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If you are expecting mother of twins or you are still swaddling the first but the second is on its way, you definitely need the guide to pick the best double stroller to have some free hand.

They are a big investment and therefore you should explore and find which best suits your budget and lifestyle.

Some are ride along board while others come with baby carriers for the newborn. There are inline strollers, side-by-side strollers, and convertible strollers.

These are some options you will find when you look for the best double stroller for newborn infants and toddlers.

We have compiled a complete guide for you to narrow down your choice and a few recommendations for you to check. So lets read along!

Our top picksProducts
Best Double Stroller for TravelJoovy Scooter X2 Side by Side Stroller
Best Double Jogging StrollerBaby Trend Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller
Best Tandem Double StrollerGraco Modes Duo Double Stroller
Best Side by Side Double StrollerKolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller
Best Lightweight Double StrollerSummer 3Dpac CS+ Double Stroller
Best Double Umbrella StrollerDelta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

Do You Really Need A Double Stroller?

When it comes to the best double strollers, it’s good to expect that they will be twice as heavy and bulky than single strollers. They’ll be holding 2 babies at once so they have to be sturdier and heavy-duty.

That said, parents who have 2 children who are under 4 years of age, having the best double stroller for newborn infant and toddler is a wise choice. You can stroll around more easily because you’ll be pushing only one stroller with both of your kids seated in it.

What Is The Best Double Stroller For Newborn Infant And Toddler?

1. Best Double Stroller for Travel: Joovy Scooter X2 Side by Side Stroller

Get groovy with the best double side by side stroller that’s no-frills-convenient to pull out, have your kids lay in it, set your bag and other essentials in its extra compartment, and go! Here’s the Joovy Scooter Double Stroller.


Why We Love It

Removable Bumper bar That’s Foldable In A Swish. When you have a ton of tasks on your plate and you need to check up on your babies (maybe it’s snack time or drink some water-time), this best double stroller for travel will allow you to pull it down in a single move, or remove it altogether.


Seats recline independentlyHeavy in weight
Wide canopy overheadLow tire durability
Huge basket for storing other items
Extra cup holders and pockets

What Other Parents Say

“This stroller is awesome… super easy to make turns and push around.” —Ciara

“…fit through any doorway… sun shade is sufficient.” —XannaB

“…ease in maneuvering… value pricing…” —Sarah Taylor

Other Specs

Item Weight: 32 pounds

Rider Weight Maximum: 45 pounds for each seat

Dimensions (L W H in inches): 32 x 30 x 44.5 – open; 35.5 x 30 x 13 – folded

Wheel Size (in inches): 7 – front wheels; 9.5 – real wheels


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2. Best Double Jogging Stroller: Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller


Why We Love It

Its wheels are pneumatic. What this means is that very much like bicycle tires, this best double jogging stroller has wheels that are able to absorb shock and run smoothly on uneven surfaces. Even if you stroll on bumpy terrain, your babies won’t feel too much shaking in their seats!


Safety harness has 5 points for increased securityWheels are tough to inflate
Seat reclines to different anglesDoesn’t have kids’ food tray
Storage compartment is covered for additional protection

What Other Parents Say

“…pretty cheap for a double jogger… happy with the price.” —Leila

“…happy with the smoothness and height.” —Lindsi

“Easy to push… over bumpy terrain… good grip with the handles.” —McGuire 

Other Specs

Item Weight: 31.5 pounds

Rider Weight Maximum: 50 pounds for each seat

Dimensions (L W H in inches): 46 x 32 x 42

3. Best Tandem Double Stroller: Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller

This is the best tandem double stroller that’s in a single file so that you can conveniently push it through narrow walkways in a breeze. The Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller is here!

Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller

Why We Love It

Raise the roof for the raised backseat. We count this as a win because having the backseat raised means that your little tyke seat there will still have a comfy view in front of him or her. Also, this will allow you to peer over both canopies with much ease.


2 individual reclining seatsSeats don’t come off
2 individual canopiesHeavy in weight
Great for 2 children of different ages (infant and toddler)
Swivel wheels can be locked (front)
Rear seat can be folded completely flat

What Other Parents Say

“…ideal for my two girls – newborn and 2.5 years old… it suits kids with this age difference..” —Lindsay

“…fits my kiddos comfortably… definitely no complaints.” —EmilyKay

“Great quality… light weight than any other…” —Elizabeth W.

Other Specs

Item Weight: 29.5 pounds

Rider Weight Maximum: 40 pounds for each seat

Dimensions (L W H in inches): 36 x 20.35 x 41 – open; 29.5 x 20.5 – folded

4. Best Side by Side Double Stroller: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

For the best side by side double stroller, the Kolcraft Cloud Double Stroller With Safety System is a favorite. Its lightweight make it a standout among similar baby items. Thus, it’s definitely safe for your 2 kids seated side by side.


Why We Love It

Raise the roof for the raised backseat. We count this as a win because having the backseat raised means that your little tyke seat there will still have a comfy view in front of him or her. Also, this will allow you to peer over both canopies with much ease.


Offers a standing fold for when you take it in or out of the carSeats don’t recline very far down
Maneuverable in any directionCup holder sizes are small
Canopy has a peek-a-boo viewing window to check up on your kiddos
Has 1 parent tray and 2 child trays

What Other Parents Say

“Love the easy fold… and unfold. Lightweight… rides so smoothly.” —Michelle

“…perfect for all ages.” —Whitney Skinner

“…very good double stroller. Large sunshades… features are excellent.” —PGME

Other Specs

Item Weight: 23 pounds

Rider Weight Maximum: 40 pounds per seat

Dimensions (L W H in inches): 36 x 31 x 38

Wheel Size (in inches): 20 x 31 x 33.5

5. Best Lightweight Double Stroller: Summer 3Dpac CS+ Double Stroller

For the family that’s constantly on the go, a compact best lightweight double stroller is a great piece to own. For this, the Summer 3DPac Double Stroller Car Seat Compatible will not disappoint for a less bulky stroller.


Why We Love It

Reclines In Multi-Positions. This is the ultimate and best compact double stroller reclines in a variety of positions. Sitting or sleeping will be pleasant for your youngling. Most notably, it has leg rests, too.


Compatible with car seatsLimited to one car seat at a time
Adjustable seats; can be used as you babies grow to be toddlersSeat does not recline flat and all the way down
Includes auto-lock for safety

What Other Parents Say

“…easy to ride both kids… fits through our standard door. There isn’t anything I dislike…” —Jessica

“…weight is super light… easy to maneuver…” —Adriana & Rod

“Best double stroller… nice fabric… comfortable handlebar.” —CarolD

Other Specs

Item Weight: 23 pounds

Rider Weight Maximum: 50 pounds per seat

Dimensions (L W H in inches): 23.80  x 30 x 14.30 – open

6. Best Double Umbrella Stroller: Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

Take a look at the best double umbrella stroller that will let your youngsters ride in tandem next to one another— the Delta Side By Side Umbrella Stroller Tandem. Not just that, but it has a stylish European style canopy with eye-catching colors.


Why We Love It

Shock-absorbing wheels. Not all of the best double stroller for toddler and baby have this feature. Each wheel has a 360-degree shock absorber so that even on uneven surfaces, your babies can sit without any discomfort.


Dimensions pass Disney requirementsHandles are quite low for pushing and pulling
Compact umbrella folds out wellCup holders aren’t universal-size
Harness has 5-point security
Soft shoulder belts
Very lightweight

What Other Parents Say

“…so light and easy to maneuver… in tight corners. Easy to fold…” —Ameera

“…happy with the purchase… this would be a good choice.” —Stacy Sagli

“…for families on a budget… definitely worth the price.” —Meghan

Other Specs

Item Weight: 19 pounds

Rider Weight Maximum: 70 pounds in total

Dimensions (L W H in inches): 23.4 x 29.9 x 37

Types Of Double Strollers

There are 3 main types of double strollers and they differ according to seat position.

Side-by-side strollers

By their name alone, you know that the 2 reclining seats are next to each other. This will give both your kiddos wiggle room as well as a comfortable view from all directions. The only downside to this is that due to its wide width, it will be a toughie to get through narrow door openings.

In-line type

Think— single-file formation. There are some in-line strollers that have the same height, while others have a “stadium seating” design where the 2nd seat is higher than the one in front of it. Often, the seats don’t have the same dimensions or features. One will have more legroom than the other. One will recline fuller, too.

At least, narrow doorways won’t be an issue with this. However, because you won’t have a full view of your babies in a single go, you’ll have to check up on them (especially the child on the front seat) conscientiously.

Modular strollers

Also known as convertibles, they can either be used as a double or as a single stroller. There’s a kind that’s retractable— you can extend it and manually add the second seat in. Additionally, you can have 2 varying types of seats: a seater and a recliner. There are even modular strollers good for 3!

Regardless, this stroller is worth the investment, if you’re willing to splurge a little bit.

Features To Consider When Picking The Best Double Stroller

Your tots’ age and height.

Yup, it’s a basic rule. Still, we’d like to make it rule #1 because if parents don’t get this on-point, then all other features will be rendered useless. Yikes. The best affordable double strollers have an age maximum set so you don’t have to worry about this part.

On the other hand, height is also an important rule to consider. Some toddlers are taller than those their age. Likewise, some infants are the same as well.

Stroller type. 

You can select from among the three types of strollers we’ve mentioned earlier. You’ll have to think about places you usually go, how comfortable you’ll be in pushing it in case you’re alone, as well as how comfy your kids will be seated in them.

Function and features.

This has to do with additional components. Retractable roofs, ease of disassembling or folding, and storing after use, cup holders, extra space for bags, etc.


Head outside with your little kiddos and not worry about having to carry them around when you have the best double stroller for newborn infants and toddlers! Depending on the weight capacity, item size, and other features that you’ll find interesting as listed above, take your pick today!

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