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Jogging is one of the best ways for new mums to get back in shape after giving birth to a baby. And, a jogging stroller is a practical means to burn calories, without leaving your baby alone and feeling anxious & nervous.

In terms of safety, the stroller has a strap to keep your baby’s waist fastened to the stroller, so your baby will stay safe and comfortable, even if you are strolling on a bumpy road.

So, in a nutshell, if you want to be in the best version of yourself, then buying a baby jogging stroller is an absolute no-brainer. But, with endless options in the market for the best jogging strollers, choosing the right one isn’t a jog in the park. To your good fortune, we’ve curated this mini-guide giving you all the information you required to make a wise decision.

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Our Top PicksProductsRatings
Best for TravelBaby Trend Jogging Stroller4.9
Best for Road TripsGraco Fitfold Jogger Travel System4.8
Best for All-terrainBOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller5.0
Best for Everyday UseThule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller4.8
Best for Off-roadJeep Classic Jogging Stroller4.7
Best for ToddlersChicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller4.9

What Is The Best Jogging Stroller?

1. Best Jogging Stroller for Travel: Baby Trend Expedition


Why Do We Love It?

This baby Trend jogging stroller has large bicycle-like tires for smooth roll-on over a variety of surfaces.

The front wheel is swiveling for easy maneuvering and lacks for jogging. This stroller is compact and foldable; therefore, you tag it along anywhere.

It has two cup holders and one covered storage compartment. The rubber handlebar is designed ergonomically for utter comfort and better maneuverability.

Keep in Mind

Not recommended for babies under the age of 8 months

What Other Mommies Say?

Quality is really great, easy to move and safe for my baby

– Jennie

Additional Specs

  • Lockable front swivel wheel
  • Parent trays with two cup holders
  • Large bicycle tires


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2. Best Jogging Stroller for Road Trips: Graco Fitfold Travel System

Why Do We Love It?

The sturdy design of this Graco jogging stroller is light in weight, therefore portable to take along with all your vacation trips.

The one-secure attachment keeps your baby safe, no matter how bumpy the road is.

The tires are made of rubber and an air-filler, thereby presenting better suspension for smooth jogging experience.

This is all-terrain as it ensures a smooth transition from strolling to jogging. It let you stay hydrated and connected, thanks to the two cup holders and one smartphone cradle.

Keep In Mind

This stroller isn’t great for tall joggers, as it can hurt your back.

What Other Mommies Say?

Easy in and easy out, foldable design, I loved it taking on your vacations

– Julie

Additional Specs

  • 3 Wheel stroller
  • Lightweight and portable in design
  • Remove the stroller seat for a lightweight infant car seat carrier for more modes of use

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3. Best Jogging Stroller for All-terrain: BOB Revolution Flex 3.0


Why Do We Love It?

Safe and sturdy, the bob jogging stroller is perfect for all-terrain, and ideal for babies who weigh up to seventy pounds.

It has a swiveling front wheel and a large canopy for effortless mobility.

This jogger is available in a wide selection of color choices; you can pick one that your baby loves. It has a stain and water-resistant console.

There are four storage pockets and two insulated water bottle cup holders. The additional tire pump ensures the tires are inflated for a smooth ride all the time. The handlebar is adjustable for your complete convenience.

Keep in Mind

This stroller isn’t a washable machine, so this could be a big problem if you won’t like stain marks

What Other Mommies Say?

Starting with unboxing, it is easy to assemble, convenient to use and handles feels comofortable to me. -Rose

Additional Specs

  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Two-step fold
  • All-terrain stroller

4. Best Jogging Stroller for Everyday Use: Thule Urban Glide 2


Why Do We Love It?

The Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging stroller is light in weight, making it perfect for an all-terrain stroll. It has large rear wheels for a smooth ride.

The handlebar is carefully designed in line with ergonomic principles, and the handbrake is convenient to apply, you need to twist it with one hand.

This is rated amongst the best jogging strollers primarily because of the wide storage compartment.

It folds conveniently for safe transportation wherever you go. The swiveling front wheels quickly lock for safety when you are ready to jog.

The multi-side canopy provides efficient ventilation to keep your baby comfortable or even fast asleep when you jog.

Keep in Mind

The foot brake is not flip flop friendly

What Other Mommies Say?

I find it maneuvers easily on both flat and rugged surfaced, and ample storage is something I really liked- Berta

Additional Specs

  • 5-point harness and ventilation
  • All-terrain stroller
  • Large storage basket

5. Best Jogging Stroller for Off-road: Jeep Classic


Why Do We Love It?

It has a five-point harness that keeps your baby attached securely and safely. The jeep classic stroller also has an extendable canopy that protects your baby against the rays of the sun.

This seat is comfortably padded and has more than one recliner position.

This best baby jogging stroller is designed in a manner to put your child in and to take it out is effortlessly accessible.

One of the most amazing features that make this stroller a great buy is that it only weighs 21 pounds.

Not only compatible, but it also folds quickly, therefore easy to transport on your car.

Keep in Mind

The weight limit of this stroller is only 50 pounds, so if your baby weighs more than this, then you probably need to look for other options.

What Other Mommies Say?

Hi I’m Henna, I love this jogger! It is easy to push; the handlebar is so comfortable it seems like a silk touch. Runs smoothly on bumpy and grass surfaces.

Additional Specs

  • 12″ front wheel with swivel lock
  • Compact Fold
  • JPMA certified to meet the best safety standards.

6. Best Jogging Stroller for Toddlers: Chicco Activ3 Air


Why Do We Love It?

The Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller is the newest launch in the range of all-terrain joggers by this internationally renowned brand.

It is specially designed for active parents, those who love to stay fit, so when they run their daily errands.

It is lightweight and has all the safety features that a jogging stroller must have to have fun with your baby jogging throughout the town.

This buggy is pretty versatile and durable. The descent storage lets you keep your essentials when you are jogging outside.

Keep in Mind

There is no snack tray for your baby; it could not-so-comfortable for adult babies

What Other Mommies Say?

This stroller is incredible; it is comfortable, and really like the storage compartment, I can keep all the important stuff in there.

Additional Specs

  • Foam-filled tires
  • One-hand fold
  • Multi-position reclining seat

What Features to Consider When Picking The Best Jogging Stroller?

Here, are a handful of features to keep in mind when buying the best jogging stroller:

Wheel Size

A jogging stroller has three wheels, one in the front and two in the back. The larger the wheel, the smooth the ride is, and the resistance is less.

The 12inch wheels are best-suited for a smooth surface, 16inch wheels for outdoor jogging or walking. For long-distance run and off-road use, 20inch wheels are the preferred choice.

Fixed Wheel vs. Swivel Wheel

A jogging stroller with a fixed wheel isn’t safe for your baby as the wheel is locked in a fixed position. The swiveling wheel stroller is perfect for strolling and walking.

Storage Space

Buy a jogging stroller with additional storage space to keep your essentials before taking your baby for a jog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, are the top three questions, new moms, before deciding on getting a jog stroller:

When Can You Start Using a Jogging Stroller?

Making your baby part of your work routine is incredibly existing and reinstalling, before waiting before your baby is not six months old, it is what has been recommended by most manufacturers of jogging strollers.

Can You Jog With a Regular Stroller?

“No,” is the answer; you can’t run a regular stroller. This is simply because the regular strollers aren’t designed for jogging purposes; therefore, it would be uncomfortable for your baby, and even up to a certain extinct danger to their safety.

Can You Use a Jogging Stroller as a Regular Stroller?

Here, are some differences explaining which one to buy:-

Jogging StrollerRegular Stroller
3 Air-Filled Rubber Wheels4 Hard Plastic Wheels
Easy To Push Bumpy RoadOnly For Flat Surface
Front Wheel Has Lock Mechanism For SafetyFront Wheel Has No Lock Mechanism For Safety
Bulkier Because of Bigger WheelsMore Compact When Folded
Single hand-bar operationMore Than One Handlebars

Final Words

Would you like to add smoothing to the list or want to share your opinion with regards to any of these jogging strollers, connect with us in the comment section of this blog post.

Happy Parenting!

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