breeze.

Take your pick, and finally, go for the ideal one that suits your baby’s needs.

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