Being the parent of a toddler, sometimes choosing the best age-appropriate products for the child can be overwhelming because there are a large number of brands as well as different types of products available in the market. We understand your problems; that’s why we have created this article to highlight how to choose the best scooter for kids.

However, in case you were confused about what to choose between a scooter or a bike, then it’s worth mentioning here that our preferred choice is a scooter. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider buying a scooter for your toddler. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

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Best Scooters for Kids in 2022-Reviews

1. Best Seated Scooter for Kids: Lascoota Kick Removable Seat Scooter


Why We Love It

This is one of the best scooters for girls in 2020. The best thing about Lasocoota’s scooter is that it comes with a removable seat. After some duration, your girl child gains confidence in riding the scooter and wants to enjoy more; then you can easily remove this seat. Also, it’s worth noting here that this scooter features adjustable handlebars. As per your child’s comfort, you can easily adjust the height of the seat. Taking into account safety and balance, we would like to say that being a three-wheeled scooter; you should be assured of the safety of your child while riding this scooter.

Keep In Mind

There’s no space for storage


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2. Best Kids Scooter for Boys: Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter


Why We Love It

If your child’s favourite colour is black, we are pretty sure whether it’s a girl or boy, he or she will fall in love with this shiny scooter. With adjustable handlebars that feature grips, this is the perfect scooter for your toddler. It also features amazing flashlights which ensure safety during nighttime use. It comes with a deck that’s wide enough to ensure safe and happy riding.

Keep In Mind

A few customers were not highly satisfied with the quality of the lights.

3. Best 3 Wheel Scooter for Toddler: Scoot and Ride Kick Scooter


Why We Love It

This is a two-in-one three-wheeler scooter that “grows” with your child.

No doubt, your energetic child will love Scoot and Ride scooter. If your child is less confident while riding at first, note that this scooter can be conveniently used as a ride-on.

Keep In Mind

This scooter does not come with lean-to-steer function.

4. Coolest Scooter for Kids: Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter


Why We Love It

If your child is a fan of shiny or bright designs, then the Micro mini’s scooter will be perfect for your kid. One of the most awesome things about this brand is that they offer 12 attractive designs, so your child can easily choose one as per his or her wish. This scooter features an at-bar which can be adjusted conveniently.

Keep In mind

Note that this scooter doesn’t fold up.

5. Best Four-wheel Scooter for Kids: Radio Flyer Ride-On Scooter


Why We Love It

This is one of the best ride-on scooters out there available for young toddlers. You can easily convert the scooter to a ride-on depending upon your child’s requirements. C Note that this is a four-wheeled scooter, so maintaining balance would be quite easy for your toddler. Also, Radio Flyer’s scooter features a total weight capacity of 44.1 pounds.

Keep In Mind

This scooter does not feature lean-to-turn steering.

6. Best Durable Scooter for Kids: Voyage Sports Kick Scooter


Why We Love It

Voyage is a three-wheeled kick scooter that looks appealing in its attractive green and black scooter. This will serve as an ideal gift for your toddler this coming Christmas.

Made out of a steel-aluminum frame, this scooter is amazingly durable. Voyage offers a total weight capacity of 80 pounds. This scooter offers an adjustable t-handlebar, lean-to-turn steering, and finally a textured grip. You will be required to assemble this scooter; however, it would not require much effort or time; it will assemble easily.

Keep In Mind

The scooter does not come pre-assembled.

7. Sweetest Scooter for Girls: Hikole Flashing Wheels Scooters

Hikole Scooters for Kids & Toddlers

Why We Love It

Hikole’s scooter looks cute in its stylish design which will surely impress your child.

Its colorful pink color looks so beautiful; in addition to this, this scooter is also available in green and blue colours. This scooter also features easily adjustable features.

It can be very conveniently assembled. As it is a three-wheeled scooter, this is the best scooter for beginners who are just learning to maintain balance. It has a weight capacity of 110 pounds.

Keep In Mind

Some customers were not satisfied with the quality of the materials used in the scooter.

8. Best Safe Wide Deck Kid Scooter: 6KU Kick Scooter


Why We Love It

The 6KU kick scooter features amazing flashing lights Like other scooters; it also has an adjustable handlebar and lean-steering. This scooter is quite suitable for all the growing children as you can adjust the features as they grow. It’s worth mentioning here that this kick scooter is most appropriate to be used for children of age from three years to eight years old.

No doubt, 6KU offers a very smooth, comfortable ride. Your child will acquire amazing coordination skills by riding this bike regularly. It also features a wide non-slip deck that ensures proper support and safety.

Keep In Mind

This bike is not quite durable as reviewed by customers. Also, it’s important to make a note here that you need to be patient if at first, your child is unable to adjust to the lean-steering feature of this bike, so it will take time for your child to get accustomed to it.

9. Best Scooter for Beginners: Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter


Why We Love It

For all the beginners out there, Radio Flyer is the best scooter. The base is made extra wide to ensure that your child feels safe and comfortable while riding. In addition to this, Radio Flyer’s scooter features a textured deck and has a weight capacity of 50 pounds. Mostly, it is advisable to use this scooter till the age of 5 years old. Note that this is a three-wheeler scooter that also comes with hand grips to ensure more security. This scooter comes with a turning radius, specially designed to ensure proper safety. As usual, this scooter has a rear foot brake.

Keep In Mind

There is less space for storage, as reported by customers.

10. Best Scooter with Bright Design: Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter


Why We Love It

Micro Mini Deluxe kick scooter is yet another amazing scooter that comes in a very bright design.  This deluxe kick scooter is available in a wide range of colors from apricot to navy blue. Also, it comes with an adjustable T-bar. It is a three-wheeler, so provides a good amount of support to beginners. This scooter features lean-to-turn construction, overall with this scooter, a smooth, comfortable ride is guaranteed.

Keep In Mind

One thing you need to keep in mind is that this scooter does not fold up.

Why Should You Prefer Buying A Scooter For Your Toddler?

There is no doubt that a scooter can be a fantastic gift for your toddler; let’s have a look at some of its unique advantages.

1. Stay Active and Healthy

Firstly, here’s an important note for all the parents of toddlers out there, note that it is highly essential for your child to get at least three hours of physical activity every day. That’s a valid reason why buying a scooter is an informed choice because it will help your child to be physically active. Also, it will help to channel your child’s energy in the right direction.

2. Development of Motor Skills

It is highly essential to understand that during this stage of childhood, riding a scooter can be very helpful for developing gross motor skills. Also, by riding a scooter, your child can enhance his or her coordination skills as well as acquire balancing skills. In addition to that, your child will learn about building and maintaining speed.

How to Find the Best Scooter for Your Child?

Before taking any decision, it is imperative to keep certain points in mind.

1. Removable Seats

It’s crucial to understand that as a toddler, learning to ride a scooter properly can be tedious at first, especially since maintaining the balance might be the biggest challenge for them. That’s why you can consider buying scooters that have removable seats. With the help of these removable seats, the scooter can be conveniently used as a ride-on during the initial days.

2. Adjustable Handlebars

Keeping this fact in mind that your child will grow rapidly during this phase, that’s why you should prefer buying scooters which feature adjustable handles. This is a really useful feature, so always look for it when buying a scooter.

3. Three or Four wheeler

Three or four-wheeled scooters are usually recommended for toddlers, and there’s a valid reason which says that children are just trying to learn how to keep the balance while riding, so always keep this in mind. Plus, no doubt as a parent, giving your child a three or four-wheeler scooter seems to be a safer option than a two-wheeler.

4. Rear Fender Brake

Of course, as a parent, you don’t want to compromise on your child’s safety at all, that’s the reason we advise you to buy scooters that come with rear fender brakes. Also, grips over the brake can help to avoid slipping of the foot, hence ensuring better safety of your child while riding.

Scoot Away!

As mentioned earlier, your child needs to get exercise daily and out of the products listed above, you can choose the one that meets your needs.

Do you have a favorite scooter, or do you plan on getting one for your toddler? Let us know in the comments!

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