Being the parent of a newborn brings a lot of concerns and responsibilities to your shoulder. Well, being anxious for your child’s safety in your absence is completely normal, but in order to reduce your anxiety or worries, nanny cams are a great product for you.

In case you are wondering what exactly is a Nanny camera, then it is a type of security camera that can be installed in various areas of the house in order to make sure your child is safe.

Through this article, we will list out some of the most amazing nanny cams that will help you to keep an eye on your child’s well-being. We have done enough research and have listed out these best nanny cameras based on customer feedback.

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Types of Nanny Cams

So, below we list out some of the common types of nanny cams.

  • #1 Hidden cams

These cams can be literally hidden anywhere; for instance, they take the form of a child’s toy or any household item.

  • #2 Independent indoor cameras

Independent indoor cameras are wireless cameras that come as a single unit.

  • #3 Monitored Home Security System

This is also yet another effective option for securing your house; most of the time, this system allows you to have two or even more indoor security cameras in your house.


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Things to Consider Before You Buy a Nanny Camera

First of all, we recommend that in order to avoid any potential legal issues or trust problems, you should inform the nanny if you are planning to get nanny cams in your house.n The next important thing to keep in mind is that before purchasing a nanny cam, make sure the caretaker you have hired is trustworthy and reliable.

In addition to that, it’s highly crucial to be aware of the “Hidden camera laws” in your respective state.

How Do I Find the Best Nanny Cam?

For the safety of your child, it is wise to invest in a cam that has various crucial features you should look for when buying a nanny cam. Here we have listed a few for your reference.

#1 Audio

You can find many nanny cameras which allow you to talk to your child or the nanny easily =, of-course, this can be very beneficial for you. However, we advise you to go through the audio recording laws of your state thoroughly before buying any product.

#2 Wireless

Here’s an important note for you, most of the time people prefer wireless cams because these allow you to watch live video feeds.

#3 Viewing Angle

The pan-tilt function is one of the most important features you should look for in a nanny cam.

No doubt, depending upon the area to be covered, you can select the viewing angle of the nanny cam.

Choosing the Right Baby Monitor for You

1. Best Nanny Cam Overall: Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired Home Security Camera 24/7 Live Video


Why We Love It

This full HD Nest Cam indoor camera offers a 24 / 7 live video feed, and this camera can be easily set up. It also allows you to “See in the dark”.

What Other Moms Say

I highly recommend this security cam to every working parent out there. The “Talk” and “Listen” feature is just awesome.


Keep In Mind

Note that this cam cannot be connected to HDD or any other storage device; you are required to use only the Nest app.

Additional Specs

  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Special alert option in case of any suspicious activity.

2. Best Nanny Cam for Iphone: Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/tilt/zoom Wifi Indoor Smart Home Camera With Night Vision


Why We Love it

With an impressive 360 degrees coverage, the most amazing thing about this cam is that it works with Alexa.

What Other Moms Say

I love this product; it is so cost-effective. The quality of the pictures is awesome.


Keep In Mind

A few customers faced some connection issues.

Additional Specs

  • Comes with the feature of “Night vision”.
  • Supports live streaming from anywhere

3. Best Nanny Cam With Audio: Ring Indoor Cam, Compact Plug-in Hd Security Camera With Two-Way Talk, Works With Alexa


Why We Love It

This cam which is quite small in size can be placed anywhere; it offers a “real-time” notification feature. In addition to that, it is easy to set up.

What Other Moms Say

I love the fact that this cam works with Alexa.I can see the live view and all the activities happening in my house. I feel so pleased that I bought this product.


Additional Specs

  • Features a Ring Protect Plan
  • Comes with special privacy controls

Keep In Mind

According to some of the customers, they faced some issues with the night video as they found it blurry sometimes.

4. Best Hidden Nanny Cam: Mini Spy Camera 4k Wireless Portable Hd Wifi Cam With Night Vision and Motion Detection


Why We Love It

This is an amazing wireless camera that can certainly offer a lot of peace of mind to you regarding your child’s safety. With motion detection alerts and HD night vision, this quality wifi camera can be an excellent choice for you.

What Other Moms Say

This security cam is too good. The video quality has really impressed me.


Keep In Mind

A few customers were not very pleased with the battery life of this cam.

Additional Specs

  • Features remote playback option on smartphones
  • App alarm in case of suspicious activities

5. Best Wifi Nanny Cam:arlo Q – Wired 1080p Hd Night Vision Cloud Storage Included Works With Alexa


Why We Love It

This cam excels at covering each and every angle; it offers audio recording as well.

What Other Moms Say

I loved the 2-way audio feature, besides that the night vision is so helpful.


Keep In Mind

You may find this security cam a little pricey.

Additional Specs

  • Features motion alerts
  • Comes with free cloud recordings

6. Best Wireless Nanny Cam: Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System With Motion Detection, Hd Video


Why We Love It

This is quite an affordable option available in the market. It not only comes with a Motion detection feature but also offers an “Instant Alerts” notification to keep you updated on your child’s safety.

What Other Moms Say

These security cams just work perfectly; I am highly satisfied with the video quality.

– Veronica

Keep In Mind

Some customers were not happy with the design of the app, as it was hard to navigate.

Additional Specs

  • This cam works with Alexa

7. Best Cheap Nanny Cam: Wyze Cam 1080p Hd Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera With Night Vision


Why We Love It

If you are looking for a security camera with sharp night vision, then purchasing this one will be surely worth it.

What Other Moms Say

The picture clarity is amazing; the customer service really makes me fall in love with the brand.


Additional Specs

  • Application is easy to use
  • You can share with multiple people

Keep In Mind

According to customers, you will be required to use Android Emulator in order to see the camera on the computer.

Nanny Camera FAQs

1. Where Should a Nanny Cam Be Placed?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that placing hidden cameras in different parts of your house to keep an eye on your child’s safety is completely legal.  You can place nanny cameras in your living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. Also, placing a nanny camera with sound in your kid’s bedroom will be really helpful.

2. What’s the Difference Between a Nanny Cam and an Indoor Security Cam?

Indoor cameras are small security cameras that can be placed in such a manner, so they go unnoticed by anyone. As the name suggests, indoor cameras are useful for indoors or recording activities inside your house. Nanny cameras are specially designed security cameras or spy cams to keep an eye on babies, caretakers’ activity or suspicious activity, or intruders’ presence in the house. Many nanny cams allow sound recording for ensuring the complete safety of the child.

3. Do I Need to Tell My Babysitter That I Have a Nanny Cam?

It is up to you to decide whether to tell a nanny about the hidden cameras in your house.

In case you decide to tell her, make sure that she does not feel insecure. Otherwise, it can lead to trust issues. You should tell her that you want to feel assured about your child’s safety, that’s why you have taken the decision of installing nanny cams.

4. What is the Best Nanny Cam to Buy?

You can find some of the top products listed out in this article; you can choose one of them.

These products have been listed out, keeping in mind the various factors that determine the quality of the nanny cam.

5. Are Hidden Nanny Cameras Legal?

You must be aware of the fact that it is placing nanny cameras in your house perfectly legal in all 50 states. In case you wish to record the activities in your house without informing the nanny, then also it’s completely legal.

6. Can a Nanny Cam Be Hacked?

Well, it’s not impossible and probably there have been instances of nanny cams being hacked.

However, if you change the passwords of the servers periodically, this habit can save you from such disasters. Of course, you should use password-protected servers, also giving untraceable names to the server can really be beneficial.


On a concluding note, we can say that a Nanny camera is a wonderful option for you if you are a working or busy mom and cannot be with your child all the time. If you are planning to buy one, then you will find our buying guide quite useful. We hope that you got many useful insights from this article. Please feel free to write down your feedback or suggestions related to this article.

So, this was all from our side for today. Stay Tuned.

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